The Vampire Diaries 8×05: “Coming Home was a Mistake” Recap

Break out the tissues everyone, “Coming Home was a Mistake” was definitely a tear-jerker as we said good-bye to yet another beloved character, Tyler Lockwood. That’s right, sadly, Damon really did kill Mystic Fall’s resident (well, I guess he wasn’t a resident anymore, but you get my point) hybrid. I didn’t think that was actually possible, but here we are nonetheless.

Interrupted Funeral

tvd-8x05-tyler-lockwood-funeralThe episode opens with a heartbroken Matt and his dad driving Tyler’s body back to Mystic Falls as he makes the dreaded calls to those Tyler loved and loved him: Bonnie, Caroline, Stefan, and Alaric. You’d think Jeremy might have been on that list of calls, but I guess Steven R. McQueen couldn’t make it.

So begins the mourning process…

Stefan throws glasses and is angry that Tyler became “collateral damage” in the game Sybil is playing with Damon. Alaric reminds everyone that the Lockwood legacy is no more since Tyler was the last. Caroline is seemingly trying to be the strong one, which is sad considering that she was the closest to Tyler besides Matt. She reminds Stefan that this can’t be about trying to save Damon right now, that they all owe Tyler at least that much.

Caroline, Stefan, Alaric, and Matt carry Tyler’s casket into the woods for his funeral only to be met with Damon who has dug wholes for the rest of them as well. In true Damon fashion, he grabs Matt and feeds him vampire blood and threatens to ruin the rest of his human existence because the absolute last thing that Matt wants is to be a vampire. Thankfully, he doesn’t go through with it. He releases Matt once he knows that he’s gotten exactly what he went there to do, garners hatred from those who care about him too much to cut him loose.

tvd-8x05-damon-and-mattHowever, it’s the fact that he let Matt (and the rest of them) go that shows Stefan that there’s still the tiniest amount of humanity left in his brother. This leads him to the conclusion that the only way to save Damon is to put him down for however long it takes.

Long story short, Stefan meets up with Damon at the carnival where he says he needs help. Some words are said, including the first Salvatore brothers “I love you.” (of course, it was from Stefan). They tussle a bit, Damon gets the upper-hand and Caroline comes in and shoots him with vervain darts, putting him down.

He’s not down for long though because Sybil manages to breakout of the Armory cell and revive him from his casket that Stefan put him in. We all know this will lead to nothing good.

Bonnie’s Almost Sacrifice


Meanwhile, Bonnie is skipped out on the first funeral attempt because she’s still trying to get Enzo to flip his humanity switch back on. She has him trapped in the cabin where they pretty much fell in love. At first she has him tied up with vervain rope, but he convinces her to set him free of that. Of course, as soon as she does, he tries to make a run for it. Bonnie’s not dumb, though, she saw it coming and used the “flame of imprisonment” that only she can put out, and she refuses to do so until Enzo has flipped that switch back on.

It’s not until Caroline tips off Bonnie that channeling her greatest fear was what forced her to flip her own humanity switch back on that Bonnie comes up with a new plan: burn down the cabin with her and Enzo still inside. Sounds a bit risky, but okay Bon Bon. So, she starts setting the place on fire and taunting him with his biggest fear of being abandoned and how she’s not leaving him. She tells him this repeatedly while the cabin is blazing until she passes out from smoke inhalation.

It takes a minute, but Enzo eventually flips his switch and saves Bonnie. Then, when Bonnie comes to she sees Enzo still stuck inside the burning cabin and risks her life once again to put out the candle and save him. Bonnie: “You’re stuck with me forever, ‘cause I’m never leaving.” I love them… a lot.

Tyler’s Search for Mystery Women

While Matt is packing up the Lockwood mansion and reminiscing he receives a package from the Armory. In the package is a letter from Tyler and some photos. Apparently, Tyler had been continuing Virginia St. John’s search for the sirens, and he was passing it on to Matt now since he’s dead. And guess who one of the pictures is of? You guessed it, Carline and Alaric’s nanny, Seline! But of course, Matt doesn’t know that until Caroline is showing him photos of the twins and Seline. It is then that Matt warns Caroline to get her away from the girls. Sadly, when Caroline and Alaric rush to the house, Seline is gone… and so are their girls.

Side Notes:

Sybil has the tuning fork.

Seline used the twins to burn intern Georgie’s body.

The whole gang, minus Damon, gathers back at the carnival where they honor Tyler. Even Enzo shares something nice about Tyler, although I’m pretty sure they didn’t know each other? But okay, it was still nice, especially when they all started living in the moment and enjoying themselves for once.


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