‘Teen Wolf’ 6×12 Recap: Raw Meat

Teen Wolf Raw Meat Theo Raeken
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The opening scene shows us Theo’s whereabouts. He’s been living and sleeping in his truck. He has no place to go and he feels like no one wants him. One night, a spider crawls on Theo’s arm before biting and crawling into his skin. YES! CRAWLING IN HIS SKIN!!! It was terrifying! Theo manages to get the spider out, only to see it vanish into thin air. By the end of the scene, Theo is debating whether or not to call Scott. Before he can decide, there are hunters waiting for him outside of his truck with guns. The camera zooms out as the hunters shoot repeatedly at his truck.

Picking up from where we left off last week, Scott is determined to find Argent to ask about the bullet that killed, Halwyn, the Hellhound. In the process, Scott hears several heartbeats, thinking its hunters. While running away, Scott has flashbacks of when he was hunted down and nearly attacks Sheriff Stilinski, mistaking him as one of the hunters.

Scott and Malia find Argent in the middle of a business deal, which of course goes wrong. After an intense shoot out, Argent admits to Scott he hasn’t made a bullet since Allison’s death. In order to find out who killed the Hellhound, they need to go back to where he was killed and find the slug from the bullet. When they find the slug, Argent says the bullet was made out of silver, revealing the hunter is new and doesn’t know much about killing the supernatural.

Teen Wolf Raw Meat Lydia Martin Jordan Parrish
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There were also two subplots in this episode. Lydia tells Parrish about her premonition, believing the Hellhound came from Eichen House. Parrish insist he goes back to check it out instead of Lydia to protect her from getting hurt. When Parrish goes into Eichen House, he finds dead people and one barely alive. Conrad, (a.k.a. Tyler Posey’s real dad) tricks Parrish into a trap and takes him in the same room he previous had Halwyn, who’s over 100 years old! With her banshee powers, Lydia knows Parrish is in trouble and decides to go to Echien House.

While Parrish finds out Conrad has been killing the supernatural creatures in Eichen House, Lydia is dealing with her worse fear, Eichen House. Flashbacks of her stay during Eichen House flicker through her mind as she’s trying to find Parrish. After a slight panic attack, she has a moment and decides to conquer her fear, just in time to save Parrish from getting killed by Conrad.

Lastly, Liam recruits Brett to help a freshman named Aaron make first line on the lacrosse team. When the boys exit the locker room, a freshmen named Aaron, puts on a lacrosse helmet and instantly gets attacked by millions of spiders.

Brett’s help doesn’t get unnoticed. The boys on the lacrosse team are in awe by his awesome skills, which causes Liam to get angry and struggles to keep his IED and shift under control. While walking by the lacrosse field, Ms. Monroe finds a lacrosse ball with claw marks. She looks up and sees Brett, immediately assumes the claw marks belong to him.

Teen Wolf Raw Meat Liam Dunbar
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Mason and Corey find Liam in the locker room trying to cool off. Mason notices blood on the floor and the three of them find a dead body. The boys look for Aaron as they realized he never made it to practice. They can’t help but worry, as Aaron isn’t picking up his phone.

In the end, Scott figures out why everything has been happening lately with all the werewolves, spiders, and new hunters in town. It has to do with fear. People are scared of them, the supernatural. Then, Liam, Mason, and Corey find Aaron sitting in a dark classroom studying for a history test. Ms. Monroe tricks Brett by throwing a lacrosse ball with wolfsbane. She tries to kill him, but fails. However, someone else comes to her rescue by shooting Brett with an arrow. We all know there’s only one other person besides Allison who uses a bow and arrow to hunt. That’s right, freaking Gerard is back and ready to take Ms. Monroe under his wing.

Teen Wolf Raw Meat Theo Raeken
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I have a theory about Theo’s opening scene. Again, I could be totally wrong, but I’m going to share it with y’all anyways. Since the main focus of this season seems to be fear, what if Theo’s fear is dying alone? What if we saw – him being shot at before he was about to call Scott – was some sort of dream he had or some weird premonition, because we all know Theo isn’t dead. It was said during the San Diego Comic Con, Theo just wants to be loved and accepted. I would assume his worst fear is dying alone, especially after that opening scene we saw. Even though he knows he did wrong in the past and possibly believes he deserves the hell he’s getting, deep down he doesn’t want to be alone. No one truly wants to be alone.

Teen Wolf Raw Meat Malia Tate Scott McCall
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I love how the writers are easing, hinting, and teasing Scott and Malia slowly becoming Scaila. During the woods scene, Malia knows something is bothering Scott and she asks him about it because she’s worried about him. He explains he was reminded by what scared him, being hunted by his girlfriend’s dad and Malia shares she was hunted down by her father. Together, they laugh about it and the scene became this really cute and sweet moment between the two of them. It was so natural and easy. I can see why these two will soon been pulled together and experience feelings towards each other, and I can’t wait to see it.

Teen Wolf Raw Meat Jordan Parrish
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What I love about Lydia and Parrish’s storyline is how well they work together. I remember some of the fans freaking out with the assumption of theses two becoming something romantic during an earlier season. However, we know that’s not the case, but they are sort of a package deal in the supernatural world. Both the banshee and hellhound have to deal with death. I think, in some weird form, they balance each other out. They’re both such powerful supernatural creatures and I’m hoping to see more of their storylines together in these final episodes.

Teen Wolf Raw Meat Liam Dunbar

As for Aaron, Liam, Mason, and Corey need to keep a close eye on him, because here’s my theory: I believe the dead body in the locker room was Aaron. How else do you explain someone surviving a million spiders crawling into your mouth? Back to my point, we know something came out from the other world, but we don’t know what it is or what it looks like. I think that supernatural creature is using Aaron’s body/skin as a host to protect his identity. Especially since Halwyn was looking for him by sniffing him out because he doesn’t know what he looks like. If he knew what he looked like, he wouldn’t have to sniff him out. He would just look for him.

As for Gerard, I’m not happy to see him. I absolutely loathe the man and knowing he sees potential in Ms. Monroe, I just have a feeling he’s, not only going to train her, but others too. Perhaps he’s responsible for all of these new hunters, or maybe he’s already trained them or going to. Either way, I hope Brett tells Liam about Ms. Monroe and they figure out what a shading guidance counselor she really is and what her true intentions are.

Overall, I thought this episode was good. A perfect set up to let fans know these last ten episodes will be about the characters dealing with their fear(s) and I’m excited to see how the next eight episodes will unfold. What did you think about last night’s episode? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment box below!

Teen Wolf airs on Sunday at 8/7pm on MTV

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