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Obvious spoilers below, if you have not seen the episode get out now while you can. If you have already seen it or the internet was horrible to you and ruined it, than welcome! Please continue.

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For the first time, I am speechless. This episode has had me crying for 10 minutes straight. We were left last season with Negan playing Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo on who he is going to kill with Lucille. I don’t think any of us were even close to prepared for what happened next.

Starting off the season, we lost Abraham, he was the first to go. Thinking he was the only one, I was left heartbroken when Negan took out Glenn, while his pregnant wife Maggie and the others watched helplessly. It was one of hardest scenes I think I have ever seen in a show. The killings were graphic, gory and gross, it all feels very wrong, but maybe that’s the way you were meant to feel. To be honest, I’m still processing this, I don’t know what to feel. Watching Abraham bludgeoned to death was hard. Seeing Glenn killed that way, with his eye bulging from his head, was something I wish I hadn’t seen.

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I was fine through the episode, thinking I was tough and if anyone died I wouldn’t care. Boy, was I wrong. Maggie made her way to Glenn, and broke down. Seeing her break, made me break and I was done. Glenn’s last words were “Maggie, I’ll find you” before Negan took his life. When Negan was finally finished, he left the group alone to deal with what happened. But not before declaring that he now owns them, he takes Darryl and tells the group to do as he says or he will cut Darryl piece by piece and leave the pieces on their doorstep.

Rick was put through the ringer, Negan was going to make him cut his own sons arm off, but I guess he had a change of heart, a little too late if you ask me. A one-eyed, one-armed Carl would just be a bit ridiculous I think. And please, someone get rid of that cowboy hat and cut his hair, thanks! Negan was constantly taunting Rick, trying to whittle down his resolve. Rick didn’t fight back, how could he? He has been the hero for so long, but losing Glenn and Abraham, seeing what he saw, I just don’t think he could take it. Negan broke him. Maggie obviously wants revenge; the group is in absolute tatters now.

Morgan and Carol were no part of these festivities; they were off on their own adventure. Carol decided to leave the group in the last season, stupid decision as obviously, the group would go out looking for her. Morgan decides to go it alone after telling Rick to go back. Carol is strong but she has been through a lot, all she wants is to be left alone, I guess to die? I am not sure what she’s up to exactly, but I am interested to know how her story will play out.

Overall, it was a very upsetting first episode, I hated that we had to lose Glenn, especially since they played with our emotions last season having us think he was dead. But this time, he is gone. I absolutely hate Negan, though I will admit that Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a villain scarily well. He’s just so casual. I thought that the governor was horrible, but this guy takes the whole dang cake.

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Apart from being left heartbroken, I am excited to see where this season goes. But most importantly I want to see some sweet, sweet revenge against Negan. There is some great opportunity to make this an epic revenge season, but how Rick and his group of very few people will stand up to Negan and his army, remains to be seen. All I know is I want Negan dead. Right now, we are just a little traumatized.

I can’t wait for the continuation of the season, I want the answers, I want the revenge. Maybe they will introduce Negan to his own Lucille? Either way, I’m excited.


R.I.P Glenn, we love you!

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credit: Fan made on Facebook








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