We’re The Millers: Where Nothing is Better Than…A Colossal RV

Initial Thoughts: Before watching this movie, I was worried that all the best parts of the movie were revealed in the trailer. Fortunately, all the epic parts were saved FOR the movie. Thank the lord! I love Jennifer Aniston and Jason Sudeikis individually but together? I couldn’t wait for this movie to release!


(Photo Credit: http://werethemillers.warnerbros.com/#home)
(Photo Credit: http://werethemillers.warnerbros.com/#home)


David Miller (Jason Sudeikis) has grown up to be a loser…and still a drug dealer since college. Upon arriving to his apartment, David checks his mailbox when his loser neighbor, 18 year old Kenny (Will Poulter), greets him. Kenny informs David that his mother has left to get a drink…a week ago and bribes David for some “herbs” and David refuses because he doesn’t sell to kids. They’re about to depart way when Kenny sees runaway Casey (Emma Roberts) being harassed. In a failed attempt to rescue her, David rushes to aid him. Kenny continues to impress the young woman when he accidentally blurts out David’s illegal career. Suddenly, the boys harassing Casey change targets, and David is in the bulls eye.

The boys raid David’s apart, take his “herbs,” and all his money. ALL $42,000. Inevitably his boss finds out and sends him off for a mission; drug smuggling across the Mexican border. He picks up the shipment, brings it back, and he receives half a million dollars. After contemplating how he can successfully complete this task, he realizes, no one takes a second look at a family in an RV at a check point. David has a plan; find a fake family.

Kenny is his new son = No payment.

Casey is his new daughter – $1,000.

All he needs is a mother. And who better than his neighbor, stripper Rose O’Reilly (Jennifer Aniston). After being evicted from her apartment, she succumbs to David’s plan.

Rose is his new, hot, and sexy wife = $3,000.

They pack their bags set off for a road trip they will never forget. First strangers, then a family.

My thoughts: I honestly haven’t laughed this hard since…I can’t remember. All the unfortunate AND fortunate events that happen to them on their trip was hilarious! I went to go watch this movie with my dad and sister. Just talking about the movie cracks us up! A few things to keep in mind with this movie, DO NOT take children. Just don’t. We noticed a lot of families with young ducklings and this is not a movie for them. If you don’t like profanity, don’t watch it. There’s quite a bit but it’s not overwhelming. Last, if you don’t like drugs, don’t watch this film.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie but it is for ADULTS. Not children.


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