This Is Us 1×12 Review: The Big Day

This Is Us is a great show, and with every episode it proves itself all the more worthy of praise.

So. That’s it. It’s official. Jack Pearson is the best TV husband and TV dad.

On this week’s episode of This Is Us titled ‘The Big Day’ we were treated with an episode that was full on a flashback episode. It was an episode that was a prequel to the game-changing pilot. It’s the day leading up to the birth of Jack and Rebecca’s babies and we get a glimpse of how everything around them was going, and how everyone in the episode were connected in some way.

It ain’t easy carrying one child, let alone three! So Rebecca’s one moment of pure joy and happiness and another moment of frustration and rage is completely normal and nothing to be shocked about. It’s apart of the pregnancy process and she showcased just that.

Though, she did end up forgetting it was Jack’s birthday after she kicked him out of the house to be alone. Realizing what she did, her effort in making it up to Jack was both admirable and cute at the same time. When she put duck-tape on her flip flops trying to go the grocery store, that, my friends, is some real dedication.

Meanwhile, we have Dr. K and the firefighter Joe who brought Randall to the hospital in the pilot to fill in more of the back story in this prequel episode. We learn that Dr. K is a widow, and a still grieving widow after losing his wife to cancer. And then, we have Joe who is strongly trying to save his marriage with his wife praying for some kind of miracle as him and his wife have struggled in having a child of their own.

Dr. K’s story line was interesting and sad to watch at the same time. Losing someone is definitely not easy, and especially if it’s someone who you’ve been with for over 50 years. When Dr. K first gave his touching monologue speech to Jack in the pilot after telling him that they lost the third baby, it looked like he was talking about a child him and his wife lost before.

But with this episode, we realize that it was a speech he needed for himself in order for him to move on from his wife’s death that happened years ago. A twist indeed, right?

Seeing Jack wanting to go back to his wife even after his best friend, Miguel, so desperately tried to persuade him to just let loose and enjoy that one day without his wife was heartwarming. He defines what a perfect husband is and how honorable of a man he is.

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He knows it’s not easy for her and he doesn’t mind the yelling and the mood swings, heck he didn’t even mind Rebecca slightly forgetting his birthday. It’s like he focuses less on the small things and looks at things in a bigger picture, the important stuff in life.

Seriously though, where can I find my own version of Jack Pearson?

I think we are all trying really hard to give Miguel a chance, even if it’s a small one knowing that he married Rebecca after Jack’s death. But man, I get some weird vibes from him. Sure he has money and knows how to have a “good time” but the way he approaches it to Jack felt too forced to me and looked like he might be unhappy in some way. Not sure, but I guess we will see more of that later on.

This Is Us has a great way of putting pieces together to form it so smoothly and naturally together all while telling a great story. That’s what makes This Is Us so special to watch.

On ‘The Big Day’, Randall seemed to be that miracle and beacon of hope to everyone’s story lines and he was only just an infant.

Not going to lie, miss the present day with Randall, Kate and Kevin but this episode of only the past was fitting to watch and we got to see more of Jack and Rebecca and unfold more into their story.

This Is Us continues Tuesdays at 9/8c only on NBC!


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