‘Teen Wolf’ 6×04 Recap: Relics

I simply do not understand why it’s so hard for the pack to remember Stiles. And just when we think the pack is one step closer to remembering him, they get pushed back two steps.

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Given what happened at the party at Scott’s house during last week’s episode (You can read my recap here.), Scott’s top priority is to save everyone who saw The Ghost Riders. After learning The Ghost Riders can ride the lighting, which is how they travel, Liam and Mason use the k-index to measure thunderstorm activities to determine when they’ll arrive. Having that advantage, Liam wants to fight The Ghost Riders, while Mason would rather hide everyone before they can be taken away. Scott decides to do both of their plans, hide everyone in the Argent’s bunker while they fight The Ghost Riders.

After getting almost everyone in the bunker, Hayden notices Gwen is missing. Liam realizes three other people are also missing. Chris and Malia stay behind to protect everyone in the bunker, while Scott, Liam, Mason, Corey, and Hayden try to find the four missing people. Hayden finds Gwen at school, suiting up for the lacrosse game. Scott, Liam, Corey, and Mason realize they can’t stop them from playing the game. Instead of taking them back to the bunker, the boys suit up to protect them on the field, while Mason tries to figure out a way to stop The Ghost Riders.

In the middle of the lacrosse game, a crazy thunderstorm ensues as The Ghost Riders make their way on their horses. Scott, Liam, and Corey try to save Gwen and everyone else, but were unable to as The Ghost Riders easily took them with their guns. Meanwhile, Mason believes Jordan can stop The Ghost Riders as the hellhound. Except, his theory fails when Jordan gets shot by one of The Ghost Riders, transforms back to his human form, and doesn’t get taken away.

Meanwhile, Nathan escapes the bunker, causing the mountain ash shield to break. Resulting The Ghost Riders to take him and everyone else in the bunker except for Malia and Chris. Back on the lacrosse field, a few students were taken away by The Ghost Riders and Gwen gives herself up. Scott’s plan failed and Liam blames himself as the plan was partially idea.

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Having her own storyline, Lydia tries to find Stiles’ relic, which is an object with a fixed association to the past. After the boys found Jake’s ID in the library shortly after he was taken by The Ghost Riders, and Gwen found her sister’s bracelet, Lydia is determine to find what Stiles left behind to prove he exists. When Lydia explains why she needs to search his house, Sheriff Stilinski tells her he had stubbed his toe with a baseball bat and yelled out his name, which only encourages her to look for Stiles’ relic.

While searching Sheriff Stilinski’s house, Lydia comes across the same wall in the hallway where she first saw the old lady from the second episode of this season. This time, she sees a man who says, “It’s right in front of your face.” Lydia turns back to the wall and begins tearing the wallpaper. Claudia yanks Lydia’s wrist away angrily, trying to stop her from doing any more damage to her wall.

Something about Claudia causes Lydia to look into her school records. Once her mother catches her, Natalie expresses her concern about Lydia being preoccupied with trying to find proof. She believes Lydia wants Stiles to be real when there’s a chance he might not be. Natalie changes her mind after talking to Lydia and helps her look into Claudia’s medical records with Melissa McCall. All three learn Claudia never had children but she has Frontotemporal Dementia, leaving Melissa wondering how she’s still alive.

Teen Wolf Relics


In the end, Lydia shares what she found with Scott and Malia, who are starting to believe maybe Stiles isn’t real because Lydia didn’t find a relic. Meanwhile back at the high school, Liam got the title of team captain for the lacrosse team. Coach Finstock says, “He still thinks he can win. That’s why next time he will win, because he will find a way,” which gives Mason, Corey, and Hayden hope Liam will find a way to fix this. Liam decides he wants to catch a Ghost Rider by himself. Mason, Corey, and Hayden refuse to let him do it on his own and do it together as a pack. Without even realizing it, they walk out of the school and into the parking lot, walking right pass Stiles’ relic, his baby blue jeep.

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Final thoughts about this episode:

  • Is it wrong that I suddenly find myself liking and possibly shipping Chris Argent and Melissa McCall together? They’re just so funny together. The chemistry is great, and they’re just so good together. At first I didn’t like the idea because Melissa’s son was in love with Chris’ daughter, and that would just be weird. However, with Allison gone and Scott sort of moving on, things are different. A part of me doesn’t want to ship them because I still have hope for Melissa and Sheriff Stilinski to get together, but the other part wants me to.
  • I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Chris Argent helping Malia control her “bloodlust”. I’d hate to see Malia get out of control and wanting to kill because she enjoys the power it comes with just like Chris’ sister, Kate did.
  • Liam admitted the supernatural is real and then reveals he’s a werewolf in front of Gwen and the other lacrosse teammates. Are we supposed to pretend they still don’t know or didn’t see anything? I want the writers to address this issue and not come up with something as lame has teenage hallucination syndrome.
  • Lastly, Jordan Parrish didn’t get taken away after being shot at, so that has me ask questioning, why doesn’t The Ghost Riders take supernatural creatures? Why do they only take humans?

An all-new episode of Teen Wolf premieres tonight on MTV at 9/8c.

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