The Originals Recap: “Bloodletting”

Julie Plec said in multiple interviews she’s holding off on crossover episodes with The Vampire Diaries actors because she wants The Originals to create its own ground before co-creating it with a show that’s already made a name for itself. Well thank goodness she didn’t keep her word, because here we are on the 7th episode and we have our very first TVD character in New Orleans, Michael Trevino guest stars as his role, Tyler Lockwood.

In the one-hour, the episode focuses more on why Tyler is in town, and turns out it’s not just for one reason, which was hinted in the TVD episode the Thursday before.

The Originals Bloodletting Tyler Lockwood
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Last week’s episode picked up right where it left off from the week’s cliffhanger, Hayley being kidnapped, which proved my assumption wrong (I thought it was Marcel), but I was surprised when I quickly noticed the kidnapper’s familiar truck from Mystic Falls. I couldn’t believe Tyler would kidnap someone who was once his friend (until she betrayed him), thinking what’s got him go mad crazy, until he admitted his reason why. Tyler believes the baby’s blood can create more hybrids and believe that’s the reason why Klaus is keeping her around and on board to having the baby, to try and create another army of hybrids.

Hayley didn’t believe it at first until Tyler tested the theory on one of his wolf pack members. The theory worked, but also revealed the new hybrid was only loyal to Hayley instead of Tyler. Once Hayley escaped from Tyler and his craziness, and finds Elijah in the woods, she tells him everything, who then passes the message along to Klaus. Elijah imagined it’s been Klaus’ plan all along but Klaus wasn’t aware of the situation and says the thought never crossed his mind. Klaus gets so upset by his brother’s accusation and bites him.

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Meanwhile, Marcel takes Rebekah to the garden, also known where he punishes his vampires who break any of his rules, and explains it’s the ground work of what he was starting, the perfect house for Rebekah which was intended as the start of their happily ever after. He had the blue prints and all! Talk about a very The Notebook moment. At the same time, Marcel states the real reason why he asked Rebekah to meet him, he wants to bury Klaus forever and wants her help.

In the end, Hayley finds a book which was left at the front door step of the an abandoned house where she was trying to find answers of her family history, only to find out Hayley is not her real name. It’s Andrea. As well, Elijah isn’t worried about the bite, as he believes Klaus’ hybrid blood won’t kill him. Finally, after a crazy and intense fight with Klaus, Tyler somehow finds Marcel and tells him everything. It looks like someone might be joining Marcel’s plan to put Klaus in his coffin once and for all.

The Originals Bloodletting Tyler Lockwood
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There’s something about this show that makes me change my previous opinion(s) about the character. First was Klaus. I hated him on TVD and although he hasn’t changed too much, I’m now like him, rooting for him to win the war against the witches and of course with Marcel. A part of me also hope he finds redemption. Now I have mixed feelings about Tyler Lockwood. On TVD he was loyal, kind, absolutely sweet and adorable with Caroline, and wasn’t afraid to get even with anyone who’s hurt or betrayed him. Now on The Originals, Tyler has been portrayed as a villain and no matter how great of an actor Michael Trevino is, I do not like it.

The Originals Bloodletting Tyler Lockwood Klaus
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Tyler has every right to be the bad guy, especially after the many numerous things Klaus has done to him. Killing his pack, falling in love with his girlfriend, and killing his mother is to name a few things, but I believe even thought he has all of that motive, he’s bound to get himself killed in the end. Although, Klaus had a chance to kill him during their intense fight but decided not to kill him because he thinks Tyler would suffer more alive. Knowing Tyler does want to die to end his pain, I think he will eventually kill him sooner or later. It’s Klaus, he kills anyone who’s in his way and considering how the episode ended, Tyler seems like he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Originals returns this coming Tuesday, November 26th on the CW.

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