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The first thing that comes to mind when I hear “Rock and Roll”, I immediately think of KISS. I’m not a rock listener. Truthfully, I couldn’t give you a list of rock bands if you asked me. However, I have an uncle who loves the genre. He’s been a fan his entire life. It’s what made him fall in love with music in the first place. That’s how I know KISS is a band that made the genre. Yet, when I first heard The Howlin’ Souls’ self-titled EP, they gave me the impression they are a real rock and roll band and could possibly have a career like KISS someday.

The Howlin’ Souls formed in 2012 in Downtown Manhattan. The band members include, Pete Smith (singer and songwriter), Scott Sepe (lead guitarist), Nate Lang (drums), and Robbie Sokolowsky (bass). They’re influenced by The Rolling Stones, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, and, of course, Howlin’ Wolf, whom they honor in their band name.

When I got the opportunity to listen to The Howlin’ Souls’ new music and saw that they are a Rock and Roll band, I jumped at the opportunity. Lately, I’ve been a gym rat and I needed some new rock music to work out to. Unfortunately, The Howlin’ Souls didn’t make my gym playlist, but their music is still fantastic to listen to. The Howlin’ Souls kind of reminded me of KISS and their mellow rock songs. They have that vibe where you listen to their music in the garage while hanging out with your friends or in my case, while doing homework.

I have to say out of the four songs they had, my favorite is “Anyway You Take It”, which happens to be one of their singles. There is something about it that’s so mellow and groovy, yet rich and smooth. Everything about it fit in perfect sync. Smith’s raspy voice, Sepe’s impressive and awesome riffs on the guitar, and the combination of Sokolowsky’s upbeat bass and Lang’s drum beats, it makes the perfect rock song. It sort of reminds me of old school rock music, the kind you would hear in the movie, School of Rock.

Even if you’re not a Rock and Roll fan like myself, give this band a chance. I actually dig their music. Their self-titled EP The Howlin’ Souls is available and can be purchased at You can also check out their official website for more information:

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