This Is Us: A Glance of The First 10 Episodes

Let’s face it, there’s no denying that This Is Us is one of the best new shows that debuted this fall.

This Is Us has hit us with many emotions with it’s pilot alone, which instantly received praise after praise. NBC even picked up the show for a full season the next day! The storyline truly touches the heart in ways you didn’t think was possible and the characters prove to be so compelling that made you intrigued in how their arc will pan out.

Also, sobbing is totally normal, because it’s just that good.


They have aired it’s 10th episode this week, which is also their fall finale and last episode for 2016. There’s so much to talk about given how the show has explored a lot of arcs in just a matter of 10 episodes.

So, let’s breakdown some of my thoughts of the characters and storyline thus far, shall we.

Warning: Spoilers ahead, if you haven’t caught up just yet.

Ready? Okay.

We finally find out that Jack is no longer in the present because Jack is no longer alive.

This reveal was so shocking, but the way it was revealed made it look so obvious. I’m sad, we’re all sad. How can this be?! A couple so deeply in love, teaming up in the best way possible in raising three kids, only to find out Jack passed away and we don’t know how. I’m feeling a little nervous in finding out HOW Jack died in the episodes to come. But hey, at least we get to see the past flashbacks of Milo Ventimiglia in every episode so there is atleast that. Speaking of Milo, it’s good to have him on our screens again. That beautiful, beautiful man.

Randall is my favorite character, like ever.

Someone please give Sterling Knight an Emmy for outstanding and stellar performance in playing Randall Pearson. He brings such depth to his character and you can’t help but just fall in love with Randall episode after episode. When he cries, we all cry. Randall is a true gem, and please protect him at all times.

At the end of episode 8, when Randall finds out that his mother, Rebecca knew his birth father William all his life and didn’t say a word, was heartbreaking to watch. You could see the rush of pain, sadness and betrayal all over his face which had me choke up tears for sure. On episode 9, we see how Randall deals with all of it in such a complex way.

Kevin’s arc relates to many.

Kevin starts off with quitting his highly paid acting job as “The Manny” where he realizes that what he was doing wasn’t making any sense to him and need some purpose in his life. Most people go through this phase in their life and that’s okay. Kevin’s character was a little hard to figure out in the beginning but then we slowly realize how much of a soft spot he has and deep down he just wants to be able to be more independent with his life, without Kate, his twin sister being there right by his side, 24/7.

Kevin’s speech to his nieces was by far the most moving and honest speech I’ve see on TV, in a long time.

On episode 6, This Is Us blew us away with giving Kevin his moment to shine, and it was absolutely heartfelt and raw in so many ways. In his speech, we find out that his father Jack has indeed passed away but we also learn how much his father’s passing played an important role in the man he’s become. Kevin is slowly but surely discovering more to himself than as the episodes go on and it’s been great. Looking forward to seeing more of his character evolving this season.

Kate Pearson is a strong women.

Kate Pearson, the other half of the Kevin and the sister Kevin can’t live without, is awesome. She struggles with losing weight but that doesn’t stop her from being who she is and she doesn’t let that define her.

Kate and Toby are the definition of c-u-t-e.

Kate and Toby are a support system that are just too good together. Toby doesn’t stop serenading himself to her and it’s honestly really cute to see these two battling the same struggle but know how to build each other up.

Toby’s fate is unclear and it’s worrisome.

The ending of the fall finale was scary. Toby collapsed and we don’t know if he’ll survive the surgery. Totally was not expecting that, but just hoping they don’t kill him off. Not the good guy, okay!

The first 10 episodes of this season has been great so far, curious to find out what happens next.

This Is Us returns January 10th at 9/8c on NBC!


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