Teen Wolf: The Final Ten Episodes’ Official Trailer – Guess Who’s Back?!

It’s finally here! MTV has released a new Teen Wolf trailer for its’ final ten episodes and there’s so much going on! There are spider webs – which I hope we don’t see any spiders at all because I dislike them with a passion – so many new faces, hunters with guns and firing so many bullets all at once, a hot steamy shower scene between Scott and Malia, and, of course, some old familiar faces. Forget about reading too much into what we saw or forming predictions. I want to talk about who’s returning for the final ten episodes of Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf Gerard Argent
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Gerard Argent

This guy, again.

teen wolf stiles stilinski

No matter how hard you try to get rid of him, he always finds a way to come back. He’s like a cockroach you can’t kill. However, with the final ten episodes coming up, I’m not surprised Jeff Davis would bring back the one man the entire fandom loathes. I would like to say, ‘I hope he actually helps Scott this time’, but let’s be real it’s Gerard Argent. Everything he does is for his own selfish reasons. I wonder what he’ll want this time around. Gerard often reminds me a lot like One Tree Hill’s Dan Scott and I hope Teen Wolf doesn’t duplicate Dan’s ending with Gerard’s storyline, because I will not cry if they kill off Gerard.

Teen Wolf Derek Hale
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Derek Hale

I’m not surprised Tyler Hoechlin is back as Derek Hale. Hoechlin seems like the kind of guy who would like to come back and give the fans what they want. Judging by the trailer, that’s exactly what we’re getting. I’m sooooo excited to see Derek again. Although the final ten episodes seem to be intense and will focus on its main arc, I hope we at least get a brief explanation of what he’s been up since we last saw him. We deserve that much.

Teen Wolf Ethan Jackson Whittemore
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Ethan and Jackson

THEY’RE WALKING IN THE HALLS OF BEACON HILLS HIGH SCHOOL… TOGETHER!!!! WHAT?! Did Ethan go to London and find Jackson? How did they met? What were their reactions when they realized they both know Scott McCall and his pack? Are they friends? Are they more than friends? Will Jackson try to win Lydia back?! I need answers! ASAP!

Teen Wolf Kate Argent
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Kate Argent

Knowing the final ten episodes would involve hunters, I had a feeling Kate Argent would be back. However, since she’s now part of the supernatural world as a werejaguar, I wonder exactly how her supernatural life will collide with the hunting life. Is she still out for revenge to kill Scott because of Allison’s death? Will she help the hunters take down Scott and his friends? Would she form an alliance with her shady father,Gerard? Lord help us if that happens! I can’t handle two Argents trying to kill Scott and his pack.

I’d like to think Jeff Davis wouldn’t reveal everyone who is coming back to appear in the trailer. Davis did say he got more people to come back to the show than he expected. So, I’m expecting to see more familiar faces that weren’t in the trailer. With that being said, here’s a list of who I would like to see back one last time:

Teen Wolf Issac Lahey
Daniel Sherman as Isaac Lahey on Teen Wolf
  • Isaac Lahey
  • Kira Yukimura
  • Danny Mahealani
  • Braeden
  • Cora Hale
  • Allison Argent and Aiden – (If that’s even possible. They did open a door to another world…)
  • Marin Morrell
  • Meredith Walker
  • And, of course, I’d like to finally meet Greenburg

What do you think about some of our favorites and least favorites returning to Teen Wolf? Also, who would you like to see back on the show? Leave your answers in the comment box below.

Teen Wolf returns Sunday, June 30th on MTV.

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