This Is Us 2×05 “Brothers” Recap

this is us - 2x05 - stillThis show is too good, y’all. There hasn’t been a single episode where I’m left bored. Every episode is brilliantly laid out to where it gives you just enough to keep you coming back. I’m already too invested in the well-being of these characters and their stories. This week I’m concerned about Kevin and his growing addiction. I’m thrilled for Kate and Toby. I have hope for Randall and Deja. The past gives us a little more insight into Jack’s childhood while he tries to get Kevin and Randall to gain that brotherly bond.

Here’s what happened on “Brothers.”

The Past

Brotherly Bonding:

this is us - 2x05 - jack and kevinJack takes Kevin and Randall for a little brotherly bonding camping trip in hopes they’ll start getting along. More specifically, Kevin seems to be the problem. The trip gets off to a rough start when Randall gets the tent up and is excited about it, but Kevin quickly tears it down with Randall in side. Jack chastises Kevin and makes him rebuild the tent and sit in it for an indefinite amount of time.

As Kevin sulks in the tent, Jack comes in and tries to talk with his son. He wants to know why Kevin is so hard on his brother because brothers are supposed to be the one person you can depend on the most (foreshadowing for the surprise ending). But not even Kevin seems to know the answer. Either that or he just doesn’t want to admit to it. When Jack pushes him for an answer, Kevin cries that he doesn’t want to talk about it. A little surprised by the outburst, Jack lets him be. Then, while cooking hotdogs, he gives Randall the advice to just be patient and let Kevin come to him. This virtue is clearly something that Randall still struggles with in the present.

Not long after his dad’s talk, Kevin spots Randall’s little notebook. He snoops and finds that Randall has reminders of what to do to not annoy Kevin – like talk about The Karate Kid when he gets annoyed and don’t ask to play his Gameboy. This seems to light a bit of a fire under Kevin because when Jack comes back, Kevin has come out of the tent on his own and is getting ready to roast marshmallows with Randall. They’re then able to enjoy the trip and bond together. 😊this is us - 2x05 - jack and the boys

Jack’s Dad:

this is us - 2x05 - rebecca meeting jack's dadWhile Jack’s hanging with the boys, Rebecca and Kate plan for the ultimate girls’ night – equipped with movies and mani-pedis. Unfortunately, those plans get ruined when there’s a sudden family emergency. Jack’s dad is dying. Rebecca tries to call Jack to see what he wants her to do, but she can’t get a hold of him. So, she takes matters into her own hands and goes to the nursing home where his dad is at even though she’s never met the man. Nothing much comes of it, though. He doesn’t say anything at all except for “is that my granddaughter?” when Kate pops her head in.

Rebecca finally gets a hold of Jack and tells him what’s going on. She asks if he wants to come to the nursing home, and it takes him a minute, but he finally says no because that man has been dead to him for a long time now. Rebecca then takes a minute to say that Jack is a miracle. After the childhood that he had, it’s a miracle that he’s such an amazing man and father to their kids. Jack: “It takes one to know one, Bec.” Ugh! I love these two.this is us - 2x05 - rebecca and jackRebecca then tells Jack’s dad that Jack isn’t coming. She walks out of the room, but stops before going back in. She tells him how Jack is a good man and a good father before leaving.

Jack’s Childhood:

this is us - 2x05 - young jackWe’ve never really seen Jack’s childhood, only heard about it… until this week’s episode. Throughout the episode, we get a little glimpse. Jack and his father go off for a fishing trip. Everything seems to be going fine until his dad stops for a drink. He leaves Jack in the car while he’s in the bar for seemingly hours. The whole time, Jack mutters to himself that he’s coming back. We never see that happen.

It’s the final few scenes of the episode, however, that I don’t think anyone saw coming and really adds to the “Brothers” title of the episode. Jack’s still in the car, playing with some of the worm bait, when a boy wakes up in the back seat. It’s Jack’s brother, Nicky! Jack informs him that their dad probably won’t be back for a while, but it’ll be okay because Jack will never leave him. Aww!

As an adult, when Jack is back home and in bed with Rebecca, he can’t sleep. He goes down to the basement and digs through an old file cabinet until he finds a container. It has pictures and mementos from his time in the army. He finally finds the one he’s looking for. It’s a picture of him and a few others at base camp. As the camera zooms in, we see that his brother is also in the picture right beside Jack. He was in te army with him. Now, I have this theory that Nicky probably died in combat and Jack feels guilty about it. He told Kevin that your brother is supposed to be one that you can depend on, and I have a feeling that he feels that he let his own brother down. ☹this is us - 2x05 - jack and nicky

The Present


Kate’s Pregnancy Fears:

this is us - 2x05 - kate and toby pregnantKate surprises Toby at work to tell him they’re pregnant. His excitement is short lived, though, when she tells him not to share his hopes and excitement of being a father with her. She’s afraid to be hopeful because she’s worried that it won’t even happen since it’s a high-risk pregnancy. I feel for him because he’s SO excited, but he agrees anyway.

At her group meeting, she goes off on Madison for trying to make herself feel better by hanging out with people more screwed up than she is. The argument goes out into the parking lot when they’re leaving, and Madison wonders why Kate hates her so much. It’s because she’s annoying. They each get in their cars across from one another and back into each other accidentally. Kate starts to panic as she holds her stomach, fearing the worst even though it’s just a minor fender bender. When Madison comes around, she confesses that she’s pregnant and Madison couldn’t be happier for her. Kate finds comfort in that, but tells Madison to keep her lips sealed about the pregnancy.

Later, she takes Toby to a coffee shop where she says that he can tell anyone he wants about the pregnancy. Then, they’ll never come back to that coffee shop. So, Toby goes all Toby. He tells the barista and gets him to play his happy song. Then he proceeds to perform his happy dance all over the shop and tells every table that he’s going to be a father. Toby ends the dance by sitting in a chair and pouring water all over himself. Oh man, I laughed so hard! How can you not love Toby?this is us - 2x05 - toby dancing

Kevin’s Addiction:

I’m really worried about Kevin, y’all. His addiction is only getting worse. He’s in NY for a charity gala for Sophie where he’s getting auctioned off as a date. When we first see him, though, he’s in the bathroom at Randall’s, staring at family photos, and taking his last pain killer. Then he searches the medicine cabinet and drawers for anything else, but there’s nothing.

this is us - 2x05 - sophie and kevinLater at Sophie’s, he calls his doctor even though it’s the weekend, asking for another refill since he’s gone through all his. When Sophie comes in and asks who he was talking to, he lies and says it was Kate. She notices him grab another beer as she’s asking him about her dress, and notes that it’s kind of early and tells him to pace himself since they have a lot of schmoozing to do. Kevin brushes it off as he’s just trying to relax.

Kevin kicks off the gala with more drinks and another call to his doctor’s voicemail. In the middle of the gala, Sophia gets up on stage to introduce and auction him off, but he never comes after her repeated calls. Instead, he’s in the hall downing more bourbon and arguing with his doctor about the need for more pain pills… because he’s in pain. The call doesn’t go well, and he downs another drink.

He finds Randall outside of the women’s bathroom where Deja is. Randall confesses to Kevin being better with Deja because he’s good with people. Kevin then opens up in a way that I’m not sure Randall even notices. “You feel too much, and I try not to feel anything at all.” Randall asks if he’s okay when he notices that he’s sweating and looks rough, but Kevin says he’s fine.this is us - 2x05 - kevin and randall

Kevin finally makes it back into the ballroom and Sophia is feeling humiliated. She tells Kevin as much and points out how he’s been acting weird ever since he came back to New York. He lies and claims that he’s just exhausted before saying that he should just leave. We then see him walking down a sidewalk as he calls an old doctor and states that he’s in a lot of pain. I do not like this slippery slope he’s on, y’all. 🙁

Randall and Deja Connect:

this is us - 2x05 - kevin and dejaAgainst Beth’s advice, Randall takes Deja to the fancy gala because she finally seemed excited about something. Granted, she was mostly excited for Kevin because she has a little crush on him. When they get there, she instantly spots Kevin and goes over to him. She confesses that she’s a big fan of The Manny, but he makes her blush a little when he keeps asking what her favorite episode is and compliments her look.

Later at their table, Deja tries shrimp and cocktail sauce as Randall watches her and gets giddy when she seems to like it. Things take a turn, however, when she’s about to eat the hard part and he tries to grab it out of her hand to stop her. She excuses herself and hides out in the bathroom. So, as I mentioned before, Kevin finds him outside the women’s bathroom, ready to just go on in there. He confides to Kevin that she likes him. “You’re good with her. You’re good with people. I come on too strong.” It’s then that Kevin tells him that he cares too much, always has.

Randall ends up going into the bathroom and standing there outside the stall she’s hiding in. She asks if he’s just going to stand there forever, to which he says yes. It’s then that she finally opens up and says that her last home was the worst one. The lady used to get all the beauty magazines, which all the other kids found funny because she was ugly. Her husband used the magazines to hit the kids because they didn’t bruise as much. That’s why she doesn’t like to be grabbed. She finally comes out of the stall and walks out, and he follows behind her. We’re getting somewhere. 😊this is us - 2x05 - randall and deja

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