‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Sundowning

Oh, boy. Let’s just get straight to it.

Teen Wolf Sundowning Elias Stilinski
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Mr. Elias Stilinski

Scott and Lydia go to Sheriff Stilinski to talk about Stiles, in which they learn Stiles is a family name as his father’s nickname is Stiles. (His first name is Elias.) Scott asks if he can see Mr. Stilinski, in hopes of getting some answers or more clues, but Sheriff Stilinski says no as he’s in a nursing home three towns over. However, that doesn’t stop Scott, Lydia, and Malia from breaking in to the nursing home to see Elias.

The trio tries to question Elias, but find it difficult to get some answers as he has dementia. Instead, Elias shares how he remembers Scott’s father during his drinking years and how Lydia looks a lot like her grandmother, Natalie. Then, just when they were about to get some answers from Elias, Sheriff Stilinski walks in and escorts them out for breaking in and Malia assaulting the front desk nurse. As Sheriff Stilinski leaves his father shouts out, “go crawling back to your dead wife, and your loser son!”

In the end, Sheriff Stilinski visits Scott to tell him something that’s been bothering him lately, memories. He tells Scott about a dream he’s been having that almost feels more like a memory instead. “In this dream, I’m lying in bed with Claudia. It’s a couple of weeks before we graduate from college and we’re talking about the future and kids and what we’ll call them. … At that point of the dream she smiles, kisses me, and says, ‘Okay, we’ll name him that, but it won’t matter. He’ll just be called Stiles anyway.” This causes Scott and Sheriff Stilinski to realize Stiles is the sheriff’s son and he’s the one that has been erased from everyone’s memories.

Teen Wolf Sundowning Gwen Liam Dunbar
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Pack 2.0 (Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey)

Hayden notices Gwen is wondering why no one remembers her sister, why all her stuff is gone, and why her phone line has been disconnected. Hayden realizes Gwen’s sister, Phoebe, has been taken by The Ghost Riders. While Scott, Lydia, and Malia go visit Elias, Scott leaves Liam in charge to protect Gwen from The Ghost Riders, giving him permission to do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Liam doesn’t know what to do since Malia’s suggestion to kidnap Gwen isn’t an option. Mason decides having a party at Scott’s house with mountain ash would be the best idea.

In the middle of the party, Gwen sees a Ghost Rider, causing Liam, Hayden, Mason, and Corey to rush towards Gwen to protect her. When no one can see the Ghost Rider except for Gwen, Corey turns invisible and directs Liam where the Ghost Rider is going. But when Liam struggles to see the Ghost Rider, Corey catches the Ghost Rider by the wrist, causing the Ghost Rider to be visible to everyone. While everyone escapes the house, Pack 2.0 (That’s what I’m referring them to, to save me some time from constantly writing all four names, ha.) try to protect Gwen as the Ghost Rider is slowly breaking down the mountain ash shield. Mason suggests getting her out of the house, but when they run outside Gwen sees another Ghost Rider.

In the end, Parrish shows up with a gun, threatening to shoot the Ghost Rider, and when he does shoot nothing happens. Instead, the Ghost Riders leave without Gwen. Liam explains to Scott what happened and mentions everyone saw the Ghost Rider. Because the mythology says those who see The Ghost Riders will be taken away, Scott believes The Ghost Riders will come for everyone who was at the party.

Teen Wolf Sundowning Mr. Garrett Douglas
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Mr. Garrett Douglas

In the middle of a lesson, Mr. Douglas has a coughing fit and sees flashbacks of him being in one of the tanks in The Dread Doctors lair. When he gets his coughing under control, he goes back to the lesson and teaches the kids, “The greater the power, the greater control.” His coughing returns, but this time he’s unable to control it. He quickly rushes out of the classroom and into a closet to breath into a oxygen mask that’s connected to a helium tank.

Meanwhile, Chris Argent knows there’s a new werewolf causing some trouble in Beacon Hills. He recruits Melissa for help, as he wants to see a dead body in the morgue. Melissa goes through the file for Chris and examines the teeth marks on the victim’s head. Chris asks if the victim is missing his pineal gland, leaving Melissa completely confused. Chris explains the werewolf is leaving a pattern, stealing the victim’s pineal glands, which explains the bite on the skull and cracked heads. Melissa opens the victim’s skull and confirms his pineal gland is missing. Chris explains the pineal gland is like a soul, and the new werewolf is stealing all of his victims’ souls, but questions why the werewolf is doing that.

In the end, Mr. Douglas has found himself another victim and eats the victim’s pineal gland, which he seems to enjoy too much.

Teen Wolf Sundowning Liam Dunbar
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My random thoughts:

  • I honestly don’t like that Scott told Liam The Ghost Riders would be coming for everyone after Liam believed he did what Scott asked him to do, protect Gwen. This is only going to add guilt on Liam’s shoulders, which he doesn’t need right now. He’s already struggling how to live his life without Scott, lead the pack on his own, and this is only going to lower his confidence. (Maybe this is why he’ll bring Theo back, for help.)
  • However, I don’t think The Ghost Riders will be coming for everyone because Mason didn’t see the second Ghost Rider when he got Gwen out of the house. Gwen was the only one who saw him. Ergo, The Ghost Riders still want Gwen and I think it’s safe to say Mason is safe… for now.
  • Douglas’ story explains a lot. It explains how he became a werewolf (which was so disgusting!), why he stole the helium tanks from the first episode, and why he seems obsessed with power. (Remind you of anyone? *Cough Cough* Theo.) I’m very interested to see how his story unfolds.
  • Why the pineal gland? Does it make Mr. Douglas stronger? Is it just his source of food? Or is he just psycho?
  • Sheriff Stilinski’s first name has been revealed! NOAH! I would have never guessed. I’ve always thought he would be a John. Now… we just need Stiles’ first name.
  • I DO NOT TRUST CLAUDIA STILINSKI!!! She’s giving me shady vibes.

An all-new episode of Teen Wolf airs Tuesday night at 9/8c on MTV.

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