The Vampire Diaries 8×09: “The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch” Recap

Miss Mystic Falls, the event of the year, is back and more brutal than ever. If you remember correctly, the first Miss Mystic Falls had some pretty big milestones for our favorite characters. Stefan was out for human blood when he should have been with Elena, Damon saved Elena and essentially stole her from Stefan, and Caroline realized her worth after winning the crown. “The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch” pays homage to that, I guess you could say. Stefan is in ripper mode, Damon’s slowly gaining his humanity by fighting against Sybil and Stefan’s best efforts to stop him, Caroline takes charge in saving the day, and Bonnie offers Enzo a proposal he may not be able to refuse. Let’s talk about it.

Stefan and Sybil Team Up

tvd - 8x09 - damon stefan sybil

Sybil summons Damon to the pageant so he could hand over the ball from the Maxwell bell. Stefan, however, finds it to be the perfect opportunity to get Elena out of Damon’s head so he can focus on their mission for Cade. When Damon meets up with Sybil in the dressing room, he looks in the mirror and remembers giving the necklace to Elena. That seems to do the trick for him as he’s able to stop the control that Sybil has over him. She, of course isn’t happy about this, and enlists Stefan to help her. They both want the same thing: to get Elena out of Damon’s head so that Sybil can have control over him and so he can be more intent on killing for Cade.

They each try to remind Damon of what happened at the pageant and all the horrible deeds he’s done, the murders he’s committed. They do it because if they can make him feel guilty enough, he won’t be able to cope when he turns his humanity back on. And guess what? It seems like it works as all of Damon’s sinful deeds flash in his mind, giving Stefan and Sybil exactly what they want.

The mind control doesn’t last long though. Damon somehow manages to gain control of his mind back and kidnaps Sybil after knocking her out with the bell ball. He takes her to the dungeon area of the Salvatore house and chains her up, ready to be put a spin on things and torture her for once.

Caroline to the Rescue

tvd - 8x09 - caroline damon

While Sybil and Stefan are up to no good, Caroline is trying to quite literally save everyone, including Damon once she learns what Sybil and Stefan are up to. She chooses to dance with Damon so that she could remind him of the good side of him. Yes, Damon has a good side. It’s the side that Elena ultimately fell in love with. Caroline tries to remind him of that, but Sybil has, once again, messed with his memories of Elena. He remembers her, but he doesn’t feel anything towards her.

At the same time, Caroline also has the task of saving the pageant girls that Stefan compelled to stay after the pageant so he could turn them into vampires. He’s already fed them his blood and everything. All he has to do is kill them. Thankfully, Caroline manages to save all but one of the girls. Stefan snaps her neck, but Caroline waits around for her to come to so she can explain what’s going to happen to her and offer support.

Sadly, she couldn’t save her engagement to Stefan, though. She decides to call it off until he’s out from under Cade because he enjoys being a ripper too much. 🙁

Bonnie’s Proposal

tvd - 8x09 - bonnie enzo

Don’t let that header mislead you. This isn’t about a marriage proposal… well, not technically. You see, Bonnie and Enzo returned from Paris bearing gifts. Bonnie’s first stop, naturally, was to her best friend, Caroline. It doesn’t take long for Caroline to notice the beautiful new necklace around Bonnie’s neck. It was a present from Enzo, but it’s not just any normal necklace. Nope. It’s filled with Enzo’s blood. Totally creepy and weird or romantic?

That’s sort of what Bonnie has to figure out, whether it was a romantic gesture or something more? So, she asks Enzo about it at the pageant and is reasoning is that he can’t always be there to save her… now he can. Okay, so that’s sweet. Bonnie doesn’t want to be a vampire, though. She’s always been completely against vampirism. However, falling in love with a vampire that makes her feel alive, has her consider it for the slightest second. But then she remembers the reality of her connection to Elena, and she doesn’t believe that it’s a way out of the spell that Kai put on them.

Trying to think of another way to be with Enzo forever, or at least to the point where neither have to live without the other, Bonnie puts another proposal on the table. The vampire cure! Will Enzo actually take the cure to live a human life with Bonnie? Now THAT would be a huge romantic gesture! 😉

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