The Wonder Years Season Two – Favorite Episodes

I finally finished watching Season 2 of The Wonder Years (recap of the Season 2 finale to follow this week), and give it a solid A+. The show’s first and seconds seasons were not much different- and that is a good thing.  Often times between the pilot and second seasons, producers and writers makes changes to a show and take away some of the elements that made the show appealing in the first place. Thankfully, in the case of The Wonder Years, the writers continued with the storytelling format from the first season: relatable, well-acted stories, with twists that make audience think a little bit more deeply about their own lives and/or society. I am confident the writers will continue with this successful formula in Season Three.

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In the meantime, I listed some of my favorite episodes of the season, along with a brief description as to what I liked about the episodes. Are my favorites your favorites too?

1) “Pottery will get You Nowhere:” We finally get the chance to learn more about Norma Arnold and what she likes to do. Up until this episode, she is mostly in the background, but this episode adds more personality to her character.

2) “Coda:” Kevin plays the piano but doesn’t play it as well as another of his classmates- or at least, according to what he defines as “good.” This episode highlights an important lesson- we should embrace our own style rather than constantly comparing ourselves to others. These comparisons make us overlook what is good in ourselves.

3) “Walk Out:” I enjoyed this episode because it brought up an interesting question regarding kids and their freedom of speech rights at school. I also liked that the kids were shown to be thoughtful and knowledgable about current affairs, something we don’t always see in current programming.

4) “Christmas:” A great reminder of what is really important in life, not just during the holiday season.

5) “Square Dance:” There was no happy ending to this episode and that’s what made it so great- it is reflection of the reality that some mistakes cannot be repaired.


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