Disney Channel’s Andi Mack Pilot “13” Review

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Andi Mack: Review

Missing Gilmore Girls? I may have found a super kid-friendly version. Ok, so that may be a bit of a stretch. It is not Gilmore Girls per say. There is no talking fast filled with rapid-fire references, coffee, or hot diner owner, but Disney Channel’s new show Andi Mack, certainly has a Gilmore Girls-esque theme.

From the creator of Lizzie McGuire, Terry Minsky, comes a story a coming of age dramedy about a creative teen, Andi (played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee), who finds out a big family secret when her cool, motorcycle-riding older sister, Bex (played by Lilian Bowden), decides to move back home on the eve of her 13th birthday. Here’s the kicker! Turns out, Bex is not her sister, but her mother. And her mom (played by Lauren Tom, remember Julie from Friends? Ross’s girlfriend that he met in China right when Rachel realized her feelings for him?) is actually her grandmother! Talk about adding more on a teenager girl’s plate!

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Andi Mack is very reminiscent of old Disney Channel shows such as Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens where a family is at the center of the show. More particularly, this show portrays a mixed American-Asian family that is very relevant especially with shows like Fresh Off the Boat and Blackish on the air. Not only is there a compelling story to tell, but these young actors are phenomenal! I highly suggest playing special attention to Andi’s friends Cyrus and Buffy (yes, Buffy and yes they do mention her namesake). They are the perfect comical duo! And can we please talk about how pretty Lilian Bowden (Bex) is? I am going to start calling her Asian Lorelai because as you know, there is always a Gilmore reference with me. But seriously, she is really pretty.

The question looming now is will this show eventually end up with the same fate as Girl Meets World? Will it eventually outgrow Disney Channel when the stories eventually develop an adult theme such as teenage pregnancy that is unsuitable for the Disney Channel demographic? I guess we will have to wait and see. Until then, I cannot wait for watch the next episode (airs Sunday, April 9!)

Andi Mack premieres Friday, April 7 on Disney Channel or you can watch the pilot episode now here!

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  1. I was googling “Andi Mack Gilmore Girls” when I found this article.
    I actually thought that Lilen Bowden looked an awful lot like Lauren Graham just before it hit me that “Andi Mack” had a lot of similarities to GG, more than just the “mom and daughter close in age” thing. “But if My Babysitter’s a Vampire” was Buffy-lite, this is awfully close to Gilmore-lite. Not I[‘m complaining; with an ep to go, I’ve been enjoying it. I keep expecting Cece to get more of a comeuppance, but this is more of a “quick to annoyance, quick to forget” family, which is not a bad thing.

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