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Alicia Florrick in The Good Wife episode Sticky Content
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A bunch of things happened in “Sticky Content,” the ninth episode of The Good Wife this season. Diane wore a fantastic gold statement necklace. Cary was confronted with a wiretap that had Lemond Bishop declaring a hit on him, and saw his death everywhere: in the dark corridors of his apartment, in a Chicago park in broad daylight. Kalinda dove deeper with Lana, afraid of what their relationship might mean.

Alicia found out Peter had been cheating on her yet again, this time with Ramona, their old family friend currently working as Peter’s lawyer. Alicia’s boringly hot campaign manager had untamed lion locks and tried to make a campaign video for Alicia with an increasingly upset David Krumholtz (whose character name was Josh Mariner, but from now on will be called “Dude Who Yelled A Ton”). A bunch of things happened.

But all I really want to talk about was that Finn Polmar hand-hold.

I’m on all the records for saying that I am so happy that Matthew Goode came on board last season on The Good Wife. He brought such an incredible warmth to his performance: he radiated comfort and healing and was always saying his lines with a charming little smile. He was also a different kind of personality on a show full of fantastic personalities. In the main cast, Will was a relentless climber who was always too sassy by half; Cary is smug and entitled and rocks the hell out of all his pocket squares; Peter is barely-contained anger and aggression; Canning and David Lee are always looking for vulnerabilities and cutthroat competitors, and then in comes Finn Polmar, who’s kind and quieter and had constantly changing hairstyles.

I don’t know if that’s why I liked Matthew Goode’s performance and Finn Polmar as a character, because he was different, was a compassionate guy who worked in the State’s Attorney’s office, but I do know that he’s been the highlight of The Good Wife for me recently. He and Alicia’s small moments at the bar, talking about life and cheering to making it through another setback were full of flirty fun.

So of course, I’ve been waiting for them to get together for ages. Pretty much since the end of last season, but especially throughout these past nine episodes. And when Finn finally stopped working for the State’s Attorney and moved into the offices above Florrick Agos, I was convinced it was going to happen. Sadly, “Sticky Content” is episode nine, and there has yet to be any kissing (or anything else).

But there was one glorious hand-hold, and that’s why we’re all here, right?

The set-up was this: Alicia confronted Peter about his current infidelity, and told him to stop it because it was basically political self-sabotage for her campaign (and him running for anything in the future). She was feeling raw, and angry, and went over to Finn’s offices to find…something. They spent a lot of time just gazing into each others’ eyes, dancing around what they actually wanted to say. And then, like beautifully drama-scripted magic, Finn Polmar grabbed Alicia Florrick’s hand, and Alicia stared down at it incredulously, until two co-workers walked by. Finn let Alicia’s hand go, realizing where they were (and maybe who they were, too).

Alicia and Finn have only touched hands, they haven’t even really said they like each other, if we’re playing by middle school rules of relationships. But there’s this beautiful familiarity that Matthew Goode and Julianna Margulies bring to their scenes together, and I can’t help but chant “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” every time they come on screen.

Wherever this season of The Good Wife leads, whether it’s to Alicia’s victory as the new State’s Attorney, or to Cary’s imprisonment, or any other place, I hope The Good Wife eventually ends up with Finn Polmar and Alicia Florrick gettin’ it on. It’s about time, show.


The Glorious Finn Polmar in The Good Wife Sticky Content
Let’s all agree Finn Polmar is a beautiful, beautiful man.


Closing Arguments:

  • Eli’s daughter Marissa as Alicia’s bodywoman is my new favorite thing. Sarah Steele seems utterly at home in this role, and her quips are needed in a show that sometimes lacks a quippy side character. (Alicia, Diane, Cary and Kalinda aren’t really quippy, although sometimes Cary can be)
  • Those attack ads were pretty horrendous. I’m not sure if they were intentionally supposed to be that bad, but I just kept thinking Last Week Tonight had better attack ads and they don’t even have CBS money.
  • “I always hated that these offices were glass.” (Sometimes when I watch scenes between Alicia and Finn I get a bit bananas on Twitter. It happens)
  • The “Memory Pops” The Good Wife began utilizing last season served such a great purpose to show Cary’s increasing fear in “Sticky Content.” The cinematography, as well, as Cary was walking to his apartment was straight out of a great Hitchcock film.
  • So, Matthew Goode is headed to Downton Abbey to possibly woo Lady Mary, but no worries, he’s still hanging out on The Good Wife for now.

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