The Vampire Diaries 8×08: “We Have History Together” Recap

I’m going to be up front with y’all, I wasn’t blown away by this episode of The Vampire Diaries. It had its moments, but overall, it was pretty lackluster in my opinion. Just before the holidays, Damon ripped Sybil’s heart out and Stefan made a deal with the devil in order to save Caroline and Alaric’s girls. He flipped his humanity switch to become Ripper Stefan so that he and Damon can serve Cade. “We Have History Together” picks up some time after all of that went down from what I could tell because Stefan and Damon are seemingly well into their servitude and Sybil’s somehow alive and well. In this episode, Stefan delves deeper into ripper-hood, Damon’s humanity is sort of showing, and Caroline goes on a field trip with Sybil.

Salvatore Bonding

tvd - 8x08 - steffan and damon

As I stated above, Stefan and Damon have already started their servitude to Cade with Stefan in ripper mode. They seem to be traveling around, looking for their next conquest. First, they’re at some sort of support group full of compelled people. Damon explains to them how him and Stefan have to follow Cade’s order of forcing people to make sinful choices so that they can kill them and send them to hell. Under compulsion, the worst one is identified and Damon kills him and Stefan kills everyone else. That’s right, Ripper Stefan is back in action, only this time he’s being a bit cleaner about it. He has this new motto of “no dripping blood” to keep his thirst in check so as not to literally rip people’s heads off. We’ll see how long that lasts.

They then sit down outside a restaurant in search for the next victim. Stefan spots a young doctor who has an uncanny resemblance to Elena, and Damon doesn’t miss it. He believes that the young woman isn’t bad and that they should find someone else. Stefan believes otherwise, though, and goes to extremes to prove it. He injects Damon with vervain so that she can treat him at the hospital.

To add more fuel to the Elena look-alike fire, Tara’s (the young doctor) parents were killed by a drunk driver. So, what does Stefan do to entice her to kill Damon? He compels her to believe that Damon’s the one that killed her parents. It takes some enticing and manipulation, but good Tara goes against her doctor code and “kills” him. Of course, it’s going to take a lot more than that to kill Damon Salvatore, but it was a nice effort even though it got her killed and sent to hell.

Stefan is concerned about something else, though. He realizes that Damon’s humanity is showing because he’s holding on to Elena’s necklace. To prove that Stefan is wrong, Damon chucks the necklace out the window as they’re driving down the road. He goes back to find it though, and when he returns to the hospital, he finds Stefan amongst a casualty of slain doctors and nurses and patients. So much for that motto of no dripping blood.

Caroline’s Fieldtrip with Sybil

tvd - 8x08 - carolina and sybil

Caroline gets put on a news story assignment about Founder’s Day at her old stomping grounds, Mystic Falls High School. To her surprise though, Sybil got her the gig because she’s the new history teacher. If you think Sybil got that job because she’s changed her ways, you’d be wrong. She has control over her students and have them believing that she’s the best teacher ever, and she can also shut their minds off at the drop of a hat. Nice to see getting her heart ripped out didn’t change her attitude or anything. Sheesh.

Anyways, Sybil is ready to teach Caroline and her students a history lesson on the founders of Mystic Falls. Of course, that’s not the only thing she wants. She wants Caroline to help her find some bell, and if Caroline doesn’t help, then her class dies. Lovely. So, she takes everyone on a field trip to the middle of the woods where 100 witches were burned at the stake in 1790 for magically helping a metalsmith make a church bell.

Guess who had that bell last, at least according to Sybil. Apparently, Peter Maxwell (Matt’s father) tossed it over Wickery Bridge back in 1992, but the bell isn’t there anymore. Hence, her telling Caroline to get her the bell or she burns her students at the stake like the witches. So, Caroline calls Matt and asks him if he knows anything about the bell. Turns out, Matt remembers a bell being pulled from the wreckage of Elena’s parents’ car accident. Sheriff Forbes kept it in storage, but after her death, it was put in Caroline’s garage. You know what that means, Seline undoubtedly swiped it during her nannying gig. This sets Sybil off and she sets the murdering of the students in motion. Thankfully, Matt and Peter are able to save the students from being burning to death.

Matt’s Family History

tvd - 8x08 - matt

When Matt goes to the Armory to drop the Seline box off with Dorian (Alaric’s in some sort of self-enforced witness protection with the twins), his dad is there and he learns some family history. A guy named Harvey was friends with Sybil and Seline in 1790, and his remains were recently found and linked to a certain family in Mystic Falls… Peter Maxwell, aka Matt’s father. The Maxwells made church bells.

Matt ends up giving his father a speech about how he grew up in high school feeling out of the loop because all of his friends were founding families, and he wasn’t. At least, that’s what he thought. It wasn’t that the Maxwells were a founding family, but they still had a legacy. However, Peter through the bell in the water because he saw it as a sign that the founding families had taken over and they saw the Maxwells as an embarrassment. Because of that, Matt had to grow up without a father and without in sort of family legacy to help him feel like he belonged. Poor Matty 🙁

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