Your Favorite Gilmore Girls Moments

Lorelai and Rory are Back!
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Your Favorite Gilmore Girls Moments

In honor of the Gilmore Girls cover story in Entertainment Weekly coming out this week, I took to Twitter to ask you your favorite moments from the series! Naturally, this was a difficult challenge as the show has so many moments we love and cherish. I think we compiled a pretty good list here! Favorites are not listed in any particular order.

May the Best Man Win

Ep: 1.21 Love, Daisies and Troubadours; Sent in by @BrookeEslick

Max and Luke Matchup

Max and Luke try to one up each other to in an attempt to “win” Lorelai. It was like watching a Wimbledon match! Then Max and Lorelai fight, ultimately ending with Max proposing to her. Dude, “a proposal has to be something more than the desperate desire to end a bickering match!” Personally, I declare Luke the winner with the line: “Doesn’t matter what time it is. I’ll always be around.”

Veil v. Tiara

Ep: 2.2 Hammers and Veils; Sent in by @TheStephP

Veil or tiara

Emily finds out about Lorelai’s engagement to Max when Sookie invites them to their surprise engagement party. Emily is hurt that she is last to know about this important event in her own daughter’s life. This scene is a turning point in this mother-daughter pair as Lorelai communicates with her mother why she put off telling her. Emily counters with:

E:“Your head is much too big for a veil. You might consider a tiara.”

L: “Um, a tiara?”

E: “That’s what I wore.”

Daddy’s Girl

Ep: 1.16 Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers; Sent in by @PhotoGal26.

Lorelai refer to her father as “Daddy” on very rare occasions and it melts your heart! Like the time he let her climb out the window to escape from Friday night dinner. (RIP ED HERRMANN!)

Thank you Daddy


Ep: 4.21 Last Week Fights, This Week Tights and 4.22 Raincoats and Recipes; Sent in by @BrookeEslick, @_co0p, and @Minnaalwine.


A very popular favorite! At Liz and TJ’s wedding, Luke surprisingly asks Lorelai to dance.  It was no Hustle and no Hora, but a slow dance, a waltz! That’s right, our favorite grumpy diner man can waltz! Lorelai reveals to Rory that she might be dating Luke and she helps her analyze his actions (because that’s the romantic way to do it, damnit!)

Dating Luke


Falling For You, Literally!

Ep: 4.22 Raincoats and Recipes;Sent by @_allcdngirl


And after that conversation, Lorelai is nervously startled by Luke and she knocks everything off the table. Its okay, Luke will get the broom.

Stolen Glances

Ep: 4.22 Raincoats and Recipes; Sent in by @BrookeEslick

Since we are still talking about Luke and Lorelai, at the Dragonfly Inn’s test run, Luke and Lorelai share some meaningful glances during dinner.

Stolen Glances

Lorelai Will Always Love You

Ep: 7.20 Lorelai? Lorelai?; Sent in by ‏@Carter0421

I Will Always Love You

In an attempt to cheer up Rory, Lorelai drunkenly begins to serenade her with Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You” that is until Luke walks in and the two can’t take their eyes off each other (and his blue baseball cap is back!) Watch the clip here!

Snow Angel

Ep: 5.11 Women with Questionable Morals; Sent in by @charityhstrang.

Jack Frost

After Lorelai and snow have a falling out, Luke reconciles the two by building Lorelai an ice rink!

I Dream of Luke

Ep: 3. 01 Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days; Sent in by @Carter0421.

I Dream of you

Let’s keep talking about Luke and Lorelai! Lorelai wakes up one morning in a fabulous pink nightgown and Luke making her breakfast in her kitchen. He kisses her and talks to her stomach because apparently they are married and expecting twins! Turns out it was all a dream! Drats!

Vicious Trollop

Ep: 2.16 “There’s the Rub”; Sent in by @Brandi_LeighQ

Emily and Lorelai spend some quality time together at a spa getaway. I’ll let you read this scene below.

Vicious Trollop

Skirt-less Escape

Ep: 5.01 Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller; Sent in by @UtFbpodcast.

Emily Climbs out the window
Photo from

Emily and Richard’s martial feud reaches comical heights when Emily shimmies out the small basement window, skirt-less. Of course, her skirt was caught on nail and she would rather leave her skirt behind after she demanded Richard to come down and unlock the door or else she’ll crawl out the window.

Birthday Mallomars

Ep: 3.18 Happy Birthday, Baby; Sent in by @Carter0421

Birthday Mallowmars Birthday Mallowmars 2

Don’t mess with Lorelai’s Birthday Mallomars system that was set up especially for her by Rory. Eat a cookie from the table and then replace the cookie from one from the box on the display. #WWLGD .

Let’s Racquetball!

Ep: 7.01 The Long Morrow; Sent in by @Brandi_LeighQ.


Remember when Lorelai and Rory played racquetball? It’s in the dreaded seventh season which is obviously why they are playing racquetball, but it’s actually a pretty funny scene. See for yourself here! (PS I am still waiting for Rocket Gum to sweep the nation.)

Twist of Faith?

Ep: 2.03 Red Light on the Wedding Night; Sent in by @erin102284


Luke hand carves, I repeat, hand carves Lorelai a chuppah for her to marry Max under. After the two chat, Lorelai pulls a version of Runaway Bride.

Purple-heads Will Not be Denied

Ep: 3.04 One’s Got Class and the Other One Dyes; Sent in by @Carter0421.

Lane Purple Hair

Hiding her rock band from Mrs. Kim is frustrating and a lot of work. In an effort to stand up to her mother, Lane dyes her hair purple. But then she freaks out and dyes it back to black.

Diner Love

Ep: 5.03 Written in the Stars; Sent in by @PhotoGal26.

Luke Asks Lorelai Out

Luke flirts with Lorelai before officially asking her out on their first date. She walks away with an extra jaunt just for him too!

Santa Burger

Ep: 5.10 Forgiveness and Stuff; Sent in by @BrookeEslick.

Santa Burger

Lorelai wants to eat something festive after she is uninvited to Christmas dinner at her parents. Luke makes her a Santa burger with a hat and everything! Just one question, wouldn’t mayonnaise taste better than cream cheese?

Identical Cousins

Ep: 2.06 Presenting Lorelai Gilmore; Sent in by @BrookeEslick.

Mini Me

This needs no explanation.

Everybody Wants to be Luke

Ep: 7.02 That’s What You Get, Folks, for Makin’ Whoopee; Sent in by fellow RLR writer, Sarita!Kirk as Luke

Speaking of which, remember Kirk’s Diner across from Luke’s Diner? I think I’m seeing double again. Flannel and backward baseball caps are in again!

Snuffy and the Little Missus

Ep: 2. 15 Lost and Found; Sent in by @charityhstrang.


Lorelai helps Luke apartment hunt when things with Jess get a little cramped. The property manager mistakes the two as a married couple and Lorelai plays along, much to Luke’s dismay (or so we think).

A Film by Kirk

Ep: 3.19 Teach Me Tonight; Sent in by @PhotoGal26

Film By Kirk

I have no words. Just watch it! .

Toupee Guy Says What!

Ep: 4.20 Luke Can See Her Face; Sent in by @ShainaRuth

I’ll just let you enjoy this one below.

Taylor's Toupee
Photo edited by @PhotoGal26.

High Praise Complement?

Ep: 3.02 Haunted Leg; Sent in by @_co0p.

Kirk and Lorelai

Kirk gets up the nerve to ask Lorelai out on a date. He wants it to be perfect! He even admits that he thinks she “might be the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. . .outside of a really filthy magazine.”

The Underwear Mystery

Ep: 4.09 Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out; Sent in by @NJsummergirl.


Lorelai really needs coffee in the morning or else we get this.

Emily’s Open for Business

Ep: 5.01 Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller; Sent in by @Brandi_LeighQ and @HalijoHa.


The rules of high-class society are strict!

Such a Good Provider

Ep: 7.22 Bon Voyage; Sent in by @GilmoreWords.Given me everything copy

Thank you Gilmore girls, for “giv[ing]me everything I need.”

And of course, one of my favorites,

Sookie Under the Influence

Ep: 3.09 A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving


Jackson and his family decide to deep fry the turkey this year for Thanksgiving. Sookie was not happy and found solace in the form of alcohol. I’m so happy Melissa McCarthy is back for the revival!

Thank you to everyone who contributed and sent me their favorite moments! For my Gilmore Girls updates follow me on twitter @Sappy519! Be warned, fangirling over twitter is my part-time unpaid job!

Photos courtesy of The WB/CW.

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