The Vampire Diaries 8×04: “An Eternity of Misery” Recap

This last episode of The Vampire Diaries, entitled “An Eternity of Misery”, gave us a history lesson on the myth of Sirens, more specifically, Sybil… and her sister! Yup, you read that right, Sybil, the evil Siren, has a sister. And if that’s not enough of a kick in the crotch for you, her sister is even MORE evil. I didn’t think it was possible, but apparently, it is.

Here’s the down-low that we got from Sybil herself…

Sybil’s Story


750 BC: The episode opens with two young girls stranded on an island. The youngest one asks for a happy bedtime story, to which the oldest tells the story of Arcadius (known to his friends as “Caid”). Caid was a humble and kind psychic (the first) of his time, but when he pushed too far, he was stoned and burned alive by the townspeople.

Present time: Sybil reveals to Stefan and Alaric that she has a sister on the outside while she’s stuck in the Armory cell. Not only that, but her sister is willing to do anything for her. Of course, this leaves Stefan and Alaric insisting that she tell them who her sister is. She does this through her story after Alaric has to leave because the nanny called.

The story she tells is of a young girl banished to an island because of her psychic abilities. There, she meets her sister “in all ways but blood,” a fellow psychic. This newfound sister teaches the young girl her ways, including how to not starve by calling in the sailors for their rations. But things go wrong, and the young girl is sickened by the fact that they had to eat the sailors, so much so that she demanded that they never do it again. Well, the oldest tricked her into believing that they didn’t, but she had turned this young, innocent girl into a literal man-eater.

When the youngest girl learned of her sister’s trick, she threw herself onto the cliff rocks. The oldest sister found her and was trying to do everything she could to save her. Then Caid appeared and she plead with him to help, and he said he would, but it came with a price. You see, when Caid was stoned and burned to death he did this powerful thing and basically created “hell” for anyone who did anything evil or un-pure.

Who are the sisters?


You’re probably wondering who the sisters are. Well, at first, we’re lead to believe that it’s Georgie (Alaric’s intern) because she comes in and knocks Stefan out after trapping Alaric in a tunnel, enabling Sybil to get in Stefan’s head. She doesn’t control his memories, though, like she did with Damon. She simply told him the rest of the story because “the boss” apparently determined that he was worthy of the true, full story. So, who was the young and innocent and who was the evil one? Believe it or not, Sybil was the young and innocent, while her sister is… wait for it… SELENE! Yup! The woman watching Alaric’s and Caroline’s twin girls is an even eviler Siren! Know why I said she’s even more evil than Sybil? Because she killed Georgie! Selene literally snapped her neck and sent her soul to hell (because of the girl she killed in the car accident years ago) and munched on her while she was being sucked away. Then, she just goes right back to tucking the twins into bed and telling them the story of Arcadius like she did to Sybil all those years ago.

I have a bad feeling about her and these little twin girls, y’all.

Where’s Damon?


Meanwhile, Damon is off in some town doing Damon things as the usual. You know, setting a man who’s been divorced 5 times and killed one of his exes on fire. Like I said, the usual, only this time he had a purpose for being at this random mechanic shop. He was looking for a man who supposedly knows Sybil. Problem is, this man has never heard of Sybil, but Damon knows that he has a family heirloom that Sybil wants, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

But then the man’s son shows up just as Damon is about to kill him, and guess who it is… None other than Matt Donovan! It was so good to see Matty doing well. He had apparently found his dad a few months prior and they had been spending time together. Matt even secretly put his dad on vervain by giving him a watch that’s laced in it. I say secretly because he never told his dad about the supernatural until he saved him from Damon.

Anyways, after Matt shoots Damon (GO MATTY!), he tied him up in a chair and they had a chat, Matt stabbed him with a stick a couple of times, and Damon told him about what he did to Tyler. Apparently, Tyler wasn’t dead… yet. Damon left him in the trunk of a car at some gas station on the side of the freeway. Matt threatened that if he killed Tyler, Matt would kill him.

When Matt and his dad went to the gas station, sadly, it was too late and Tyler was dead. RIP Tyler Lockwood 🙁

While they were gone, Damon managed to knock himself and the shelf of stuff over and found the heirloom that he was looking for. So, we’ll see where that goes.

Questions of the Week:

What is the nanny up to with the twin girls? When will Alaric find out about her wicked ways?

What is it that Damon found and why does Sybil want it?

Will Matt follow through with trying to kill Damon?


Gifs and Featured Image: Queen Katherine Pierce

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