Year of Theatre: July and August

Adina here again; your friendly neighborhood theater junkie! Check out the other parts in this series: part 1: January & February; part 2: March & April; and part 3: May & June.

In July, I managed to score a weekday off so I hit up Broadway in Bryant Park, a summer series where the stars perform a number or two from their show for free for audiences in Bryant Park. I saw performances from Kinky Boots, Waitress, The Great Comet, Fun Home, and Himself and Nora. I’d been eyeing Himself & Nora, an Off-Broadway show downtown in the West Village for a little while since I got a flyer in the mail. When I noticed it was an official Playbill show, I decided to make my final decision after I saw them perform in Bryant Park. I went by myself on a Sunday in July to see the show, and what a lovely little show it was!

Montage/Sizzle Reel of Himself and Nora

I was coming up due for an August show, and August was filling up. I was going to be in New York anyway on a Sunday for an evening concert at Feinstein’s/54 Below, which is Broadway’s cabaret/supper club. Perfect, I just needed an early or short matinee to see before that. Well, there weren’t any good 2pm shows, but Sean Hayes (of Will & Grace fame) was starring in An Act of God, which was 90 minutes with no intermission. Perfect timing, plus this show was also closing soon, so I wanted to catch it. Sean Hayes has incredible comic timing and played “God inhabiting the body of actor Sean Hayes” fabulously. There are only two other people in the company, playing the angels Gabriel and Michael, but they were all fantastic.

God and his angels take a selfie!

Next up: Wayward Children and Broadway Flea Market adventures!

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