The Vampire Diaries 8×13 “The Lies Will Catch Up to You” Recap

We’re so close to the end of The Vampire Diaries, y’all, and the closer we get to the finale, the more emotional I get about it ending. That being said though, while the last few episodes have had some pretty shocking and emotional moments, I can’t help but find them a bit lackluster. The most recent episode did have a few shining moments though with Kai being back, Damon working with him (sort of), Stefan getting kidnapped, and Bonnie learning where Enzo is exactly. Honestly, Kai made the episode, in my opinion, and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m glad he’s back… even if he stirs up more  trouble. 😉

Here’s what you need to know about the episode…

Kai and Damon

tvd - 8x13 - kai damon

Look at this literally crazy cutie. Kai Parker is back, ladies and gents. Well, he’s stuck in between worlds thanks to the Maxwell bell (also known as hell’s bell). Cade has no idea that he’s out of hell, though, and Kai would like to keep it that way. He claims to have an idea on how to kill Cade and save Elena (and Bonnie, I think). Alaric, of course, is ready to send Kai back to where he came from, but Damon, as we all know, is willing to do anything to save the girl he loves.

Damon originally tried to enlist Bonnie to help get Cade off Kai’s back (even though Cade doesn’t know about Kai yet), but Bonnie was quick to refuse. So, they then try killing the “bad” people together like Cade wanted Stefan and Damon to do, but that failed and Cade found out about Kai. Damon then comes up with a different oh-so-brilliant plan. He thinks Kai can redeem himself by bringing Elena back and breaking the spell that links her to Bonnie.

I really thought Damon was smart enough not to trust Kai, but I guess not. Kai claims that he has to siphon magic out of Damon (how can he siphon magic out of Damon when Damon isn’t a witch?), but then he states that he’s not the redeeming kind and he plans on going out with a bang (because of course he does). He siphons enough magic out of Damon to knock him out cold and then disappears with Elena’s coffin. Did Damon really think Kai would do anything differently? Why was he so trusting of him? He’s still Kai after all… completely crazy.


tvd - 8x13 - stefan and caroline

Since Stefan is human now, it means that anyone he’s ever compelled can now remember everything he’s done to them. Can you imagine just suddenly realizing that some guy killed your entire family and then compelled you to forget? So you can bet that all of these people are showing up at the station with questions for Matt. He enlists Caroline for help on damage control who re-compels everyone. It all goes swimmingly until Matt gets a panicked call from Dorian saying that he kidnapped Stefan and shot him.

Yeah, as it turns out, Stefan killed Dorian’s parents during those Klaus – Ripper Stefan days… good times, good times. So now that Stefan is human, Dorian remembered being compelled to forget what actually happened to his parents and he is not happy. Can you blame? He takes Stefan to like this deserted area and tells him to start digging. Long story short, words are exchanged and Dorian shoots Stefan. But because Dorian’s a really nice guy, he instantly regrets it and calls Matt. Poor guy.

Caroline and Matt rush to Stefan’s aide, but they lose him for a bit to Cade who tries to convince Stefan to go ahead and die so he can give Caroline some sort of peace. But Stefan is like nope, I’m living and trying to make up for all my sins. He tells Caroline that he wants to leave Mystic Falls by himself so that he can do this, but Caroline is not letting that happen. She’s getting her June wedding, daggumit.


tvd - 8x13 - bonnie enzo

Can we all agree that Bonnie is such an underrated character? I’m glad that she’s finally getting recognition and arcs that show just how awesome she is. You know how when Enzo died and she cried out in heartbreak there was like this circle thing that surrounded them before disappearing? Well, that was Bonnie creating a different world! And you bet that’s where Enzo is.

Being the resilient badass that she is, Bonnie is still determined to bring Enzo back. So much so that she’s not even afraid to go up to Cade and ask how to reach Enzo. Surprisingly, Cade teaches her how to use her new powers that she got from screaming after the heartbreak of Enzo dying. He shows her how to channel Enzo in this “in-between” world that she created, and it works! Enzo and Bonnie reunite and it’s beautiful.

Now, even though Cade can read minds, he still doesn’t know where Enzo is. Enzo warns Bonnie not to trust Cade because he’s still trying to find him to take his soul to hell with him. So, Bonnie listens to the love of her life and shuts the devil down when he tries to access her mind. You go, girl!

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