The Wonder Years: “Night Out”

The last episode wasn’t as Kevin centric as I would have liked. Fortunately, this episode returned to form and was more about Kevin and his growth. Viewers finally get to see Kevin and Winnie as couple, after over three seasons of “will they or won’t they” back and forth drama. I wasn’t much of a Winnie fan during that phase, but I will admit that I started liking her more after watching this episode.

The premise of this episode is that while Kevin and Winnie are finally a couple, enjoying each other’s company, doing “coupley” things such as (saying things at the same time, making goo-goo eyes at each other), they are also not doing things that most couples are expected to be doing. They aren’t kissing or making out. This issue becomes an awkward problem for them not due to their own concern about it. Rather, they are invited to a party that is known as the make out party.

Neither Kevin nor Winnie wants to go, but don’t know how to tell the other person. Either they fish around the issue, trying to find something else to do, or say they want to go if the other wants to go. They ultimately go to the party under the pretense that it’s expected by others for them to go. Naturally, the party causes awkward interactions and tension between the two.

Winnie Kevin Night Out

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I liked that this storyline showed the importance of doing things at your own pace. Winnie and Kevin were having more fun when they didn’t have to worry about social conventions and what was expected of them. They were perfectly fine with how their relationship is progressing. The second they were invited to this party under the premise of doing what “couples are supposed to do,” things changed between them.

My favorite part of the episode was the concluding scenes after the party. Winnie and Kevin are put on the spot to makeout in a room together, but Winnie ends up running out. Later, Kevin wonders if he blew it with Winnie. Winnie ends up coming to his window in the middle of the night and the two go to a bridge to discuss the party. They finally have a candid conversation on why they went in the first place. Their conversation was both honest in showing their internal conflicts and a turning point in their relationship.

Winnie Cooper Night Out

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The only funny thing I found about this episode was that sometimes I had to step back and remind myself that these were thirteen year old kids and not adults. Some of the scenarios/conversations – both in this episode and the show in general- seem to be more mature and adult like predicaments rather than things I would expect a thirteen year old to really to dwell upon on a daily basis.

Overall, a sweet, relatable episode. I’m liking Winnie more after this episode because she’s not as rude to Kevin and her internal conflicts make me empathize with her more. I’m looking forward to seeing how Kevin and Winnie continue to deal with peer pressure at school.

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One thought on “The Wonder Years: “Night Out”

  1. Hi Sarita, i totally agree that sometimes i too have to remind myself these are just 12-13 year old kids – i can very much relate to Kevin’s internal dialogue saying how he really feels and saying the opposite or playing it down in what he actually says.

    The portrayal of Winnie and how you don’t find her as sympathetic or appealing (as opposed to Kevin who forgives her shortcomings because essentially he has feelings for her) i think serves the dual function of us feeling a bit uncertain about what he deal is – much like Kevin as well. In other words, we see her as he sees her as well.

    As you said, this episode shows the rarer occasions where she opens up about what’s going on at her end too. Even though we can pick those things up from how she acts, i do think sometimes when the character directly ‘says it’ they show a bit of vulnerability and courage which hopefully then results in a greater bond between the two – which happened in this instance 😉

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