The Walking Dead: The Well

 This episode was a nice, refreshing one after that horror we experienced from episode 1, which I am still not over. I still can’t believe we lost Glenn and Abraham! But luckily this episode we got a nice little break from Negan and Lucille and we even got to meet a new king. 

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King Ezekiel seems nice, probably the nicest newcomer the show has seen for a while, he’s friendly and welcoming to all new people and shows this when meeting Morgan and Carol. Also, he has a pet tiger, yes you read that right, he has a pet tiger and her name is Shiva. This episode is solely based around what happened after Carol was shot viciously and Morgan found her along with some members of Ezekiel’s group.  

On their way taking Carol to the kingdom to get her help, they encounter a herd of walkers, Carol hallucinates and see’s them as people rather than walkers, which is a little creepy.  

The kingdom is a beautiful safe place, you can tell the people are caring and have built a wonderful place for them to live. They have a choir, a school, fresh food, this is everything Alexandria could have been but somehow failed. 

It seems King Ezekiel and the people of the kingdom have already encountered Negan’s men, they have to provide them food in return for their safety. The people of the kingdom round up 8 pigs to give to Negan’s men, unfortunately for them what they don’t know is that the pigs have been feasting on walkers, whoops!. Ezekiel likes to keep danger away from his people and keep these meetings a secret from them for their safety, so he meets Negan’s men away in secret He is a great leader, he is patient and kind, he doesn’t control his people, they all live peacefully together.  

Shiva the tiger was probably my favorite part! She is beautiful. I wasn’t concerned at all with her CGI, she looked amazing. AMC did a really good job bringing her to life. She looks like she’s really there, which is all you could ever hope for. I am very excited to see her more.

Carol on the other hand, she concerns me. She is spiraling in what I can only describe as depression maybe something more. She is just not herself, I think she has just been through so much and it’s finally taking it’s toll on her. She is normally a very strong woman who had learned to really put up a fight. To see her so down and out is really hard. Of course when she first gets to the kingdom, she thinks everything is a joke, all she wants is to leave and be alone. I don’t think its her being ungrateful I just think she’s had enough of everything. But Ezekiel doesn’t let her go easily, he’s very caring towards Carol and tries to help along with Morgan. She asks him why he’s trying to help her, and he says “Because it makes me feel good.” Finally, he suggests that she try going without going. “Embrace the contradiction,” he says, much like he’s embraced his own. She agrees, surprisingly, and goes to live on the outskirts of the Kingdom.

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Meanwhile Morgan is training a young boy named Ben, who Ezekiel is very fond and protective of. Ben doesn’t like guns and neither does Morgan. So he trains him to use his stick to kill walkers. Ezekiel has said Ben is very important to the kingdom, maybe a future leader? Only time will tell.

We have a couple possibly important moments in “The Well” that deal with fruit. Ezekiel offers it to Carol when they first meet, and she turns it down.He keeps offering her a pomegranate, I am not sure what this symbolizes but he really wants her to eat this pomegranate which she always declines. At the end of the episode Ezekiel and Shiva go to visit Carol, and he hands her a pomegranate, for the first time it seems Carol is okay, and gives him a smile, which is lovely to see. 

My verdict is, I really enjoyed this episode, after last week’s episode I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to keep watching, I am still traumatized. But as I said before, this one was nice and calm, and a nice change that I really needed. I loved King Ezekiel, I am interested to find out more about him, he just seems so lovely, I really hope he stays that way because we really don’t have room for another bad guy. We didn’t see any of the other cast in this episode, I think that was good, after they went through their not so great time, I think they can have a break.

Side note, if you’re a fan of Bob Dylan the choir in the kingdom sang a beautiful rendition of his song Don’t think twice, it’s alright.  


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