The Vampire Diaries 8×14 “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride” Recap

It’s time to kill that pesky little devil on The Vampire Diaries, y’all! Damon and Stefan attempt to take Cade on themselves, and Damon makes a huge sacrifice. Meanwhile, Caroline and Alaric have worry about Kai killing their girls. Bonnie pretty much saves the day in more ways than one, and Stefan finally snaps out of his guilt and gets down on one knee! All in all, it made for a pretty decent episode that gave us some great moments. Let’s break down this latest episode…

Damon’s Sacrifice, Bonnie Saves the Day, and Cade’s Death

Before Stefan can pack up his bags and leave Mystic Falls, Damon comes in and convinces him to help him with Cade since he’s taken Elena. The good thing is that he actually has a plan, or rather a deal that he made with Cade; the dagger that can kill him in exchange for Elena. Seems logical enough, but just killing him with the thing seems more logical to me.

tvd - 8x14 - damon stefan

Stefan and Damon arrive at the quarry to meet Cade, but Stefan has another plan in mind… kill Cade with the dagger. He vervains Damon and takes off to meet Cade in the cave under the waterfall where he sees Elena’s casket. You may be thinking that human Stefan stands no chance against Cade, and you’re right, but he’s made his own plan. Somewhere across town, Alaric starts ringing the Maxwell bell, weakening Cade and giving Stefan the upper hand. But we all know it’s never that simple in Mystic Falls. Kai calls Alaric and lets him know that he’s on the hunt for the girls and Alaric immediately forgets about the bell to go save his girls.

tvd - 8x14 - stefan damon

Thankfully Damon comes to and shows up just in time to keep Cade from killing Stefan. Unfortunately, Cade has now changed his deal. Damon now has to make a choice: Stefan or Elena. Showing just how much he’s changed, Damon selflessly chooses neither of them, but rather himself to go to hell.

tvd - 8x14 - bonnie damon cade

Cade kills him and we’re taken to the “in-between.” Just as Damon is about to follow Cade to hell, Bonnie shows up to save the day. Cade and Bonnie go at it, trying to pull Damon in opposite directions. Proving even more how selfless he’s become, he tells Bonnie to let him go because if she doesn’t, it could kill her. But Damon and Bonnie are best friends, and there’s no way Bonnie’s giving up on him… just like he wouldn’t give up on her.

tvd - 8x14 - stefan cade

Back in the quarry, Stefan still has the dagger that can kill Cade and Cade is still caught up in trying to pull Damon to hell. So, Stefan takes this opportunity to stab Cade with the dagger, incinerating him to ashes. FINALLY. Both Damon and Bonnie survive and hell is gone along with Cade… as far as they know at least.

Killer Kai, a Proposal, and a Twist

tvd - 8x14 - kai singing

Before they headed off on their new mission, Stefan and Damon picked Kai up at some bar singing karaoke and locked him up in the Armory. Caroline is left to keep an eye on him and Kai offers her some advice on why the girls are suddenly really powerful. According to him, the Armory is full of magic, it’s literally in the walls, and since Josey and Lizzie are living there, they are essentially siphoning the magic from the place. Unsurprisingly, as he explains this, he siphons the magic out of the walls, busting the window, snaps Caroline’s neck and escapes.

tvd - 8x14 - kai

As I stated above, when Kai breaks out and snaps Caroline’s neck, he calls Alaric to warn him of how on the hunt for Lizzie and Josey. Hey, at least he warned him, right? Anyway, Alaric manages to trick Kai with a neat little sneak attack thing and Caroline helps knock him out. Team work makes the dream work, right y’all?? A++ parenting skills right there.

tvd - 8x14 - stefan caroline

After things get a bit calmed down, Caroline and Alaric discuss what they’re going to do about the girls and school since they obviously can’t go to normal school with all these magical powers. Alaric decides that he wants to turn the Armory into a school for kids like Lizzie and Josey. Just as they are discussing it, there’s a knock at the door and Caroline goes to answer. As soon as she opens it, Stefan drops to one knee, gives yet another beautiful speech and proposes again! The June wedding is back on, y’all!

tvd - 8x14 - bonnie kai

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Kai. Bonnie’s created a brand spankin’ new prison world for him. She has him chained up to a chair in the middle of the karaoke stage he was singing on earlier while a song he despises plays on repeat. But Kai shares one tiny little twist with Bonnie before she leaves him. Cade may be dead, but hell didn’t go with him. Rather, someone else is in charge, and who else is better to be in charge of hell than “the myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all…” You guessed it, Katherine Pierce.

Did we really think the iconic villain that is Katherine Pierce wouldn’t show up in Mystic Falls for one final big bang? The question now is; what kind of chaos will she stir up in the FINAL TWO episodes coming up?

The Vampire Diaries airs Friday’s at 8/9c on The CW!

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