The Mindy Project – 1×01 “Pilot” Recap

The Mindy Project


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I am excited to be a new writer for Really Late Reviews. As a new writer, I am making my debut with a show that’s new to me but one that might be old to many of you – The Mindy Project. I’ve been seeing stuff about this show all over the Internet (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook) for a while, and after my guy best friend (whose opinion I trust completely) gave this show his stamp of approval, I decided to give it a shot.




The episode kicks off with a little background on our lead’s history with rom-coms and hopeless romantic tendencies. She’s watching all the classics: When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, Notting Hill. All the works. Cut to present day, where during rounds Dr. Mindy’s eyes wander over to Dr. Tom McDougall (Bill Hader) and, for some reason, it’s love at first sight. Moments later, they have their official cute meet-in the elevator (paging Dr. Grey and Dr. McDreamy). Fast forward a couple of months, when Mindy reveals how she became a boozehound at now ex-boyfriend Dr. McDougall’s wedding to a woman who may or may not be a Serbian war criminal. At the wedding, Mindy ends up giving a drunken speech that is reminiscent of my beloved Lorelai Gilmore. So after running off, riding a bike into a pool, and crying after a knock off Barbie doll tells her she’s one pathetic loser, Mindy apparently gets arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct (among other things). Her best friend Gwen (Anna Camp) bails her out and gives her some hard-hitting truths about how Mindy’s life is less Sandra Bullock in Hope Floats and more Sandra Bullock in Speed 2. After her assistant (I think) interrupts Mindy’s “well-deserved BFF time,” Mindy rushes to the hospital to be with a patient who is in labor, only to arrive and discover that Dr. Danny Castellano has already delivered the baby. They bicker and subtly toss minor insults at each other which surely means that they will be a romantic pairing, I’m betting by the end of this season.

After showing us her crazy ex girlfriend side, Dr. Mindy shows us her selfless side when she agrees to take on a patient who doesn’t have insurance after they “promise” they will get insurance. However, this doesn’t last long after Mindy “doesn’t” request to have more rich, white patients (she does). Later, Danny gives Mindy fashion/first date advice while they exchange some more sexually fraught banter, which includes, but is not limited to, him telling her she should lose 15 pounds. Feeling insecure, Mindy goes into the office of fellow doctor and hook-up buddy Dr. Jeremy Reed, where they start to get it on but get interrupted by the volume button on Dr. Reed’s iMac and Mindy’s conscience. Mindy tries to stand her ground and find some confidence, leaving with her head held high. She runs into Danny in the elevator and, upon seeing she took his fashion advice, proceeds to tell her she looks nice. Not surprisingly, she tells him to go to hell.

Mindy says a quick prayer in her cab before meeting up with Dennis, a blind date set up by Gwen. Dennis seems like an okay dude in the two minutes we get to spend with him, but Mindy has to rush off from the date to deliver her uninsured patient’s baby. She babbles on about wanting to possibly meet up with him later, but upon realizing the booty-call like implications of this statement, just ends up having an awkward, roller coaster of a closing conversation with her date.

After she delivers the baby, Danny sits in the lounge with her and disses on the rom-com she is watching in a typical cynical, “cool-guy” way. Of course they engage, yet again, in some playful banter about her love life that starts to turn serious when Danny begins to list many of his own attributes as good qualities Mindy should be looking for in a man (was this on purpose? hmm…). Mindy starts opening up just a tad before he ruins the moment by changing the channel to a Deadliest Catch looking show. Mindy talks with Gwen about how she’s changed and things are looking up for her as Dr. Reed arrives to provide Mindy with a good dose of lovin’.

On a personal level, I must say that the opening sequence is 100% #relatable – haven’t we all been this girl, especially the one in college who is sitting in her dorm room binge watching Netflix while everyone else parties it up? The rest of the episode was rather predictable (what show isn’t nowadays), but I will admit that I am intrigued. I thought the juxtaposition of Mindy’s cute meet with the Dr. McDougall vs. the “go to hell” bit with Dr. Castellano was smart writing since it obviously didn’t work out with Dr. McDougall and it’s pretty clear that things will be working out on some level with Dr. Castellano.

I’ve never really had an opinion one way or the other about Mindy Kaling, but this show seems to have a cult following so I am interested to see where it goes.

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