The Vampire Diaries – 8×02: “Today Will Be Different” Recap

Let me just start off by saying that even though we’re only two episodes in, I’m loving this final season of The Vampire Diaries so far, which is more than I can say for the last few seasons. All the parallels and similarities of the earlier seasons hit me right in the feels. It’s bittersweet, that’s for sure.

So, let’s talk about some of the highlights and heartbreaks of “Today Will Be Different” (Elena’s first words in the “Pilot” episode).

The Siren


I love the mythology about Sirens and I love that TVD is exploring this supernatural creature. At the end of 8×01 we saw the siren turn to human form after “getting enough to eat” (humans who do bad things). In 8×02 we learn more about her powers and the hold she has on Damon and Enzo. She can “peek” into the minds of her conquests (at least Damon and Enzo’s) and figure out the people that they care about the most. However, Enzo and Damon have made quite the effort to keep those people cleared from their minds because they know that if she finds out about them, she’ll want them dead. Which is exactly what happens when Damon and Enzo accidentally let thoughts/memories of Bonnie and Elena slip back through. Now, the siren, also known as Sybil, is on the hunt for Bonnie and has essentially erased Elena from Damon’s mind and replaced Elena with herself. *sigh* which brings me to my next heartbreak…

Damon’s Lost Humanity


Damon has flipped the switch on his humanity, and we all know that’s never good. He believes that he deserves to be under the control of the Siren because of all the bad he’s done. Stefan finally breaks through to him just the slightest when he confesses that Sara is their family for Damon not to kill her. He tells her to run and get away as far as she can (which she was in the process of doing). Sadly, Sybil shows up and ruins the whole thing. To make it worse, she took the one sliver of solitude that he gave himself, his first encounter with Elena, and replaced Elena with herself. So now I guess Damon thinks he’s in love with her or something? Ugh. Stupid Siren.


Bonenzo Heartbreak


It’s safe to say I have become such a big Bonenzo (Bonnie & Enzo) shipper. It’s the most random pairing, but I love them so much, and this episode broke my shipper heart. If you watched the season premier, you know that Enzo has been leaving clues for Bonnie so she can figure out what has him captured. Well, she did and they (Bonnie, Caroline, and Stefan) caught up to him and Damon in North Carolina to save Sarah. Bonnie confronted Enzo, who could barely look at her (he didn’t want Sybil to be able to see in her in his mind). Bonnie wasn’t having any of it. She basically kidnapped and took off with him, but then Enzo got a pretty serious migraine and started bleeding from his nose because he was too far from the Siren, forcing Bonnie to stop the car. They had it out in the middle of the road, Bonnie told him to just leave if he’s going to leave, but she wasn’t going to stick around and watch. Just as she walks away, Enzo grabs her by the arm and kisses her with all he had. Sadly, Sybil saw this when Enzo made it back to her and she saw inside his mind, the first time he’d ever let anything slip. Now, per the preview for next week, she wants Bonnie dead.

I also should add that Bonnie confessed to Caroline that not having Enzo has been brutal for her. Seeing Stefan and Caroline so happy has literally made her want to die because she misses Enzo that much. So heartbreaking 🙁


Steroline Happiness


Pretty much the only source of happiness in this episode is Stefan and Caroline. At the end of the season premier, they decided Caroline would move into the Salvatore mansion with him. This episode opened with Stefan doing some renovations (I’ll mention those again in a minute) and Caroline unloading boxes. Well, towards the end of the episode Stefan is feeling down because of the whole situation with Damon and how they’re like the last Salvatores alive now since Sarah is dead, but then Caroline comes in and gives him a bit of hope. He shows her the renovations that he was working on, which sweetly turned out to be a room for her girls to come over and stay whenever they wanted. She looks at a dresser and he tells that it’s antique, urging her to look inside one of the drawers. When she pulls it open, a little black box is revealed to be the only thing inside. *Cue my squealing* The proposal is a bit all over the place, but oh so sweet nonetheless. “Caroline Elizabeth Forbes, will you do me the honor of wearing this engagement ring?” “I want you to marry me.” “Yes” Ugh. So many happy feels, which is a bit odd for me considering I used to be adamant on Stelena (Stefan and Elena), but I’ve gotten my priorities straight (even though I still like early Stelena) 😉

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