The Walking Dead: The Cell Recap

This episode was another Rick-less episode, I sure do miss our Rick! This one was focused more on Darryl. He was taken prisoner by Negan at the end of episode one and we finally get to see what’s happening to him. Negan is keeping him locked up in a cell, with a song called Easy Street playing constantly on full blast. You get sick of that one pretty quick! This is all about Negan trying to break Darryl so he can become his new number one prospect, his number one guy. Negan gives Darryl several chances to bend the knee and join them, but Darryl is a hard head and would not do it, but not only that he feels he is to blame for the death of Glenn and its consuming him. Dwight feeds Darryl dog food sandwiches, while continuing to play that same song over and over. 

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While Dwight is out in a mission for Negan, another of the Saviors takes food to Darryl, but forgets to lock the door and Darryl decides to try his luck at escaping. But, of course this is not one of Darryl’s best plans! He runs into Sherry who tells him to go back, that whatever Negan has done previously he can do so much worse. But Darryl doesn’t listen, he goes out the door to motorbikes but the Saviors come out and along comes Negan himself. Negan gave him another chance to bend the knee but Darryl again refused. Negan instructs his men to beat Darryl. 

Dwight tells Darryl that he (Darryl) is responsible for the death of Glenn and gives Darryl the pictures taken of Glenn after he met Lucille, Dwight is savage! do not like this guy one bit. Darryl breaks down crying while Dwight listens from behind the door. Dwight hasn’t had the best luck in the past with Negan stealing his wife and having his face burnt. But doing this too Darryl doesn’t make me feel for him!

Dwight takes Darryl to a room where they see Negan. Negan tells Darryl the story of what happened to Dwight he was working for points, if you remember back in season 6 Darryl encountered Dwight, his wife Sherry and her sister. Her sister was meant to marry Negan, but Dwight decided to rob Negan of some medication and escape with his wife and Negan’s soon to be fiance, who actually ended up getting killed. Negan sent his boys after them, and Sherry begged Negan to let Dwight live of she married him. Which Negan agreed as he thinks Sherry is, quote “super hot”. Negan asks Darryl again to join them and the bedroom can be his, Darryl again refuses and is put back into the cell.

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Overall this episode was interesting, I feel so bad for Darryl and I just want him reunited with the rest of the group. However, as I said this was another Rick-less episode, and I miss the group. We haven’t seen them since what unfolded in episode one and I want to see them and how they doing. I did enjoy this one and getting a backstory on Dwight, I still don’t like him but I can understand why he is as dark as he is. Being Negan’s number one can’t be easy. I am excited to see what happens in the coming episodes and hopefully we can check back in at Alexandria soon!

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