Game of Thrones: Top 5 Moments from “The Queen’s Justice”

The Queen’s Justice

Top 5 Moments


Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen Meet

Finally after 6 seasons Jon and Dany finally met and it was everything we could have hoped for and more. Not only were they having continuous eye sex with each other but both displayed how stubborn they equally are. Jon refused to call Dany his queen and bend the knee and Dany refused to call Jon king.

Sir Davos on the other hand proved just how awesome he is. Missandei introduced Dany by her what seems like 100 million titles and Sir Davos, well his introduction of Jon was absolutely classic “This is Jon Snow.” followed by “he is King of the North.” I mean he really nailed it and gave us fans a good laugh.

Dany tried to get Jon to join her side and fight Cersei but Jon had other ideas. He need’s the dragonglass, so he explains to Dany about the incoming war with the White Walkers. Although she doesn’t believe him Tyrion convinces her that he is a trustworthy man and that she should help him.

Now it is just a waiting game to see what happens with these two. I think something will happen between them, so let’s hope we can get some info from Bran.

Jon and Dany Meet:

Cersei’s Revenge

We know from the last episode that Euron promised a gift to Cersei and that gift of course was Ellaria and Tyene. Cersei locked them up and poisoned Tyene the same way that Ellaria poisoned Cersei’s daughter Myrcella. She told Ellaria that she will now watch her daughter die. For the first time I think through the entire series I have actually liked Cersei, Myrcella didn’t deserve to die, she was a sweet girl who was nothing like her mother and certainly did not deserve to die for anything Cersei has done.

Ellaria needed to be punished for that and I think it was quite the appropriate way to do it. Although you could argue that Tyene doesn’t deserve to be punished for what her mother had done but Cersei needed Ellaria to feel how it made her feel to lose her daughter.

Cersei after she poisons Tyene:

Bran returns to Winterfell

A very unimpressed and creepy looking Bran finally returned home to Winterfell. Sansa greeted him a big hug tears pouring while Bran kept straight faced and seemed to give zero care whatsoever.

Out by the Weirwood tree Bran and Sansa are talking and instead of them having a happy sibling reunion Bran proceeds to tell Sansa he is now the three eyed raven, saw her getting raped on her wedding night and pointed out how beautiful she looked. Wow, hello savage Bran what happened to you. Sansa of course walks away quite upset at Bran’s odd admission.

Sansa informs Bran that Jon has set off to meet the dragon queen. Bran tells her he needs to talk to him, I am assuming of course that he wants to talk about the whole R + L = J thing. Like, really Jon? you couldn’t wait a couple more days for Bran to get there.

Hopefully Bran can reach Jon in some way before he engages in the hanky panky with his own aunt.

Bran and Sansa reunite: Dailyexpress

Casterly Rock & R.I.P Olenna Tyrell

Dany decided to send Grey Worm and The Unsullied to take Casterly Rock from the Lannisters. Upon killing all the soldiers that were there and taking Casterly, Grey Worm grows concerned that there were suppose to more Lannister soldiers. We then learn that the Lannister’s knew of the attack and had taken their most strongest soldiers and headed towards High Garden. The gave up Casterly Rock to Dany but not for free, they took something from her also.

Jamie lead the army to High Garden where they took out their army and he had a one on one with one of the most amazing characters Game of Thrones has had, Olenna Tyrell. She knew what was coming, she knew that Jamie was there to end her life. Olenna didn’t put up a fight, she drank the poison Jamie had given her and accepted her fate. But not before letting Jamie in on a few truths that was absolutely amazing to watch.

She asked Jamie what is was like to watch his son Joffrey die by poison. She told him to tell Cersei that it was her, Olenna was the one that poisoned Joffrey. The way she so calmly said it just to crush the Lannister’s one last time made for a pretty awesome scene.

Olenna was an amazing character and its such a shame that we had to lose her but that Dany has now lost a huge part of her army. I guess this proves that its best to stay close with the side you are fighting for or you might get a visit from the enemy.

Olenna Tyrell: HBO

Jorah is cured!

All that skin peeling Sam did in the last episode seem’s to have helped as he has cured Jorah. The cure was quite simple and what we nowadays take for granted, it was all just the plain old germ theory. Remove the infected area, plaster with a salve that kills the greyscale germs and wallah greyscale cured.

The handshake the two share is very heartening. Sam doesn’t recoil from Jorah despite his state and sweet on Jorah for the extra hand he places over Sam’s, a sign of his gratitude for the first bit of human contact he’s had in some time and for the maester-in-training’s sacrifices on his behalf.

The Archmaester compliments Sam on his accomplishment much to Sam’s surprise. But rewards him with a table to scrolls to copy.

Archmaester, cured Jorah and Sam:

Honorable Mentions

  • Drogon flying over Jon and Sir Davos as they arrive at Dragonstone. It was cool to see their reactions as I’m sure this is the first time either of them have seen a dragon.
  • Tyrion complementing Jon on his brooding skills. I’ll have to agree with Tyrion on this one, Jon does look pretty good brooding.
  • Dany pointing out how Jon had been stabbed by his own men. She seemed very interested, I wonder if this will be bought up again.
  • Euron and his finger in the bum joke he made to try and anger Jamie. Everyone clearly know’s he’s sleeping with his own sister now and it was actually quite a funny scene.
  • Mellisandre talking to Vary’s about his and her’s death. Did she just give us a spoiler of what’s to come? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Overall I really loved this episode it was exciting, heartbreaking but most of all I’m glad it had some lighthearted comedy.


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