TVD “Stay” Recap: Saying Goodbye

If you have not seen the latest TVD episode, please do not continue to read. This post contains SPOILERS!



The promo for this episode said, “One chapter ends, another begins.” It couldn’t have been anymore accurate. In Thursday’s episode, TVD says goodbye to not one, but TWO characters, Little Jeremy Gilbert and Sheriff Liz Forbes, which ended in a perfect, heartfelt, and of course, a sad goodbye.

The Vampire Diaries Stay Jeremy Gilbert

Goodbye, Little Gilbert

Jeremy has decided to leave Mystic Falls and have a normal life by attending to art school. Except, we come to learn he was never planning on going to art school. Instead, Alaric took him to a bus stop as Jeremy goes hunting on his own. That’s crazy! I mean I kind of figured the art school plan was a little fishy because who graduates in the middle of school, with bad grades and a terrible attendance record? However, I wasn’t expecting to see him run away to be a hunter.

What I liked about this episode is almost each character shares a moment they had with Jeremy. My two favorites were with Damon and Elena. Damon called him Little Gilbert once last time, gave him a joint, and told him not to tell Elena he gave it to him or he would kill him again. Elena found out about the joint and has decided to smoke it with him as one last hoorah. It was great to see the two bonding as brother and sister (minus the joint). I felt like lately he hadn’t seen much of that.

Not too long ago the press announced Steven R. McQueen’s decision to leave the show and I have to say I’m glad they didn’t kill him off. This way, McQueen can always come back as a guest star for an episode or two in the future. Truth be told, I’ve been bored with Jeremy’s storyline. I think Jeremy’s best storyline was when he was becoming a hunter. I was slowly starting lose interest with Jeremy when Bonnie brought him back alive. It felt unnecessary to bring him back with no good storylines.

In the end, I respect McQueen’s decision to leave the show. Every actor at one point wants to leave something good to do great things, and I believe good things will happen to McQueen. Thank you for six years.

The Vampire Diaries Stay

Rest in Peace, Sheriff Forbes

These past few episodes we’ve been seeing Sheriff Forbes experiencing life with terminal cancer, sadly she’s no longer suffering. However, before she died she had some unfinished business she wanted to deal with first, or rather solve and close an open case. After all these years Sheriff Forbes still had Elena’s accident with her parents case open, because she always felt like something wasn’t right. With the help of Damon, together they figured out the accident wasn’t intentional and really was an accident due to the weather.

Unfortunately, Caroline was too late to say goodbye to her mother physically, but she had a chance to say goodbye with her vampire magic. Stefan taught her to tab into her mind and help her find peace. Basically she did was Damon did with Rose back in season two episode 12. (Click here to see refresh your memory.) I’m glad Caroline was able to say goodbye to her mother, and Liz finding peace. It would have been terrible if Caroline didn’t, knowing she wasn’t with her mother during her final moments. Also, it was the perfect goodbye with the memory of Caroline riding her bike for the first time.

The greatest part of this whole storyline was that Sheriff Forbes had a normal death. A supernatural creature didn’t kill her. She didn’t get her head snapped, her heart ripped out, or died with vampire blood in her system only to bring her back alive as a vampire. No, she died with cancer. It was a common death, and as morbid as it might sound, it was nice to see her have a normal death. It showed TVD isn’t always about supernatural and it was nice to see some normality in the show. It seems as if maybe we’ve forgotten about normalcy.

The Vampire Diaries Stay Caroline Forbes Stefan Salvatore

Steroline First Kiss

Everything about this was absolutely perfect. I have no words other than please enjoy this video of Steroline’s kiss.

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Forbes

A new episode of TVD will premiere tonight on the CW at 8/7c. Check out the promo below.

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