The Flash: Season 2 – Review

Our favorite Scarlet Speedster was in full force this season with a plethora of twists and UNEXPECTED turns! There were plenty of WTF moments as well as heartbreaking scenes and events. After season one’s intense cliffhanger with the singularity, my boyfriend and I could not WAIT for season two to begin! Every Tuesday night, we were on the edge of our seats ignoring the world as our focus was on what was to happen next in the show. We constantly debated on the identity of this season’s villain, Zoom; who he was and why he was after The Flash, as well taken back with some UNpredictable outcomes. Season one ended in a bang, so let’s jump into season two!

The Flash S2

(Credit: The CW) The Flash Season 2 Poster Teaser
(Credit: The CW) The Flash Season 2 Poster Teaser

Synopsis: After the singularity (a wormhole that opened up the sky due to a battle between The Flash and Reverse Flash), Barry Allen is distraught and fighting with his own demons which leads him to become distant from his loved ones and his team. Team Flash decides to have an intervention with Barry in hopes to dig him out of his hole. It is until the new villain, Zoom, that Barry is forced to resume his responsibilities as the city’s hero. Since this new Speedster is from another world, Barry and his team must not only save and protect THIS Earth, but also travel long distances to save and protect another.


The Villain

Zoom is Barry’s enemy this season and what a villain! His intro was one of legends and sent chills down my spine! Not only is he terrifying, but all he craves is Barry’s speed. The question is:

  1. Why does he need his speed?

  2. What are his intentions once he obtains it?

  3. Who he is?

  4. Where does he come from?

  5. Where did his speed come from?

  6. How did he hear about The Flash?

Season 2 goes in depth with this complicated enemy and also answers these staggering questions.

(Credit: The CW) Zoom Interrogating Jessie
(Credit: The CW) Zoom Interrogating Jessie


New Characters

  • Jessie Wells – The daughter of Harrison Wells. Like her father, she is also highly intellectual and stubborn. We learn that Dr. Wells would do anything to protect her, including putting others in harmsway. We also learn that all of his decisions are motivated by her. She gradually joins Team Flash when they realize her skillset is needed for the team.

  • Mrs. West – This season, we find out what really happened between her and Detective West, and discover Iris has a younger brother.

  • Wally West – Welcome back Wally! Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the West’s are reunited but are apprehensive towards one another. Since there was murky history behind the West family, there is tension between Barry and Wally. However, they begin to bond when Wally needs help on a school assignment when they realize they have more in common than what they originally assumed.

    The Flash -- "The Reverse Flash Returns" -- Image FLA211a_0418b -- Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Iris West and Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
    The Flash — “The Reverse Flash Returns” — Image FLA211a_0418b — Pictured (L-R): Candice Patton as Iris West and Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.
  • Jay Garrick – A new scientist from Earth 2 joins the team to help Barry gain more speed in order to beat Zoom. New information reveals that he is also known as The Flash on Earth 2.

  • Patty Spivot – A young detective who is eager to assist Detective West with the meta-humans.

    (Credit: The CW) Patty Spivot
    (Credit: The CW) Patty Spivot

Season 2 – Likes 

  • Zoom’s kick ass suit! The only thing visible were his eyes. It was a constant guessing game on WHO he was underneath the mask!

  • Zoom’s epic intro! Again, as previously stated, this sent shivers down my spine. He made The Flash look like an amateur.

  • New characters join the team

  • We get a different side of Dr. Wells.

  • LOVED Earth 2 and the Doppelgangers!

  • Earth 2 was immensely unpredictable!

  • The crossovers with Arrow.

  • King Shark!

  • This season had a much darker tone to it than season one.

  • The relationships felt very organic instead of being forced.

  • Our friend, Manny, liked the build up between Barry and Iris.

  • New powers from Team Flash were discovered.

  • Iris FINALLY and OFFICIALLY joins the team.

  • The white logo on Barry’s suit.

  • The delivery of heartbreaking scenes were done effectively. And it hurt. My soul hurt.

  • Barry puts his family before everyone.

  • As soon as you thought you knew what was going to happen, EVERYTHING changed.

    (Credit: The CW) Caitlin with her new love interest, Jay Garrick.
    (Credit: The CW) Caitlin with her new love interest, Jay Garrick.

Season 2 – Dislikes

  • Another man Caitlin falls for, dies.

  • This season had a slow start.

  • Some of the villains were defeated in an anti-climactic way.

  • Barry tends to make ridiculous decisions based on impulse.

  • Some of the fight scenes were short lived and at times, dull.

  • Barry’s recently-freed-from-prison-father is basically nonexistent in this season. Barry spends the whole first season trying to save him, does so, and then the father leaves as soon as he’s released, or so it seems. Really?

  • There wasn’t enough King Shark.

  • There weren’t too many cliffhangers as in season 1.

    (Credit: The CW) Earth 2 Doppelgangers
    (Credit: The CW) Earth 2 Doppelgangers


Season 3 Predictions:

  1. Two original Team Flash members will clash.

  2. Character motives will drastically alter.

  3. I think Cisco’s new personality will annoy viewers.

    (Credit: The CW) Earth 2 Doppelgangers
    (Credit: The CW) Earth 2 Doppelgangers


Season 3 Trailer

Tune in to the CW on October 4th for the season premiere at 8/7c!

(Credit: The CW) Zoom teaser poster
(Credit: The CW) Zoom teaser poster

Will The Flash remain the fastest man alive?



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