‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Radio Silence


MTV’s Teen Wolf has been on a mini winter hiatus for the past two weeks and it FINALLY returns tomorrow night! A lot of things happen during the holidays, such as eating Christmas cookies, opening and exchanging presents, lighting candles on the Menorah, and popping fireworks at midnight. In the midst of having fun with family and friends, we sometimes forget what happened on our shows when they return from their hiatus. But have no fear! I’m here to remind you what you need to remember about Teen Wolf’s ‘Radio Silence’ episode.

Teen Wolf Radio Silence Stiles Stilinski

  • Stiles is back! The episode starts with him sitting on a bench at a train station with other people, who have also been taken by The Ghost Riders. He notices there aren’t any trains passing by, no one is selling tickets, and the place looks abandoned. He questions the people sitting with him and begins to notice something is off.
  • Teen Wolf Radio Silence Stiles Stilinski Peter HalePeter is back too! Apparently he’s been waiting for a train and didn’t know he’s been missing (or rather forgotten) for the past three months until Stiles reminded him he was last seen at Eichen House. Peter remembers escaping Eichen House and being taken by The Ghost Riders.
  • According to Peter, The Ghost Riders don’t make pit stops at train stations and there is no way to escape. Stiles believes they can find a way out of this train station. Except, there’s one problem, Beacon Hills doesn’t have a train station.
  • There’s another guy at the train station, who also knows something isn’t right. He had a plan to get out for a while, but has never tried it before, which is to walk through the tunnel The Ghost Riders came in. Furthermore, he thinks jumping on the back of a Ghost Rider and its’ horse is the way out. Stiles tries to stop him, but Peter encourages him. The guy successfully hops on a horse but fails to go through the tunnel as he dies.

Teen Wolf Radio Silence Scott McCall Lydia Martin

  • Stiles’ jeep is about to be towed, but Lydia and Scott pay the mechanic to keep it from getting towed.
  • Peter believes they’re stuck for good. Stiles thinks that’s what The Ghost Riders want them to believe. Peter reminds Stiles they’re forgotten. No one will remember them, and they can’t be saved. Stiles hits him back with the best slap in the face comment ever: “Somebody’s gonna remember me. Either Lydia, or Scott, Malia, someone. They’re gonna to find me, all right? They’ll come for me. Who would ever come for you?”
  • Stiles finds a control room by following the intercom wires. He has a theory he can communicate with the radio through the supernatural barrier and call his friends for help. Peter turns one of the knobs, sending out a high-pitched feedback sound, which causes Scott, Lydia, and Malia to hear the sound coming from the radio in Stiles’ jeep.

Teen Wolf Radio Silence Scott McCall Lydia Martin Malia Tate

  • While looking for clues in the jeep, the radio turns off on it’s own. Scott catches their scent in the jeep, wondering how that’s possible if they’ve never been in the jeep before. Lydia finds the registration form to the jeep, which doesn’t state an owner, just an address to Sheriff Stilinskil’s house.
  • Lydia questions Noah and Claudia Stilinski about the jeep. Noah and Claudia tell her the jeep doesn’t belong to them and ask her if this is about Stiles. Lydia excuses herself when she believes Stiles’ parents don’t believe her and don’t remember their son.Teen Wolf Radio Silence Lydia Martin She goes back to the same wall she keeps going back to. She leans against it, slides down until she sits on the floor and sobs.
  • The Ghost Riders drop off Gwen and Stiles remembers her. Peter realizes what The Ghost Riders are doing isn’t going to stop because it’s a “way station”. No one is safe, especially everyone back in Beacon Hills and they need to leave town. Because he’s supernatural and can heal, Peter jumps on the back of a Ghost Rider, goes through the tunnel, and ride the lighting with The Ghost Riders back to Beacon Hills.
  • Scott, Lydia, and Malia hear a roar. They leave the jeep and run into the woods to find the source of the roar. They find a man burned alive. Malia remembers it’s her father, Peter Hale, which causes Scott to remember everything about him and their history together. As they realize he’s been taken by The Ghost Riders and came back, Malia finds the keys to Stiles’ jeep in Peter’s hand.

Teen Wolf Radio Silence Scott McCall Lydia Martin

  • Lydia starts the jeep with the keys. While Scott and Lydia hope to get something out of it or a clue of some sort, Stiles is connecting some wires back in the control room at the train station. Lydia and Scott hear Stiles’ voice through the radio in his Jeep. Relief floods through as Lydia and Scott realize Stiles is real and Stiles realizes they hadn’t forgotten about him.
  • Scott tells Stiles they’ll find him and bring him back home, but Stiles said they can’t do that. Instead, Stiles gives them a clue before they lose connection, ‘Canaan’.

Teen Wolf returns tomorrow night with an all-new episode on MTV at 9/8c.

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