The Vampire Diaries 8×12 “What Are You?” Recap

Stefan is human and feeling the guilt of his sins. Bonnie’s heartbroken and desperate to find a way to bring Enzo back. Bonnie and Matt’s families have more history than they thought, and Damon has a new task from Cade.  As one can see, everything is still pretty crazy in Mystic Falls, and it seems like it’s about to get crazier as an old enemy shows back up.

Here’s what went down…

Stefan’s Guilt

tvd - 8x12 - stefan caroline car

Bonnie gave Stefan the cure at the end of the last episode so now he’s human and feeling all of the guilt of his recent sins as Ripper Stefan and Cade’s servant. Now, we’ve seen him feel a bit guilty before, but I think this is on an entirely new level since he’s actually human and it’s not just his humanity switch that’s been flipped back on. He’s so ashamed that he feels like he can’t face Caroline or Bonnie and that he has to run. It’s really sad as all his killings flash in his head, but Caroline has to remind him that it wasn’t him who did it… it was Cade, and she just wants him home.

tvd - 8x12 - stefan caroline hug

Things go awry though when Stefan gets pulled over and the officer sees Enzo’s blood on Stefan’s hands. He’s arrested and taken in for questioning. The officer splays photos of 36 murders that Stefan’s been linked to out in front of him. You can see the guilt on his face, but Caroline soon comes in and compels everyone that it was all just a big misunderstanding. As they’re leaving though, they see a young girl talking to an officer about her missing mom. It’s the realtor that Stefan left for dead after getting her to change the deed to Bonnie’s house. It’s then that Stefan and Caroline decide to head out and find the woman and bring her home to her daughter.

tvd - 8x12 - stefan caroline girl

They find that the woman managed to escape the trunk of the car that Stefan left her in. They follow her blood trail through the woods and finally find her barely alive. Stefan immediately tries to help her, but she stabs him with something instead. He tells Caroline to save the woman first, and she does and then tries to save Stefan with her blood. It doesn’t work though since Stefan has the cure in his blood. But Caroline refuses to let him die even though he believes he deserves it.

tvd - 8x12 - caroline stefan dying

Caroline: “You are not going to give up. You are going to keep fighting. You are going to live. You are going to stay alive so you can make all this right.”

They managed to save the woman and reunite her with her daughter. Stefan got the medical help he needed, but that wasn’t the only threat to his life during those 24 hours…

Damon’s Fight to Save Stefan

tvd - 8x12 - cade

Since Stefan is now immortal, it takes the deal with Cade off the table. However, that only means that Cade can kill Stefan and drag him to hell. He gives Damon until midnight to get a journal that Matt, Alaric, and Dorian recently found, which holds a bit of Matt’s family history and a way to kill Cade… but they don’t know that yet.

tvd - 8x12 - alaric damon

So, Damon tries to get the journal from them, but they aren’t so quick to give it to him. They want to know why Cade wants it. Since Matt’s been crazy vivid dreams about a fire and waking up in the tunnels, they decide to hypnotize him to see if he can learn anything about the journal. It actually works! Matt is taken back to his family history at a time when one of his ancestors and one of Bonnie’s ancestors were the best of friends and they had some sort of plan with the Maxwell bell. But then Sybil and Selene showed up and told Matt’s ancestor about Cade’s new plan for the bell; hellfire on the 12th ring, incinerating the entire village. Matt’s ancestor ultimately got locked in the tunnel though, which is where is skeleton was found… and his journal, which had a coded message on how to kill Cade.

During this history lesson, though, Matt straight-lined and Damon fed him his blood to save him. Does this mean he’ll become a vampire next time he’s killed? I’d hate to see that considering how against it he is.

Bonnie’s Desperation

tvd - 8x12 - bonnie enzo

Bonnie: “I’m not gonna leave you in there. I’ll find a way.”

Bonnie is still gutted over losing Enzo. She keeps hearing him call for her, though, and that makes her believe that there’s a way to bring him back. So, when her mom shows up at her door, she convinces her to try to help… even though neither of them have their powers. But while attempting to do so, Enzo’s voice starts to drag Bonnie into whatever darkness he’s in, and it nearly kills her. So, her mom puts a stop to this real quick and sets Enzo’s body on fire.tvd - 8x12 - bonnie abby

Bonnie: “He’s alone in darkness.”

Abby: “And he wouldn’t want to drag you in with him. You know that.” Ugh – cue the tears! I love Bonenzo! –

Return of an Enemy

tvd - 8x12 - kai

Look who’s back! That’s right, Kai Parker, the villain that everyone loves and hates equally. He pops in just after Damon tells Alaric that he knows another way to kill Cade since Cade trough the journal in a fire. What could Kai possibly be up to? From the previews, it actually looks like he might be helpful… we’ll just have to wait and see.

With the final four episodes, ever of The Vampire Diaries quickly approaching, will they be able to wrap up all the crazy going on and leave us satisfied with the ending?

The Vampire Diaries airs Fridays at 8/9c on The CW!

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