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Hi all and welcome to 2017! Let’s go back in time a bit… to the end of 2016 so I can share the rest of my theater experiences! Check out my articles on my theater experiences from earlier in the year.

October – the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and pumpkin-flavored everything abounds. Perfect time to take in more theater experiences!

Well, there was a bit of stress trying to work things out, but everything worked out perfectly. I’d had tickets to see Adam Pascal & Anthony Rapp (of Rent fame) at Feinstein’s/54 Below for months. Sounds fabulous, right? Except it was the same weekend as the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in Washington Depot, CT! Oh, no! How can I enjoy the Fan Fest to the fullest and still not miss seeing Adam & Anthony?? My first plan was to leave the Fan Fest and drive to Manhattan to see the show, but it was too far and I would be missing too much at the Fest. Besides, I didn’t really want to drive into the city. Well, as fate would have it—I happened to see Anthony tweet about a performance another weekend in Ridgefield, CT. Google maps to the rescue—it’s only a little over an hour away from me, which is not that much further than it would be from the city! Except—oh, no! I had tickets to Holiday Inn for that same day. No problem—I got this!! I sold my Sunday tickets to Holiday Inn to a fellow theater fan as well as the Adam & Anthony show at 54 Below and changed the names on the reservations. Then I bought new tickets to Holiday Inn for that Saturday night for me and my bestie Ally – plus her mom joined us! Then we were off to CT for A2 on Sunday.

Holiday Inn, at Studio 54, presented through the Roundabout Theatre Company, was a lot of fun! It’s loosely based on the Bing Crosby movie with music by Irving Berlin. The show starred Bryce Pinkham, who was the lead in Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder a few years ago and Corbin Bleu. The plot follows Jim who gives up show biz and a life on the road and buys a farmhouse in Connecticut. Then, naturally, he misses shows, so he gathers the townspeople and decides to turn his farmhouse into an inn and celebrate holidays with performances—all holidays! New Year’s, Independence Day, and more. He falls in love with the local girl, of course, and there’s a bit of drama when his best friend who stole his last girlfriend shows up and tries to make moves on the new girl, but as is usually the case, it all works out. The first act closed with a giant champagne bottle and a confetti cannon full of streamers which shot all the way up to the mezzanine where we were sitting!

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We stage doored, of course, and got to see Bryce and Corbin after, who were both very sweet and fun to meet.

Then the next day, Ally and I were off to Connecticut to see the “other” A2: Adam & Anthony! Although 54 Below is a more intimate setting and they did acoustic sets there, this was fun because they had more room for variety and a full band show. They each did a set separately, and told a few anecdotes, about Rent and other experiences. Of course, they sang “What You Own” together. Ally and I were clutching each other from all the emotions. I love that we’re still celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Rent. It started with the reunion at BroadwayCon, continued through the Adam & Anthony shows in the fall, and then in 2017, there’s a touring production! We have tickets to the stop in NJ.

After the show, the guys had an auto table set up. We, of course, were originally waiting outside (as is the usual with stage-dooring) hoping to catch them. Luckily, someone let us know they had an official meet & greet set up inside. Say no more! We went back in, got on the end of the line, and got to say hi. They signed our programs, Ally’s Rent book, and took pictures. We told them we were “A-Squared” as well, which felt like bonding. Besides, any time you tell a theater person your name is Adina, it gives them pause. Yes, Adina with an A, I told them, not Idina like their former castmate! I told Anthony I was looking forward to BroadwayCon again (he’s one of the founders) and Adam expressed disappointment he was going to miss it again. This apparently was news to Anthony. Sorry to break it to you, Anthony! We also told Adam we had plans to see him in Something Rotten (as Shakespeare), which he was glad to hear.

Fabulous pic of A4!

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