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Last Thursday, I decided to mix it up with my Wonder Years recaps. I decided to live tweet the episode while I watched it. It was a lot of fun, though it took me longer than usual to live tweet the whole episode.  What was supposed to be a half hour episode ended up being 1 hour! I blame all the screencaps and GIFs I just had to have and had to pause and get.

Below is an excerpt of some of my thoughts on the show:

  • I always love The Wonder Years Theme Song

  • One thing that always amazes me about The Wonder Years is the natural acting talent Fred Savage had at such a young age.
  • Daniel Stern’s voice is perfect narrator for . His voice is comforting and emotive
  • Kevin Arnold’s sounds like my singing aka, really really really bad 🙂

Dustin Diamond


  • Adult Kevin, while describing all the members voices: “Paul Pfeiffer, no tone at all”
  • Kevin’s teacher& kids have deal: they wouldn’t push him & vice versa. Who else wishes they had that deal while in school?
  • Clueless Paul doesn’t realize why they can’t sing. He must be tone-deaf.
  • Best part of Fred Savage ‘s acting in The Wonder Years is how much in sync his expressions are with the narration
  • Uh oh, new teacher! She’s the complete opposite of their existing one. Peppy and energetic. Not yet jaded
  • The teacher’s idealism is admirable, even though she’s expecting a lot.
  • This is how all the kids sounded (when you hear their montage).

wonder years boo

  • This is what the idealistic teacher thought the students like and how she reacted

Wayne Brady

  • Bless this chorus teacher’s heart. She thinks that w/ a little work, the kids will improve. Everyone but her knows it won’t
  • Maybe I’m a bit too jaded at this point in my life, but Kevin’s teacher’s sunniness is a little too sugary for me.
  • Also, I don’t know how she is supposed to be mid twenties. She looks closer to my age (past 30)

Miss Haycock


  • Priceless looks from Kevin’s peers, when he gets them into the concert when he withholds objection

Chorus Kids

  • After seeing random cameo of Screech in the chorus, I wonder how many other actors from other shows are in this ep
  • I got to say, I’m not feeling this episode as much as other ones. The focus isn’t as interesting
  • This episode, in contrast, is more about the teacher’s issues, and a statement on idealism and lack of experience
  • While that’s an important takeaway from this episode so far, I do like it when the lesson is more on Kevin and his growth
  • Kevin speaks out and the doe eyed teacher looks disappointed. I do feel bad for her..
  • Okay, now the teacher is crying
  • Kevin: It took the tears of a student-teacher to bring a song to the lips of Warren Gander (Who sings like an angel)
  • Of course, now everything is going to turn around
  • I wish there were italics to indicate my snark,but there aren’t, so I’m stating this is my snarkiness: Oh joy, all is saved!
  • The boys are suddenly all in sync and excited to sing! A Christmas miracle (More snarkiness here)
  • This use of a common/predictable plot device is probably why I’m not liking this episode.I always thought was above clichés
  • All the kids are now practicing the singing everywhere they go. Miss Haycock’s enthusiasm has caught on!
  • So now it’s concert day,& we hear another glee club sing (a good one,ha).
  • Paul is nervous and just sneezed. Kevin’s reaction” That sneeze was a bad sign.” Uh oh
  • The ties that Miss Haycock got for the kids makes them all look like Colonel SandersWonder Years Glee Club
  • Kevin: “She believed in us.. and we believed in Warren.” LOL.
  • Kevin’s narration: “But as I look back upon that night…” Hmm, a clue?
  • Kevin: “What I remember best is Warren Gander’s voice chose exactly that moment to change.” PLOT TWIST!!!
  • Basically, Warren’s voice went from the kid voice to that of the teenager, deep and awkward
  • The look of horror when the others hear Warren’s voice changehorrified kids
  • Despite the episode’s shortcomings, there’s no denying how entertaining the kids’ expressions have been throughout episode
  • Paul’s sneeze causes one of the singers to fall backward. Chaos begins!
  • Kevin’s thoughts are accurate: “It was no one’s fault, really. I guess we’d just been pushed beyond our limits.” Yup
  • Miss Haycock leaves the stage prematurely, seeing her dreams crushed. Her expectations were shot
  • Apparently, she leaves the school. Not an admirable quality for a teacher to leave after one failure..
  • Episode ends with the old teacher’s return… and a final sneeze from Paul
  • Overall, not an okay episode only bc I wanted a more Kevin focused plotline
  • However, this episode did remind me how youthful idealism is helpful in some ways, but ultimately not realistic view

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