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Y’all, I have been dreading this moment for a long time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think a show I fell in love six years ago would start its final season this week. Although it’s the final season, a lot of fans are excited to see what will happen. I on the other hand, did not want it to come back. I knew once it came back, after a new episode would air, we would be closer to the final episode. Although everyone knew Stiles was going to be taken by The Ghost Riders, I was not prepared for the ending of the season premiere episode.

Teen Wolf Memory Lost Scott McCall Stiles Stilinski
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In the middle of a “terrible” date, Liam and Hayden find a kid named Alex, who’s absolutely terrified after his parents had been taken away. In order to know exactly what happened, Scott pierces his claws into Alex’s neck to see what happened to his parents. Then, while inspecting the car, Malia and Lydia don’t see anything unusual or supernatural related. Scott starts to think maybe they’re right, until he see Stiles sitting in the car and looking out the broken windshield. He notices all the cars in the impound have a bullet mark in the exact same spot.

The next day after school, Scott and Stiles go and check out Alex’s house. They find the entire house completely empty, as if no one had lived there for years. When they reach Alex’s room, his room looks like he still lives there. While Scott inspects the house, Stiles notices something unusual in Alex’s pictures in his room. He’s the only one in the photos and his parents are missing. Stiles then checks under the bed and sees the horse’s hooves. When he gets back up, he sees nothing there. After he exits the room, he sees one of The Ghost Riders who tries to shoots him.

After that happened and with the help of Lydia, Stiles figures it out. When The Ghost Riders take someone away, the memory of them are completely erased from everyone, as if they never existed. Stiles and Scott try to save Alex before The Ghost Riders go back for him. However, in the process, Stiles is slowly being erased and no one seems to notice except him. When Stiles realizes what’s happening to him, it’s already too late.

Teen Wolf Memory Lost Stiles Stilinski
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There are two hints that showed us Stiles was slowly being erased and I completely missed the first one.

Teen Wolf Memory Lost Stiles Stilinski
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Hint #1: Stiles’ blank yearbook photo slip.

Honestly, I didn’t even think this was the first sign of Stiles slowly being erased. I just thought he simply forgot to fill it out. However, I should have known better when Stiles obviously made a confused face as he realized his slip was completely blank. Like Stiles, I shrugged it off and thought nothing of it.

Hint #2: Stiles’ jersey was given away to another lacrosse player.

When this happened, I knew Stiles was slowly being erased because he had seen one of The Ghost Riders. Sure, the scene was funny as Stiles didn’t realized they had practice and questioned why no one tells him anything anymore, but for me, it was the first wave of sadness to a devastating heartbreak that was yet to come.

After those two small hints, people were slowly starting to forget Stiles. First it’s Lydia’s mom. When he first approached her, she looked at him like he was a complete stranger. She didn’t even mention his name. She honestly didn’t know who Stiles was, and Stiles didn’t even know it.

Teen Wolf Memory Lost Mason Hewitt Liam Dunbar Hayden Romero
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Next were Liam, Mason, and Hayden. After being worried Liam and Hayden would be taken next, Stiles finds them and starts rambling about what’s going on and how the betas need to be with Scott or him all the time. The trio was completely confused, wondering if the rambling lanky kid in front of them is someone who attends their school.

Teen Wolf Memory Lost Sheriff Stilinski
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The sudden realization that he’s being erase hits Stiles. It gets to him until he sees his father. He rushes up to his dad and hugs him when he calls him son. For a brief second, Stiles is relieved his father still knows him as his son, until Sheriff Stilinski asks him what’s his name. The look on Stiles’ face was absolutely heartbreaking!!!

Stiles pulls out his phone and calls someone. My first thought was, ‘He’s calling Lydia!’ Nope. He calls his best friend, who answers the phone and asks, ‘Who’s this?’

Teen Wolf Memory Lost Lydia Martin Stiles Stilinski
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Meanwhile in a classroom, Lydia calls Malia for help to figure out why she’s having premonitions, why people are being erased, and why they are being taken away by The Ghost Riders. Lydia figures out those who see The Ghost Riders will be taken away and knew Stiles was next. Malia asks, “Who’s Stiles?” Lydia immediately knows he’s slowly being erased and has to find him before it’s too late.

When Lydia finds Stiles, he sees The Ghost Riders. He tells her to run, but she refuses to let him leave. In the end, they get into Stiles’ jeep, where he pours his heart out to her and says, “Remember that I love you” just before he gets ripped away by The Ghost Riders. The next morning, Lydia goes to school and everyone wonders what’s wrong. She simply says, “I can’t remember.”

Teen Wolf Memory Lost Lydia Martin Stiles Stilinski
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This definitely raises a lot of questions. Why did The Ghost Riders take Alex and his parents, and Stiles? And what is the connection between those four people? Someone also asked me on Tumblr, why was Lydia the last one to know Stiles before he was taken away? My theory is because they have an emotional tether bond Deaton mentioned, which is why I believe Lydia will be the first to remember him.

I was absolutely bawling with the last few minutes of the episode. I wasn’t expecting Stiles to be taken away and being erased this quickly. It’s no secret this season will have me in a emotional roller coaster and I have no idea how to prepare myself other than stock up on some tissues.

Teen Wolf airs Tuesday nights on MTV at 9/8c.

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