The Mindy Project – 1×02 “Hiring and Firing” Recap

This episode of TMP starts off with our lead providing a narrative of the love lives of strangers on the subway. Cut to Danny telling Mindy to knock it off. She continues narrating, now focused on him and his love life as he walks away.

Cut to Mindy at work, where she shares the remains of her movie theatre candy and spills the deets about a guy she met at the bookstore. Their cute meet involves flirting over joint custody of a tote bag and books. This leads to a FroYo date where Mindy, after trying a million bad flavors of froyo, discovers that she actually just hates froyo and gets a pretzel instead.

#cutemeet  Source: The Mindy Project Wikia
Source: The Mindy Project Wikia

Back at work, Danny and Mindy, yet again, engage in some banter about Mindy’s dating life that just reaffirms my belief that they will end up together by the end of the season. In Mindy’s office, the doctors discuss the odd behaviors and terrible work ethic of nurse Beverly. I laughed out loud at Mindy’s assessment/monologue about how “old school” is just code for “inefficient and rude.” The group decides that Dr. Reed should fire Beverly and Mindy will be in charge of hiring Beverly’s replacement, much to Danny’s chagrin.  

Mindy meets up with Gwen for lunch the following day and they discuss bookstore guy after Mindy shows Gwen a photo of him…taken through her hair. Gwen takes a photo like this during their lunch when she thinks she sees Joaquin Phoenix. Taking a photo through a curtain of your own hair? Is this a thing that I missed?

Source: Hulu


Danny is playing some dissonant chords on a keyboard in his office. Dr. Schulman (who I assume is the big boss) comes in and they discuss Mindy’s role at the office. The boss man strokes Danny’s ego and assures him that he can do whatever he feels he needs to do if he feels it really is for the good of the practice.

The first candidate is a cute romcom lover who Mindy clicks with almost immediately. Of course Danny doesn’t approve, so he undermines Mindy’s authority as hirer by claiming Dr. Schulman wants her supervised throughout this process. Mindy goes to confront Dr. Schulman , which results in a short but still sexually charged spat between her and Danny in Dr. Schulman’s office.

Meanwhile Dr. Reed is going out of his way to let Beverly know she’s been fired, but she’s oblivious to everything about the world around her, so she thinks he’s subtly trying to come on to her (this should be interesting).

Danny and Mindy interview several candidates, but they can’t seem to agree on anyone. During an interview for a virtually perfect candidate, they argue about Mindy’s ability to find and hire a good, qualified nurse. The candidate is appalled by their unprofessional behavior and storms out of the room. Dr. S is pissed about the blowup during the interview, but Mindy and Danny assure him that they are best friends just trying to keep their friendship separate from their work relationship.

Morgan “Ransom” Tookers come in and blows me away with his weirdness but I can’t help but feel bad for him when he doesn’t initially get the job. Mindy has a small freak out over having not hired a nurse and blames Danny for all of it.

Beverly and Dr. Reed are back and it’s clear that he hasn’t fired her (“I sent her an email.”). Mindy takes matters into her own hands and gets punched in the face after telling Beverly she’s fired. Ransom takes control and is able to calm Mindy down and re-set her nose. As a result, she hires him as the new nurse.

On the subway, Mindy makes a scene implying that a domestic dispute with Danny is the reason her nose is broken. In the end, he lets her and asks, “are you happy now?” She is.

Of course she is... Source: Hulu
Of course she is…
Source: Hulu

Overall I enjoyed this episode, especially the opening segment. My only wish was that we had gotten to see more of Beverly’s antics both inside the office and with Dr. Reed. Mindy and Danny’s repartee seems to be occurring more frequent already and it continues to intrigue me. I have a feeling that it’s all going to bubble up until the sexual tension can no longer be contained so they have no choice but to do something about it. I’m looking forward to see where their relationship is headed, in addition to seeing more scenes with Ransom Tookers.

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