The Vampire Diaries 8×11: “You Made a Choice to Be Good” Recap

We’re in the homestretch of the final season of The Vampire Diaries, so you know that saying “it has to get worse before it gets better” is ringing true because that’s how things roll in Mystic Falls. Here’s the deal, Cade is wreaking havoc (not surprising) by threatening the entire town. Damon and Caroline are forced to come up with a plan to defeat him while Stefan is on a new mission of his own thanks to Cade. Everyone wants the cure for different reasons, but at this point, it’s just a matter of who gets to it first. However, I don’t think anyone saw this ending coming.

Check out the best moments…

The Bucket List

tvd - 8x11 - bonnie enzo bucket list

While Bonnie and Enzo are on a road trip to store the Maxwell bell, she decides to turn it into a day of living out Enzo’s bucket list. He drives a race car and goes skydiving, but it doesn’t take much to please him. As long as he has Bonnie, he’s fine. SWOON!

Bonnie: “Happy is a good look on you.”

Enzo: “Eh. Doesn’t take much. Fast car. Beautiful girl. I’m a cliché.”

Damon vs Cade

tvd - 8x11 - damon cade

Damon tried to take on Cade himself, but it proved to be difficult. Cade seemingly can’t be killed. Not by stabbing him with a dagger. Not by ripping his heart out. And not by setting him on fire. It doesn’t help that he can read minds. So, it forces a new plan to be made: the cure. Damon is reluctant about it because of his future with Elena, but Caroline convinces him that he can still take it from Cade’s blood eventually.

Bonnie’s Secret House

tvd - 8x11 - bonnie enzo threshhold

It turns out that Bonnie bought a house with her dad’s money or something and she moved Elena’s body/casket there not too long ago. That’s where they take the Maxwell bell. She invites Enzo in and he adorably carries her over the threshold, and I’m just in love with these two.

Cade’s Ultimatum

tvd - 8x11 - damon cade 2

So Cade gave each Salvatore brother a choice: kill 100 people or kill your brother’s girl. Seriously annoyed with this devil. Anyways, Ripper Stefan apparently didn’t hesitate to kill Elena. He’s already off on his task. Damon isn’t too keen on either of these options though.

Cade: “Your quota is separate from your brother’s task. You made your chose, he made his.”

Damon: “No. No. No. No. No… I’ll do anything you want! You stop him!”

Cade: “The time for bargains is over. Now get back to work.”

Bonnie’s Tough Choice

tvd - 8x11 - bonnie enzo hug

With Cade wreaking havoc on her friends and the cure being the only possible way to stop him, Bonnie is left with the tough decision of choosing to get the life she wants and deserves with Enzo or stopping Cade by giving him the cure instead. She ultimately decides that it’s not the time to be selfish and that defeating Cade is more important at the moment, giving up her on the possibility of Enzo becoming human for now. It’s sad because she’s always having to give up what she wants in order to do the right thing for everyone else. They were so close to having it all, and now it’s ruined. But Enzo, being the doll that he is, assures her that it will be okay.

Enzo: “Bonnie, I’ll still be in love with you even if I stay a vampire. We can still have our future. We can live right here in this house. We can cook dinner every night in the kitchen. Dance by the fire.”

Bonnie: “I’ll play guitar.”

Enzo: “Never to come out and I’ll watch you grow old and gray. And you’ll be as beautiful then as you are now.” SWOON!

Surprise Visit

tvd - 8x11 - stefan killing enzo

No one knew about Bonnie’s house, but Cade had managed to read her mind earlier in the episode and find out about it. He then told Stefan that that’s where Elena was, not in Upstate New York. Stefan then went to pretty extreme lengths to get there. He hunted down a real estate agent and compelled her to purchase Bonnie’s house and invite him in, which forced Enzo out of the house. He walks up the drive as Damon tries to convince him not to go through with it, but we all know Ripper Stefan can’t be stopped.

After Bonnie gets Elena’s blood that holds the cure, she walks out of the room and what happens next is heartbreaking. Enzo is standing at the door, but then he falls to the ground as Stefan stands behind him holding his heart. UGH!

The Cure Twist!

tvd - 8x11 - bonnie stefan

In one of the most shocking turn of events of the season, Bonnie injects the cure into Stefan! Yup! Stefan is going to be human!? After all the fuss about Damon wanting it for Elena, Bonnie wanting to give it to Enzo, and using it to defeat Cade, it ends up going to Stefan! I don’t think anyone saw that coming.

What happens now?

Is Stefan really going to be human for the final few episodes of the series??
If so, what does this mean for his humanity and his ripper status?

Is there any way that Bonnie can get her magic back and somehow revive Enzo and get her happily ever after? I sure hope so!

How will they defeat Cade now?

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