The Exorcist: Chapter One Review

Chapter One: And Let My Cry Come Unto Thee

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Some of you, well, I hope all of you may be aware of the 1973 movie The Exorcist, about a young girl named Regan who gets possessed by a demon. Well, this is the TV series adaptation. The Exorcist movie is one, if not the greatest horror movie ever made. It terrified cinema goers and caused many people to believe they themselves had been possessed. It had a major impact on people. So, going into this TV series I had high hopes that it would not disappoint. It did not.

We are introduced to two priests, Father Marcus, who is in Mexico helping a young boy who is possessed. Father Tomas, a fairly new priest who is plagued by vivid dreams that seem way too real. He is also the local priest for the Rance Family. The Rance family have been through quite a lot. The father, Henry, is slowly losing his mind. The mother, Angela, is just barely holding the family together. The youngest daughter, Casey, just seems like a carefree happy teenager, and the oldest daughter Kat, has just returned home from college after being in a serious car accident that claimed the life of her friend. Kat does not leave her room, she barely eats and does not socialize with anyone including her family. Angela calls on Father Tomas for help, as she fears a presence is in her home affecting Kat. She claims to hear voices coming from the walls, chairs moving away from the table and books coming off the book shelf during the night. She suspects a demon has possessed Kat and that this is the reason for her strange behavior. Will Father Tomas be able to help the Rance family?

I thought that this show would be one of those ones that takes forever to get to the point and just becomes boring, but no, straight away things happen. It doesn’t take long to see some action. It had me captivated the whole time, excited and wanting to see more. There were some jump scares that most definitely got me though, so good job on that! The characters are great, I do not get bored with any of them and they all seem to have a story. The acting is phenomenal, they seem to have picked a really great cast.

The show stars:

Alfonso Harrera as Father Tomas Ortega

Ben Daniels as Father Marcus Keane

Geena Davis as Angela Rance

Hannah Kasulka as Casey Rance

Brianne Howey as Kat Rance

Alan Ruck as Henry Rance

I absolutely loved this first episode, I can’t wait to see how all these characters will join together and fight the forces of evil.

You can catch The Exorcist playing Fridays at 9pm on Fox.



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