The Mindy Project – 1×03 “In the Club” Recap

After this recap of The Mindy Project, I’m going to be doing some serious binge watching so that I can sum up each season (1-4) instead of doing a play-by-play of each ep. When the show comes back in October, we’ll go back to episode recaps 🙂


In this episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy tricks Dr. Reed and Dr. Castellano into meeting in her office by emailing each of them about discovering their sex tape. When they arrive, she confronts them about refusing to answer previous emails of actual importance. They proceed to discuss their weekends, including Mindy’s assistant Shauna, who is very hungover from an incredible night at a hot new club. She proclaims, “Drake showed up with a white tiger, and it left with Derek Jeter!” Mindy’s interest is piqued and she insists that Shauna take her along next time.

TMP 1x03
Hangover Face 101

It doesn’t take long for Mindy’s night with Shauna to become a “work night out” with the entire office joining in. Danny initially refuses the invitation, but after Mindy makes a comment about Danny being in a club being as weird as “Dracula on the beach,” he decides to join in.

Once they are in the club, Mindy orders a red wine with ice, which earns her reproachful looks from Shauna and Danny. She breaks off from the group for a hot minute, making awkward conversation with a couple of men before rejoining the group at a table. Danny and Mindy do some subtle flirting about his lack of dancing skills, but then one of Danny’s jams comes on and the girls are completely shocked by his sick dance moves. Shauna is caught ogling him by Mindy, who gives her a hard time about it.

TMP 1x03
Souce: brown-betty on livejournal

Meanwhile, Morgan (the nurse Mindy hired) is getting cleaned up in the club bathroom when a patron mistakes him for a bathroom attendant. He just runs with it and uses his club bag to make a couple bucks (this is probably my favorite thing about the episode – I think I am going to love all his future shenanigans).

Back on the dance floor, Shauna tries to get down with Danny. To her dismay, he’s more interested in busting a move than dancing exclusively with her. Disappointed, Shauna leaves the dance floor and tries to talk it out with Mindy. In the middle of Shauna’s lament, Mindy gets invited to join some NBA players in the VIP area. On her way she runs into Danny, who offers to buy her a drink (hmmmm……).

TMP 1x03
Mindy definitely looks like a VIP – let’s be real

Turns out a semi-douchey sports attorney named Josh invited Mindy into the VIP area, but he acquiesces her request to meet “the boys.” They all end up talking about their favorite romcoms and good times with Josh, with the guys shooting compliments at him left and right – he’s kind of a big deal, apparently.

TMP 1x03
Sports Attorney, Josh

Mindy scores an invite to an after party, but notices that Betsy is about to be in a precarious position with a creepy foreign dude. Mindy rushes to Betsy’s rescue, leaving her posse and pashmina scarf behind. She dumps Betsy off with Shauna, who is still upset about her interactions with Danny. Mindy gives her a pep talk before deciding to take off and party with the VIPs, but changes her mind at the last minute, choosing her work night out over the after party.

The time comes for them to settle the check, but, unsurprisingly, Betsy doesn’t have $300 to pay for what she called her “fancy alien juice”, so Morgan offers to cover it using his bathroom tips (turns out it’s just $37.  Mindy ends up paying for the rest). The gang (sans Danny and Jeremy) exits the club and are taken home by a limo paid for by Josh, who leaves Mindy a note saying she owes him a date for saving her pashmina from Amare Stoudamire.

TMP 1x03
Mindy and Amare (left) are BFFs
Source: AV Club

Overall I thought this was a fun episode. I felt like seeing everyone interacting outside of work gave the viewers a closer look at the personal relationships between the characters, which was nice since we have mostly seen their working relationships. I also liked that it showed us more of Shauna and Betsy, who were mostly in the background of the previous two episodes. I was not surprised that Danny is an amazing dancer and I have a feeling that it’s not the last secret we learn about him – it makes him more intriguing to the viewers and to Mindy. I’m looking forward to what comes next!

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