“11 Years Later” Will & Grace Pilot Review: They’re back!

When a show ends its run, no one in their wildest dreams expects it to return, especially 11 years later. After NBC’s Will & Grace reunited for a #VoteHoney campaign video for the presidential election, fans were thrilled to have their favorite characters back for a few minutes minutes. When NBC saw the positive feedback and the amount of views it had within its first week, they knew they had to bring the show back.

Warning: This post contains spoilers.

Will & Grace 11 Years Later Will Truman Grace Adler
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Last Thursday, Will & Grace returned with their first episode of season 9 entitled, “11 years later.” It started off in the best way possible, Will & Grace doing what they do best: kicking butt in their favorite game. However, a lot has changed within the 11 years. I’m not talking about Will and Grace no longer reading names of celebrities they handwritten and put in a bowl and using an app on a phone instead.

While waiting for Jack and Karen’s turn to play next, Karen explains she had a dream Will was living with a man and Grace was married to a Jewish doctor. Will explained they’re were but are both single now. Then, Karen asked what happened to their children who grew up and got married to each other. Again, Will answers, “that never happened.” Karen asks if Will & Grace are living together. Grace explains she’s temporarily staying as she’s currently going through a divorce. Lastly, Karen asks if Stan, her husband, is still alive and if she’s still rich. Will says, “You’re rich, Stan’s alive, both single, no kids.” Then, Jack looks directly into the camera and says, “Got it?”

Will & Grace 11 Years Later Jack McFarland
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I’m glad they explained what happened within the 11 years, but at the same time I don’t like how we’re suddenly supposed to forget everything that happened in the series finale. I understand why the writers possibly wanted to go this route. Maybe they couldn’t get Will’s boyfriend, Vince (played by Bobby Cannavale), and Grace’s husband, Leo (played by Harry Connick Jr.), back on the show full time, especially since Harry currently has his own show. It’s hard, but why leave the kids out? Did people really not want to see a gay man and his best friend raise their own kids together?

The majority of the episode takes place at the White House. Will is interested in a Congressman who is speaking at an event at the White House. Jack reunites with someone he has history with, who happens to be a secret service agent. Karen, being friends with the President and The First Lady, gets Grace a job to redecorate The Oval Office. Despite her political beliefs, Grace decides to take the job, as she’ll never have the opportunity to decorate The Oval Office again.

Will & Grace 11 Years Later Grace Adler
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My aunt loves this show. It’s a show we talk about. So, when I asked her how she felt about the first episode, she was surprised it had more of a political essence to it. She wasn’t expecting that. Even though I wasn’t expecting it either, I’m not surprised the writers decided to have this storyline as their first episode back. After all, #VoteHoney is what brought them back on the air. With that being side, I enjoyed this episode. I thought it was funny. Since Trump was elected, several people have disagreed with his decisions. Will & Grace handled making fun of the election without going too far. For example, I couldn’t stop laughing when Grace used a Cheeto as Trump to see how he would look with the color choices Grace had in mind for The Oval Office.

Overall, the show hasn’t changed, except the theme song. The cast still has amazing chemistry with each other, have perfect timing to deliver the punch lines, and haven’t changed one bit. Needless to say, I’m so glad Will & Grace is back. It’s a show you should watch. Since the writers erased what happened during the 8th season finale, I think it’s okay to watch the show if you haven’t seen the previous seasons. Will & Grace has always been one of those shows where you don’t need to watch the episodes in order to understand what’s going on. You can watch any episode and not be lost.

Will & Grace airs Thursday nights on NBC at 9/8c.

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