The Vampire Diaries – 8×03 – “You Decided I Was Worth Saving” Recap

tvd-8x03-damon-and-enzo-2 You know how in ancient Rome they would have duels to the death in coliseums? Yeah, well, Sybil the Siren, who was alive all those years ago, found it incredibly hot with their sweaty bodies and all. So, she found the perfect opportunity to have one during modern day times between her two servants, Damon and Enzo. Why? Because she only sees the need for one now and she just can’t wrap her head around why they are both so committed to Bonnie. Jealous much? Of course, she can control who wins, but instead, she passes the torturous decision on to Bonnie. Ugh. This Siren is really getting under my skin.

Let’s talk about how we got to this point.

The episode starts off with another flashback into Damon’s past with Elena. This time it was the car accident her parents died in. Only in this altered memory, Stefan never came back to town and never pulled Elena from the wreckage, meaning that Elena died with her parents and Damon never met her. Que angry Delena shipper hearts breaking.

Back to Sybil’s twisted reality, she still can’t get Enzo to be fully devoted to her because of his love for Bonnie. Since she can’t get Enzo to cave, she enlists her more loyal servant, Damon, to kill Bonnie, which he seemingly has no problem doing. SNAP OUT OF IT, DAMON! Bonnie is your best friend, man! Ugh.tvd-8x03-damon-and-sybil

Meanwhile, Caroline is happily reliving her engagement to Stefan in her dreams and gets scared awake by Bonnie who is creepily lying next to her watching her sleep. It’s all good though because it was all a surprise engagement celebration (balloons and all). Being the best friend that Bonnie is, she’s already doing her duties and is ready to help Caroline plan “THE June wedding.” She has Caroline’s wedding book from when she was a kid and everything. Sadly, while they were looking for dresses, Damon shows up and ruins the fun by attacking everyone.

He held back when it came to Bonnie, though, and Sybil didn’t understand why until she got a glimpse into his memories and the roller-coaster history between him and Bonnie. Feeling his commitment to his best friend, she did the same thing she did with his memories of Elena, altered them. – deep sigh.

So, Sybil decides to drop in on Caroline and Bonnie at the Salvatore mansion and have a little chat. Ultimately, she concluded that she didn’t need both servants, all she needed was one truly loyal servant. And how else does a psycho siren get rid of one of her servants? By making them both fight to the death so one of them can spend an eternity in hell, of course. And who does she force to make the decision of who lives? Bonnie. We had to see this coming, right? Since she’s oh-so-jealous of her.tvd-8x03-damon-and-enzo

Anyways, Bonnie refuses to choose. Instead, her and Caroline try to get to the school in time before Damon and Enzo go at it (because that’s where all modern-day death duels should happen, right?). Stefan is already there trying to save the day, but of course Stefan is always going to choose his brother. No matter what. And when Bonnie and Caroline show up, their plan fails, and Sybil forces Bonnie to choose once and for all: her best friend or her true love? Such a heartbreaking decision, but she finally chooses Enzo.

Damon is disappointed, but then Sybil and her wicked ways decide to change things up once again. She decides that Bonnie needs to die instead and tells Damon to do it, once again. Ever obedient to Sybil, he chases Bonnie in to the school parking lot, but then Alaric speeds in with his car and hits Damon. Then he hits this tuning fork thing against the car and it messes with Sybil’s head to the point where she can’t control anyone. Thank goodness, but I know she’s not finished with her wicked ways this early in the season.

In fact, Damon and Enzo’s mind control is still in effect and Damon took off and laid in the middle of the road until an old friend of Mystic Falls drives up. Unfortunately, Tyler Lockwood’s time back was short lived and Damon attacked (killed?) him after Tyler yelled at Damon for a minute because Sybil The Siren was still controlling him with her Siren song even though she’s now locked up in the Armory. 🙁


The questions now are:

Is Tyler Lockwood dead? And how much farther can Damon go off the deep-end even with Sybil locked up?

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