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Just before Fast Passes were released for Weekend badge holders, ATX TV Festival announced MTV’s Teen Wolf would be there with a panel of their own to talk about their upcoming season, which will premiere later this month. I was beyond thrilled. I instantly knew I couldn’t miss it even if it interfered with another panel. It did interfere, but I do not regret my decision because the panel was great. I’ve been a huge fan since the series premiered on June 5, 2011; so missing this panel wasn’t an option.

Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, and EP/Director Russell Mulcahy attended and shared as much as they could without giving too much away. Throughout the panel, I live tweeted what the actors said. (You can check out the live tweets on our Twitter @late_reviews) For this post, I decided to elaborate on some of those tweets. FYI: Tweets are not in order of the panel, they are organized by sections.

The season in general:

The panel started off with a five-minute trailer. Tons of people have responded where they can find this trailer. It’s not a new trailer per se. It was a recap of all four seasons and ended with the trailer for the fifth season. When MTV had a Teen Wolf marathon last week, they showed it. In fact, my DVR caught it and that’s where I had already seen it. I looked EVERYWHERE online and cannot find it. Sorry. If I do find it later on, I’ll come back and post it.

The season will start off with a time lapse so don’t get too confused when the season premieres at the end of the month.

Posey couldn’t pick just one episode because he likes them all but he shared his favorite scene which is where Scott and Stiles had to hide the money from Malia. Posey said he, Dylan O’Brien, and Hennig couldn’t stop laughing as we could tell from the gag reel.

Roden shared a story of her favorite moment on set which was the moement she picture wrapped with Colton Haynes (who played Jackson Whittemore) at the end of season two. First, she explained what picture wrap is, it’s where you’re officially done filming the entire season. They announce, “that’s a picture wrap on Roden and Haynes!” and everyone clapped. Well, after they were told they picture wrapped, Haynes and Roden decided to stay and drink champagne in the trailer. Haynes was wearing a Beacon Hills tracksuit afterwards and he felt like Jane Lynch’s character from Glee. After drinking champagne, they were told they had to reshoot some scenes. Roden showed us how they looked when they reshoot and Haynes thought it was all a joke as he believed he was getting Punk’d. It was funny.

  • Fan question: Have (Tyler) Hoechlin and Dylan (O’Brien) seen the Sterek fan art? Posey: we’ve all seen it but we can’t speak for them. ‪#TeenWolfSeason5 

The fan didn’t say “explicit fan art” in his question. He just said Sterek fan art. I’m guessing in general overall.

Posey said if he weren’t Scott, he would like to be Derek. Roden said she would be Coach and go crazy with the whistle, yelling around. Hennig said it would have to be between a Berserker or Kate, which is ironic because Hennig was terrified of the Bersekers.

A fan asked who was their favorite villain in which both Posey and Roden had the same answer, Void Stiles. They were amazed and so proud of O’Brien on how he portrayed it because it was just phenomenal.

In the process of answering the same fan question, Roden shared about a new villian in the up coming season that is also one of her favorites and nearly said the name. She stopped herself before spilling out the spoiler.

ATX TV Festival Teen Wolf Tyler Posey

Scott McCall/Tyler Posey

Posey let out a small spoiler about Kira going away for the summer but it’s nothing to worry about because things between the two are good.

Posey said, “This is one of the coolest arc’s I’ve ever had playing Scott.” This is mainly because Derek is gone. Derek left knowing Scott could handle being an alpha on his own, otherwise Derek wouldn’t have left. So this season, Scott’s challenge is being an alpha, taking care of his pack, and how to call the shots.

Posey enjoys riding a motorcycle so when he reads his script and sees Scott is on the bike he gets excited because he gets to do his own stunts riding the bike.

During the middle of the panel, Posey shouted out, “I like your shirt by the way!” to me. HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE! I can’t wait for ATX TV Festival to post the video of the panel.

Posey shared in pervious scenes that involved him in water were always cold and he never wore a wetsuit. This season he had a scene that involved him wearing one for the first time and he was excited about it. Mulcahy said, “I enjoy putting them in cold water,” which the cast said in unison, “YES, YOU DO!”

  • Posey: My first scene with Shelley was when she was naked. He looked down out of respect cause its was a weird first meeting ‪#ATXTVs4
  • Shelley and Posey laughed looking back at it now because it was an awkward first working moment. ‪#TeenWolfSeason5
  • The first three seasons Posey wore contacts and hated them. He doesn’t wear contacts at all. ‪#TeenWolfSeason5 ‪#ATXTVs4

Posey explained and demonstrated how the make-up artist would put the contacts on him. “He had his finger in my eye! It’s the worse!” He didn’t like them at all. In fact, they would make him cry because they were so painful. The only good thing he liked about it was being able to stare down people with them, but he’s happy they’re gone and his eyes are now CGI.

Posey always had ideas for the show but they never took them because technically he has no say as an actor. Now that he’s a producer he gets some say in some of the stuff and he enjoys it. Being a producer has also taught him how the show works behind the scenes and it gives him a different perspective working in this business. It’s made him love the show more, he didn’t think it could be possible to love the show more than he did before.

ATX TV Festival Teen Wolf Holland Roden

Lydia Martin/Holland Roden

While talking about her stunts, Roden said, “I stretched more,” specifically aiming on how she prepared herself differently for season five. For her stunt scenes, she needed the big and loose clothes in order to move around. Roden has joked before about her stunts involving the amount of walking and running she has to do in heels and kissing O’Brien, but this should be interesting to finally see Lydia in action. I’m definitely looking forward to this.

We were so close, y’all! Roden admitted she’s afraid to talk during this panel because she was scared she’ll say something that she shouldn’t or can’t. There were a couple of times where she stopped herself mid-sentence or paused before answering a question to think of an answer that is okay. She wasn’t like Posey, who had no problem slipping out minor spoilers.

A direct quote from MTV Teen Wolf’s Twitter that’ll clear up the tweets above: “There is a set that I’ve been to in past seasons… that I spend a LOT more time on this season.” -@hollandroden staying away from spoilers

  • Holland said the way they film for Wolf Watch throws them off because it’s not aligned with the episode they just filmed. ‪#TeenWolfSeason5
  • Holland had to do 2 Wolf Watch, go straight to Teen Wolf, and then back for Wolf Watch. ‪#TeenWolfSeason5 ‪#ATXTVs4
  • Holland first fan art she saw was a photoshop photo of Posey, Dylan, and Colton. She thought it was real and cracked up. ‪#TeenWolfSeason5
  • Holland said it looked so real, she asked the guys if it was real. ‪#TeenWolfSeason5 ‪#ATXTVs4

ATX TV Festival Teen Wolf Shelley Hennig

Malia Tate/Shelley Hennig

Shelley is grateful to play a character that is so different from anything she’s familiar with and likes the challenge that comes with it. A challenge she’s faced with this season is Malia having more dialogue. Part of Hennig diving deeper with Malia involves learning more about her ancestry, including her mother, the Dessert Wolf.

The way it works in the filming business most of the time a car is usually being pulled by a truck, car, or trailer to make the driver look like he/she is really driving. Henning had to actually drive the car herself for a scene this coming season. Posey said, “it’s fun when we get to do car stunts. We’re like kids when it comes to that stuff.”

Roden shared the story of Hennig’s driving stunt scene. When they stopped filming to switch drivers, Hennig’s stuntwoman got in the driver’s seat and Roden stayed in the car. The scene was a fast scene where Malia was supposed to be driving fast and then all of a sudden stop. The stuntwoman was going 95 miles an hour and then slammed on the breaks for the scene. Roden said the stuntwoman is amazing at her job and Roden knew she was safe but she was still terrified.

Hennig hinted it’s natural for all of the relationships to be tested during their senior year.

Hennig explained how cold Canada was when she filmed for Secret Circle and she’s so grateful to be filming at night in CA because it’s so much warmer than nights in Vancouver.

There was more to this story. In fact she shared a funny moment with O’Brien and Posey, except I didn’t get the full details as live tweeting the panel distracted me. I wish I heard more details about it other than she worked 24 hours straight doing Wolf Watch and they kept trying to keep her awake. She found a place to sleep but didn’t want to tell anyone so they wouldn’t know where she was because she knew would they would scare her or keep her wake. She just decided to fight it and stay up.

Henning shared the story of meeting one of the bersekers on set and was curious about the outfit so she asked him how much he weigh and he responded back by asking how much she weighed. She realized it’s a rude question to ask anybody and not just women, as well to never ask that question ever again.ATX TV Festival Teen Wolf Shelley Hennig Tyler Posey Holland Roden


Some answers to the questions y’all asked me on Twitter about the panel 

  • meli@0h_Meli: Hello 🙂 Was anything about new character Theo said at the panel? x

Sadly, nothing on ANY of the new characters. 🙁

  • Kaitlin Mattison@KEMattison: any stydia information? Like hints? I’ll take ANYTHING. Also, any goofy O’Brosey stories?

No, obrosey stories with the exception of Hennig’s story of trying to stay awake while filming Wolf Watch for 24 hours straight. Also, Roden was so steering away from spoilers.

  • Diana@LydiaIsHisFirst: sobs why are u guys like this not asking the important stuff.

There wasn’t a big crowd, honestly. About a good 1/3 of the room was filled for the panel. The place didn’t fill up, so there wasn’t that many fan questions. Also panel was an hour long in which the moderator had plenty of questions of her own before opening to the audience.


The fifth season of Teen Wolf will premiere on Monday, June 29th at 10/9c on MTV, following with a new episode the next night.

Photo Credit: Arnoldo Martinez

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