TVD Recap: Will Delena get their happily ever after?

With Nina Dobrev leaving this week, it’s no surprise the past few episodes have been focusing more on Elena, her fate, and her relationship with Damon. Truthfully, as much as I hate to see Dobrev go, I love the Elena centric plot.

The Vampire Diaries I'll Wed You in The Golden Summertime Elena Gilbert

Since my last TVD recap, Elena’s fate of living an immortal life has changed. Elena has taken the cure and is now living life as a normal human being. She can die and never come back. She can get sick and never be cured. She can’t run super fast, heal people, or compel strangers, and she couldn’t be happier about it. She’s delighted to be human again. Since the day she became a vampire was the second she knew it was a life she never wanted and would do anything to get the old one back. When the opportunity presented its self again, Elena took it without any hesitation. She has no regrets taking the chance of being human again, especially since now she’s never felt more alive.

Elena knew becoming human meant possibly living a life without Damon because Damon loves the vampire life too much to give it up, even for her. Except, he loves her enough to give it up. Damon is so sure he wants a life with Elena and if that means growing old with a house filled with memories instead of running around from town to town every few years for eternity, he’ll gladly do it for her.

Elena didn’t want Damon to make a decision he might later on resent her for it, so she had Stefan show him what a life with her might look like, and I did not like it one bit. Stefan showed him how they might struggle the first couple of years as her job keeps her late and hardly at home. Then, Stefan showed Damon his relationship with Elena falling apart as he becomes a drunk because of her and what he’s given up for her. Lastly, Damon saw a life with the possibility of Elena dead and him living a life without her. As much as I like Stefan for showing Damon many different potentials of what his life with Elena might look like, I hated that he pushed so far as to make him live alone and Elena dead. Yes, it’s a possibly, but I don’t approve of it. It wouldn’t be fair after everything they’ve gone through and gave up to be together. Their love story is epic and they deserve a happy ending.

Damon hated what Stefan had done, what Stefan showed him, and came to realize Demon doesn’t want to live a life if it meant he might losing Elena. For a split second he changed his mind and decided to keep his vampire life, until he saw an old couple still in love after all the years they’ve had together. Damon knows the statics of their relationship possibly failing, but he’s willing to take a chance on beating the odds. That’s how much he loves Elena, and that only makes me love him even more. Seriously, I need a Damon in my life.

The night of Alaric and Jo’s wedding, everything gets ruined, and everything could possibly change for Delena and their plan of living a human live together, which is not surprising. It’s Mystic Falls, and a wedding in Mystic Falls is bound to have trouble of some sort. The trouble in this case was Kai. Kai surprised everyone by hurting Jo right before she said her vows, (I don’t think she’s dead, but I’m sure it’s save to say her unborn twins didn’t make it.), then set off a piercing loud noise, and shattered every window in the place. In the process, Elena is down and isn’t moving.

The Vampire Diaries I'll Wed You in The Golden Summertime Damon Salvatore Elena Gilbert

There’s no way of telling if she’s alive or dead, and the promos below don’t help. However my concern as a Delena fan is their relationship. I’m not prepared for the finale, as we know for a fact Nina is leaving and Ian Somerhalder isn’t. Here’s my prediction if Elena lives, she’ll leave Mystic Falls for good, where to? Who knows. I think something will happen that’ll prevent Damon from taking the cure, which will lead to him compelling her to leave town without him, because he loves her that much. I would much rather see her leave on her own freewill, but Damon’s compelled her before out of love and selfish reasons, it wouldn’t surprise me if he does it.

Check out the promos for the season finale which is also Nina Dobrev’s final episode, which will premiere this Thursday on CW at 8/7c.

Do you think Elena will live and continue her life as a human? Or do you think her life will come to end after Kai’s shenanigans? How do you think Delena’s fate and love story will end? Leave you thoughts, opinions, or theories in the comment box below.

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