The Vampire Diaries 8×07: “The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You” Recap

It’s Christmas time in Mystic Falls! What’s Christmas without unexpected visitors, a meeting with Caid, drinking, a deadly Christmas story, and maybe some hope for Damon? Seems like your typical Christmas experience in Mystic Falls, am I right? And since it’s The Vampire Diaries LAST mid-season finale, you can bet those Christmas cookies that it ended on a doozy.

Here’s what went down.

1917: “Ripper of Monterey”


The episode opened with a flashback to 1917 Monterey when Stefan was at his worst as a ripper (full beard and all!). We saw as he ripped through a small village with seemingly no remorse. We don’t get much detail about it, but don’t worry, that comes later in the episode 😉

Surprise Guests


In present time, Stefan and Caroline decided to spend their last 24 hours together with the ones they loved by hosting Christmas dinner. It’s a sweet thought, but we all know that NO Christmas dinner goes off without a hitch, especially when vampires and sirens are involved. Guess who decides to crash? That’s right, none other than a very un-dead Damon and his date, Sybil.

Bonnie & Enzo Love


I can’t get enough of these two. They seem to be the only source of happiness in the show at the moment, and I am all for it. They spent the day in bed, in which Enzo surprised Bonnie with a trip to Paris! Can anyone say SWOON?? When Caroline called, she told them to just stay there because they don’t need Sybil to get control of Enzo again.

Stefan’s Meeting with Caid


Back at the Christmas dinner, Damon is up to no good as he chats with Stefan for a minute and then stabs him in the heart with a wooden stake, essentially killing him. We get a bit of A Christmas Carol vibe as Stefan meets with Caid. Caid wanted the meeting, which is why Damon “killed” Stefan. During the meeting, Caid takes Stefan on a trip through “the ghosts of Christmas pasts” so to speak, which is where we see more about the “Ripper of Monterey” in 1917 where Ripper Stefan ripped a village apart, including children, on Christmas Eve. Stefan swears up and down that he didn’t do this though.


In an unusual turn of events, this is where Seline comes in. Bonnie and Enzo went searching for the tuning fork that Sybil was hiding, but instead found Seline. She told them the story of when she actually met Stefan… back in Monterey in 1917. Her original plan was to offer him to Caid then, but she read his mind and saw that he was innocent and felt guilty for what he’d done. Instead, she alters his memory and makes him forget about it so that he could live with himself.


Caid wanted Stefan to become that ripper again, but Stefan refused to do it… at first. After he saw what actually happened, though, he decided to make a new deal with Caid. He claimed that when he was the ripper, no one could do what he did, that he was one of a kind. He told Caid to give him one year to kill everyone that Caid wanted, and then set him free to live his life again. Caid took the deal, and at the end of the episode Stefan leaves Caroline after telling her the deal. Damon pulls up beside him as he’s walking down the road, and when he gets in he turns off his humanity switch. Welcome back, Ripper Stefan.


Honorable Mentions:

  • Damon forced a secret to be reviled about Matt’s dad.
  • Caroline gave Damon a gift that turned out to be the necklace he gave Elena. He ended up giving it to Sybil after the party. As she opened it, he had flashbacks of giving it to Elena. After this happened, he ripped her heart out and took the necklace back.
  • Caroline and Alaric’s girls (Josie and Lizzie) were missing Sybil because she had somehow connected them to her and left a psychic mark.  She gave the tuning fork to Bonnie and Enzo if they could get Alaric to bring the girls to her so she could remove the mark, which he did.

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The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW Friday, January 13th, 2015!

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