‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Heartless

This episode literally picks up where it left off last week with Scott and Malia coming back from Canaan and finding out Liam brought Theo back. Hugs were not exchanged and tears were not shed, as no one was thrilled about Theo’s return, especially Malia, who had no problem throwing a few punches to his pretty face. After discussing whether to let Theo stay or send him back, the pack decided to keep Theo to help with The Ghost Riders and bring Stiles back.

Teen Wolf Heartless Scott McCall
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Liam and his 2.0 pack come up with an idea to catch a Ghost Rider. Although the place could have caught on fire if the transformer didn’t work and there could have been a catastrophic solar flare if The Ghost Rider didn’t escape and killed everyone, Scott believed it was the best plan they have right now. Liam’s plan worked as they did capture one of The Ghost Riders. The only problem was The Ghost Rider wouldn’t talk to anyone and only communicated with a hellhound, Jordan Parrish.

In the end, the plan doesn’t go as planned as Scott and Liam had to stop Parrish from helping The Ghost Rider escape the electric cage he was trapped in. While they were fighting off the hellhound, Theo watched Mr. Douglas walk, kill The Ghost Rider, and eat its’ pineal gland. Mr. Douglas took The Ghost Rider’s whip and left an injured Theo behind as Hayden and Mason were in the woods trying to see if any more Ghost Riders were coming. Corey sees Mr. Douglas in the middle of the woods and gets taken by Mr. Douglas’ new whip.

Teen Wolf Heartless Lydia Martin
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Lydia was dealing with a different problem on her own, trying to convince Sheriff Stilinski he has a son. After visiting Canaan, Lydia thinks Sheriff is filling a void with Claudia because nothing about her make sense. She believes Claudia is preventing Sheriff Stilinski from remember Stiles.

When Lydia goes to see Sheriff Stilinski, she finds him in Stiles’ room. He’s slowly starting to believe maybe Stiles is real. “If you want to discuss the possibility that I had a son… I’m listening,” he tells Lydia. She explains everything and Sheriff Stilinski refuses to believe his wife isn’t real. Lydia starts seeing Stiles’ old room as it was before. His bed, his corkboard, his desk, and his lacrosse gear with his jersey become visible to her, but Sheriff Stilinski doesn’t see anything because he still doesn’t believe Stiles is real.

“You’re afraid to remember him because you’re afraid of what it means,” she tells Sheriff Stilinski before explaining he loved Stiles and tosses him Stiles’ jersey. The jersey comes to life and Sheriff Stilinski catches it, a symbol of him finally believing and remembering his son, Stiles.

The scenes between Lydia (Holland Roden) and Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) had me in tears. Everything from the music, to the dialogue, to the performances between Roden and Ashby was phenomenal. You could sense the heartbreak and pain Lydia is going through, the confusion and fear Sheriff Stilinski is experiencing knowing he’s about to lose someone and remember someone he should have never forgotten in the first place.

I’ve always loved every scene Roden and Linden had together, because their dynamic is great. Sheriff Stilinski knows how his son feels about Lydia, and he’s always done his best to protect her too. (Future father-in-law protecting his future daughter-in-law I always say.) Except, this was a bit different. For once Sheriff Stilinski wasn’t on the same page as Lydia because he didn’t agree with her theories, which is why it was so heartbreaking to watch.

Tuesday’s episode shall be interesting as the pack realizes Corey has been taken and the fans get a glimpse of Mr. Douglas’ past. Be sure to catch the new episode of Teen Wolf on MTV at 9/8c.

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