‘Teen Wolf’ 6×16 Recap: Triggers

Triggers. Oh, triggers. There’s nothing great about triggers. It could mean a couple of things, like triggering off a motion sensor that releases something. It could also be someone or something triggering someone else’s bad memories. As well, triggering someone’s worst fear, knowing it’ll destroy them. This week’s episode of Teen Wolf showed examples of the triggers I mentioned.

Teen Wolf Triggers Liam Dunbar
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Triggering Liam’s anger

In order for Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Chris to break into Gerard’s warehouse, Liam and Theo come up with a distraction. Mason tricks Nolan into following him to an abandoned zoo, leading him straight to Liam and Theo knowing Nolan would report it to the hunters. The plan works as Liam and Theo trick Nolan and two hunters into thinking Scott’s pack is hiding in the zoo. The hunters call for back up, causing Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Chris a chance to break into the warehouse.

However, when Liam’s plan works, he refuses to leave once he sees Nolan. He’s fueled with rage and wants to kill him. While holding on to Nolan, Liam punches the wall next Nolan’s face, breaking his hand. However, Theo knocks Liam out before Liam could lose his control and possibly kill Nolan. Theo tells Nolan to run. Theo believes something about the zoo is triggering Liam. Sure, Liam’s Mykonos theory is a smart plan to lure the hunters to the abandoned zoo, but Theo was right.

Teen Wolf Triggers Liam Dunbar
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Turns out, Brett used to bully Liam inside the zoo for messing up during a lacrosse game back in their Devenford Prep days. This was, of course, before Liam was a werewolf. He was young and couldn’t defend himself yet. He was just a kid who was hit by lacrosse balls by Brett and the rest of his teammates because he wasn’t good enough. It’s no wonder why Liam is so hard on himself. The entire scene broke my heart.


Gerard’s Boobytrap Warehouse

Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Chris want to break into Gerard’s warehouse to find his weapons and to find out where Tierney and Jiang are as they’re missing. Even though they knew it wasn’t going to be easy, it was harder than they expected. Gerard has the entire place surrounded with security cameras. Chris knows their cover will be blown when someone realizes a vehicle they don’t recognize has been in the parking lot for 10 minutes, which would also blow Scott’s secret of not leaving Beacon Hills.

While coming up with a plan to get inside, Lydia hears gun shots, signaling someone is going to die. When she snaps out of it, she notices the hunters are all leaving, proving Liam’s “Mykonos” plan worked. After paint balling the security cameras and knocking out a couple of guys who were on security patrol, Chris and Lydia get into the security room while Scott and Malia look for the weapons and Tierney and Jiang.

Teen Wolf Triggers Lydia Martin
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Scott and Malia find out all the weapons are gone. In the process, they find Tierney and Jiang’s scent, but no signs of them. They realize they were killed. Before exiting the room, sensors go off.  Scott and Malia try their best to get out without triggering any of the sensors, which led to some cute and awkward Scalia moment. Malia climbs her way to a possible window exit on the ceiling, but triggers a sensor with the lock she broke. This causes the oxygen in the air to evaporate for Scott and Malia to suffocate. Chris and Lydia do everything they can to get them out. Lydia ends up saving them by breaking down the door with her banshee scream, while Chris handled the hunters trying to go after them.

It was some Mission Impossible stuff going on and it was great!

Teen Wolf Triggers Gerard Argent

Gerard’s Evil Plan

While at the zoo, Ms. Monroe finds out Scott is at the warehouse and wants to go back to kill him. Except, Gerard refuses to go because he was expecting Scott to break into his warehouse. Instead, he wants to stay knowing Liam is in the zoo. He explains to Ms. Monroe the relationship between an alpha and beta is almost like a parent and a child. If you kill the child, the parent will be hysterical after losing their child. Therefore, Gerard wants to kill Liam knowing it would kill Scott. It would trigger Scott in a way. He would be a complete mess knowing he couldn’t do anything to save his first beta. Then, everything else would fall in place for them. Understanding his plan, Ms. Monroe decides to stay and help hunt Liam. Except, Theo drags Liam out of the zoo before anything could happen.

Teen Wolf Triggers Scott McCall Malia TateGerard’s plan makes sense and it’s a good one. However, I obviously do not agree with him as I’m on Team Scott. Besides, Liam is a puppy! What has he ever done to Gerard?! Just leave him alone. He’s been through enough and doesn’t need to be killed, or any other harmless supernatural creature.

However, after hearing his Alpha and Beta/Parent and child theory, and seeing – what seems to be Melissa’s pool of blood at the end of the episode – I think that was also Gerard’s intentions. Everyone knows Scott would be absolutely heartbroken if Melissa was killed, especially when it’s a hunter who was probably trying to kill Scott instead. He would be flooded with guilt. So, maybe Gerard’s theory is a foreshadow on Melissa’s fate. I hope I’m wrong because I love her and don’t want Mama McCall to die.

Teen Wolf Triggers Melissa McCall
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Other things you need to know:

– Aaron and Gabe go around the school and cut the student’s hands to check how fast they can heal. Those who are obviously supernatural have to be killed. Ms. Monroe orders Gabe to kill a classmate who turned out to be a coyote. Gabe suffocate the kid’s airway and kills him in front of Ms. Monroe and Nolan. Now, Nolan’s under pressure to prove Ms. Monroe he’s on her side with the hunters.

Teen Wolf Triggers Scott McCall Malia Tate
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– Scott and Malia finally kiss!

– Papa McCall is back in town after finding out Tierney and Jiang are missing. He questions Nolan in Ms. Monroe’s office, which turns out to be a dead end. Ms. Monroe knows Agent McCall is on his own and without any FBI help. However, he sticks around town as he’s worried about Scott’s whereabouts and safety. However, Melissa reassures him to let the kids handle what they do best.

– Scott and Malia find a map with red dots in Gerard’s warehouse. When he brings it back home for everyone to examine it, they realize the red dots are Nemetons throughout the world. Meaning, they’re hunting down supernatural all over the world. (Hence, why we’ll see Jackson and Ethan in next week’s episode.)

– In the final scene, Agent McCall states everyone in Beacon Hills has a weapon. With her banshee powers, Lydia warns everyone to get down literally seconds before hunters repeatedly fire Scott’s House. However, not everyone is safe as a puddle of blood grows bigger by the second and Scott looks absolutely terrified. Even though they didn’t reveal who was shot, it’s no secret it’s Mama McCall with the sneak peek MTV had already released. We can only hope she pulls through.

Some familiar faces will be returning to Beacon Hills this Sunday.  Be sure to watch Teen Wolf on MTV at 8/7c.

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