Gilmore Girls: The Lorelais’ First Day at Chilton Recap

Gilmore Girls 1x02

In case, you’ve been living under a rock, a Gilmore Girls revival series is heading to Netflix. My heart is so happy, but that also means that I need to get cracking on these episode recaps. (Can someone add an extra special Gilmore Girls hour for me everyday?)

Episode two of Gilmore Girls, focused primarily on the Lorelais’ first day at Chilton. Aha! I see what you did there, Amy. Naturally, chaos was ensured when Lorelai’s alarm clock didn’t purr on time. She sacrificed her sophisticated attire (that she had planned to pick up from the cleaners that morning) to get Rory to her first day at her new school. At the headmaster’s office, the pair are blindsided by Emily Gilmore sitting in the headmaster’s office waiting for them to arrive.

Rory’s first day was no picnic, tossed into the drama of high society high schoolers and competition, she met Paris (Liza Weil), a cutthroat, driven girl, and Tristan (Chad Michael Murray), the class pretty boy who can’t seem to get her name right, but that isn’t even the worst of it. Since she started school a week late and BAM! She was given a pile of binders full of class notes by the teacher (but of course, student’s notes tend to be more detailed).

Back in the Hollow, not only did Emily judge Lorelai’s choice in attire that morning, but also Miss Patty, and even Luke. After she gets a chance to pick up her gray suit from the cleaners (which she looks stunning in and the young valet did not fail to tell her that), Lorelai flawlessly diffused a situation at the Independence Inn. She also left quite an impression on the Chilton dad she met while dropping Rory off that morning who visited the inn to ask her out, which she politely declined much to Luke’s liking because he was probably “old.” Sure Luke, we are sooo buying that. All in all, it was an eventful day for the Gilmore women.

Let’s visit the memorable moments of this episode.

Memorable Moments

(basically everything because it is just so hard to pick!):

  1. “Private school girls are bad and bad girls always wear red nail polish.” On the eve before her first day at Chilton, Lorelai paints Rory’s toenails out on the porch while Rory downs some whipped cream from a spray can. Then Lane enthusiastically brings over the new XTC CD, all three girls run inside, and start jamming out to the new music. In short, I would consider this an ideal Sunday night.
    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Opening Scene
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW


  2. Leave it to the fuzzy alarm clock not to purr on time. That’s right, it purrs, because it is fuzzy. Rory comes upstairs to find her mother still asleep at 7:10 when she was supposed to wake up at a quarter to six, pick up her dry cleaning, and get her daughter to school on time. Rory then annoying acts like “time lady” as Lorelai scrambles to get ready.
    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Fuzzy Clock
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.


  3. Which brings us to Lorelai’s Dukes of Hazzard attire consisting of pink tie-dye shirt, Daisy Duke denim shorts, and brown boots to which Rory’s reacts, “I didn’t know the rodeo was in town.”
    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Rodeo Outfit.
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.


  4. Ian Jack, the “nice, nice man,” whom the girls ran into and took a particular interest in Lorelai, gave directions to the headmaster’s office. We find out he is a Chilton dad who has a daughter attending the school as well. Later that day, he drove out to the Independence Inn to ask Lorelai out (not going to lie, it’s kind of creepy.) She was flattered but pointed out how inappropriate it would be. (And then she’ll go out with her daughter’s English teacher, because that’s not appropriate.)
    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Chilton Dad
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.


  5. For a parent, every moment is teaching moment. Lorelai quickly taught Rory the important life lesson: “See, that’s what happens when you go to bed with your makeup on,” upon meeting the lady at the front desk of Headmaster Charleston’s office. Through Lorelai rambling with her, we also learned how Rory was named when she was “all whacked out on Demerol” after labor.
    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Makeup On
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.


  6. Emily surprised Lorelai and Rory at Headmaster Charleston’s office. Naturally, Emily made Lorelai take her coat off, because it is rude to keep it on, revealing her cowgirl getup. Here we get a glimpse of what it might have been like for Lorelai as a child under her mother’s criticism.
    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Lorelai Takes off Coat
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.

    Plus, Emily might be as quick on quips as Lorelai.

    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Emily is quippy
    Photo courtesy of The WB/CW.


  7. After dropping off Rory, Lorelai sought sanctuary at Luke’s with a cup of coffee. Insert one of the cutest and quotable scenes on the internet. Still in her rodeo outfit, Luke also pestered her about how she was dressed, but I don’t know if anyone else noticed where Luke’s glances for a good chunk of the scene were. Eyes up Luke! I think he was a fan of the outfit.

    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Coffee In IV
    Photo courtesy of The WB/CW.
  8. We meet a character who is going to be beloved, just not anytime in the near future. Before she was a lawyer with Annalise Keating on How to Get Away with Murder, Liza Weil was Paris Gellar. She made it no secret that she was not going to be Rory’s friends. To make matters worse, Rory accidentally broke her history project while trying to open her locker. We also meet Madeline (Shelly Cole) and Louise (Teal Redmann), Paris’ sidekicks. (Confession: I think it wasn’t until my third time re-watching the show where I actually learned who was Madeline and who was Louise.)
    gilmore girls-mean-girls paris-madeline-louise-rory
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.


  9. Lorelai impressively carried everything from the car into the house. This is an important skill, people.
    Gilmore Girls 1x02 Car to House
    Courtesy of The WB/CW.


  10. Emily wanted to make sure her granddaughter had everything that the rest of the kids at Chilton have. She called Lorelai asking for Rory’s size for a Chilton coat, how many skirts she has, and if it was okay to buy her a parking spot (with a matching car, of course.) Lorelai told her mother that Rory didn’t need all of those things especially the car. Emily Etiquette 101: Only hobos ride the bus.
    1X02-The-Lorelais-first-day-at-Chilton Gilmore Girls Emily on Phone.
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.


  11. Helloooo, Mary! Before Chad Michael Murray was playing basketball at the River Court in Tree Hill, he was going to Chilton. Tristan couldn’t take his eyes off Rory and because of her innocent look, he calls her Mary. He even offered to help her study *wink wink* and his notes. Rory accepts his notes, but turns him down to study because she considered studying “a solitary activity.”

    1-02 Gilmore Girls CMM
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.
  12. Lorelai is flawless (and I think Lauren Graham is absolutely perfect so I could be very biased.) Lorelai finally lost the short shorts and small t-shirt for a sophisticated gray suit that’s very “Alicia Florrick” (yes, I do realize the Good Wife didn’t exist then, but Lorelai switches style and her suits are replaced with pretty dresses.) She effortlessly took care of customer problems at the inn.

    1X02-Gilmore Girls Lorelai is Perfect.
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.
  13. Twice in one day, Lorelai went back to Luke’s for some much-needed coffee. She ended up telling Luke about the Chilton Dad who drove all the way to the inn to ask her out. When she told him she said no, his reflexive response was “good” and when asked why, he stated, “he is probably old.” Was someone jealous? It’s okay, because Luke actually gave Lorelai decaf.

    Gilmore Girls 1X02 Luke's
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.
  14. Here we have our first appearance of Kirk (Sean Gunn)- I mean Mick, the DLS guy. We don’t like Mick because he is awfully rude and kicks gnomes. Maury didn’t approve and according to Babette, “gnome kicking says a lot about [his] character.” In this scene, we also learned that Lorelai’s spare house key is kept in a ceramic turtle.

    kirk-as-mick-cable-guy-gilmore girls-episode-2-season-1
    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.
  15. A touching mother-daughter moment. Lorelai picked Rory up from her first day where Rory enveloped her mom in a big hug after an overwhelming day. “Add some hairspray,” and Lorelai’s day was just as bad.

    Photo Courtesy of The WB/CW.
  16. If the final scene of the episode had gone another way, then the course of the entire show may have been different. But think of all of the things we would have missed out on. Lorelai asked Rory, “What do you think of Luke?” Rory immediately caught her mother’s drift and vehemently rejected the idea of her mother dating Luke because they’ll break up and then starve. She instead suggested dating Al from Al’s pancake world because his food stinks.

    Gilmore Girls 1x02 What do you think of Luke
    Photo courtesy of The WB/CW.


Best Lorelai comeback: “Well, we like our internet slow, okay? We can turn it on, walk around, do a little dance, make a sandwich. With DSL, there’s no dancing, no walking, and we’d starve. It’d be all work and no play. Have you not seen The Shining.” Internet sandwich gif

Happy New Year and thanks for reading! More recaps on the way!

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