The Mindy Project Season 2 Recap

Season 2 of The Mindy Project was everything I dreamed and more; it was Season 1 on steroids. It almost went a little too well, so I am concerned about where things are headed because I know there are 2 seasons ahead, plus a new season coming in October. 

Anyway, let’s check in with this season’s big players and highlight their best and worst moments:


Mindy – Mindy and Casey get engaged and break it off. Mindy is heartbroken, so she tries to use Morgan’s curse as “the one before the one” to help her move on. This results in Morgan filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, where Mindy meets Cliff, a lawyer who works in the same building. Cliff makes several casual appearances (and exchanges raunchy texts with who he thinks is Mindy but is actually Morgan and Peter) before he and Mindy actually start dating. But after Mindy breaks a promise to not hang out with Casey while she is in L.A., Cliff decides to end things. When she returns, he is willing to try and work things out, but Mindy has already fallen for Danny. She finally breaks up with him to pursue a relationship with Danny, but things go awry when Danny realizes that, as cliche as it sounds, he loves and values Mindy too much as a friend to begin a relationship with her. She casually dates an NYPD detective, but ends their relationship to follow her heart to be with a man she met on the subway… who turns out to be Danny catfishing her. Even though she is initially very hurt by this act, after Danny confesses that he’s in love with her, and after the office confirms that he is sincere, she runs up the steps to the Empire State Building (the most romantic place on earth) to meet him. 

Best S2 Moment: Challenging Dr. Leotard (her replacement while she is in Haiti with Casey) to a shot drinking contest and totally wiping the floor with him!

Worst S2 Moment: Her attempts at making a gross, weird skater man her new beau – blegh!

It could be argued this haircut is her worst S2 moment tbh
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Danny – Danny’s relationship with Christina does not last (thank goodness!), but she gets her revenge when she uses nude photographs of him in an art gallery show. It ends up blowing over quickly and working out for him – he scores a date at the end of the night. Danny spends a majority of the season suppressing his feelings for Mindy, which become very, very apparent after she crashes at his place one night and reveals she has a crush on someone in their building. He thinks it’s him and is clearly stunned and upset when he learns that it is in fact Cliff. He continues to be her sounding board and buddy, and even somewhat of a jerk when he says mean things to her in L.A. But he makes up for it when he kisses her on their plane back to New York. This is short lived, however, as he breaks up with her for fear of ruining their friendship. He dates Peter’s sister for a little while, but he eventually comes to terms with the fact that he’s in love with Mindy. He catfishes her, pretending to be a cute guy she made eyes at on the subway, planning on having a big, romantic reveal at the top of the Empire State Building, but chickens out when Mindy says they are better off staying friends. He finally confesses his plan and declares his love for her, asking her to meet him at the top of the ESB. When she doesn’t show up after over an hour, he leaves. The gang from the office freak out when they see him eating pizza, and scream at him about Mindy racing to meet him. Danny sprints across town, even getting hit by a car in the process, only to discover that Mindy is not there. He is about to give up when he sees her collapsed on the ground – out of breath from running up over 100 flights of stairs – and they share an idyllic romantic moment straight out of the movies, just like Mindy has always wanted. Thus, the ship Dandy was born. 

Best S2 Moment: Reading Mindy Bridget Jones’s Diary with a British accent while they are both in the hospital with meningitis.

Worst S2 Moment: Yelling at Mindy in the desert even though she had completely changed her plans to come and help him. Yikes!

Literally the cutest - I love Danny's old man glasses Source: Hypable
Literally the cutest – I love Danny’s old man glasses
Source: Hypable

Before we continue, can we just mention the greatest moment of the whole season: Danny and Mindy kissing on the ground at the Empire State Building? *swoon*

(Don’t judge me – I’m a hopeless romantic)

Although it’s probably not very sanitary
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Peter – Dr. Peter Prentice is hired at the practice at the beginning of the season. At first, the doctors are turned off by his frat boy demeanor and carefree attitude, but he turns out to be a great help to them and a good friend. He and Mindy don’t hit it off in the beginning because he finds her self-absorbed and shrill. Nonetheless, they eventually come to tolerate and even like each other, especially after he accompanies her to Josh’s (Mindy’s ex) wedding. He also becomes somewhat a confidant for Mindy when he uncovers her and Danny’s relationship and subsequent breakup.

When we first meet him, he is portrayed as a huge player and incredibly immature. By season’s end, he has become more mature and willing to commit to a cute brain surgeon he met through Jeremy, and he is instrumental in reuniting Danny and Mindy.

Best S2 Moment: Being Mindy’s date to Josh’s wedding – though pretty much all of his best moments involve him being a great friend to Mindy.

Worst S2 Moment: His behavior at Josh’s wedding (aka sleeping with Josh’s new wife)


Friends help friends make their boyfriends jealous
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I felt like Jeremy and Morgan got a lot of screen time cut, which was sad for me because I really love Morgan and I liked getting to know Jeremy in S1. I thought the stress-eating arc for Jeremy was kind of meh, and I didn’t really understand the Morgan/Tamra storyline. We saw a lot less of the background players as well, but since Peter was added to the mix, his storylines became relatively important, so there was less time left for the others.  But I feel like it’s clear that this season was mostly about Danny and Mindy figuring themselves out and finally coming to terms with their feelings for one another. I am glad my prediction of them getting together by the end of the season ended up being true this time – I don’t know that I could take another slow burn relationship after Luke & Lorelai (Gilmore Girls) and Alicia & Will (The Good Wife), though I did notice Danny said he was, “going all in,” which is The Line in Luke’s famous first date speech in S5 of Gilmore Girls.


An, “I love you,” AND an “all in” conversation? What more could you want??
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This season’s guest stars were as star-studded and as fun as ever:

  • Alan Dale
  • Tim Daly
  • Jenna Elfman
  • Ben Feldman
  • James Franco
  • JoAnne Garcia
  • Anna Gunn
  • Glenn Howerton
  • Maria Menounos (I know she appeared briefly in S1 but her character actually interacted with people this season)
  • Timothy Olyphant
  • Josh Peck
  • Jenna Dewan Tatum

Kris Humphries also makes a very brief appearance as a member of Danny’s basketball support group for heartbroken men – all of his lines and the crack he makes about watching trashy reality TV shows are a great subtle, funny jab at his former in-laws.

Poor Kris - what's he up to these days? Source: Hypable
Poor Kris – what’s he up to these days?
Source: Hypable

I can’t wait to watch Season 3, especially now that Danny and Mindy are an item! I’m no dummy, though – I know it’s not gonna be all sunshine and rainbows. But I have faith they’ll be able to make it work in the end, even if it takes some bad fights and possibly a nasty breakup to make them see they’re better together than apart.


So. Cute. #Dandy4Ever
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