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Teen Wolf Again Images Brett Tablot
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Lori goes to Scott when she realizes Brett never came home and he’s hurt, as she found his lacrosse stick covered with his blood. Immediately, all hands are on deck and Liam takes charge. Given everything that’s been happening in Beacon Hills lately, he’s worried about Brett’s safety and is willing to do everything and anything he can to save him before it’s too late.

Scott, Malia, Liam and Lori try to find Brett in the woods with his blood trails and leaving hints of where he’s going in case someone is looking for him. (That’s smart werewolf!) In the process of finding Brett, the pack figure out there’s a hunter chasing after him and they have to get to Brett before the hunter kills him.

Teen Wolf Again Images Lydia Martin
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Meanwhile, Mason and Corey help Lydia have one of her premonitions in hopes to find Brett. After giving Lydia a hard time to focus – which was hilarious! – they come up with the number 68, unsure what that means. While Lydia is off to where she originally had her first premonition to see if maybe she can find a clue that could lead to finding Brett, Mason and Corey are in the library studying. Nolan sees them and has the sudden feeling of fear. He knows there’s something different about them and Aaron encourages him to find out. (I still think my theory about Aaron is slowly and possibly becoming right.) Nolan asks and talks about having different types of DNA with Mason and Corey before he jabs a pen in Corey’s hand in front of everyone in the library. Mason tries to cover it up, saying it was just a scratch, but it’s too late as everyone saw Corey’s hand heal quickly as if nothing happened.

At the hospital, Melissa struggles to get a sample of the dead body Liam, Mason, and Corey found last week. She tries but ends up running out of the morgue in fear. She calls Chris Argent to help, in hopes it’s not just her who’s struggling to get a tiny sample. Argent’s forehead is covered in beads of sweats and is trembling with fear before he sees the body. Turns out the dead body has some sort of energy to make people feel fear, or in Argent’s words, terror.

In the end, Lydia finds out 68 is Nolan’s lacrosse number and approaches him. After explaining their encounter with Nolan, Lydia, Mason, and Corey figure out everyone is scared of them and believe the humans will turn against them. While still teaching Ms. Monroe the ropes of hunting, Gerard exposes Liam in full werewolf form in a neighborhood in front of different families. Gerard explains to Ms. Monroe it’s all part of his plan to create an army of hunters, who will kill what they fear the most, the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf Again Images Brett Tablot
@codysaintgnue: #RIPBrett…The pack has to stop Gerard. The supernaturals should live in peace. Thank you for the love everyone! ❤ #TeenWolf

First heartbreaking death of the season

During an interview, Jeff Davis said when he made the decision Season 6B would be the final ten episodes of Teen Wolf, he asked the writers, “who can we kill?” He was not kidding as last night’s episode revealed the first Teen Wolf character on his hit list, Brett Tablot.

In the previous episode, we knew he was being hunted by Ms. Monroe and then joined by Gerard. In this episode, we see Brett still being hunted by Ms. Monroe and Gerard. He’s fighting for his life, trying to lose them, and hoping someone would come and save him. Except, he was poisoned and he kept getting worse as the episode continued.

When Liam and Lori found Brett, he was absolutely terrible. He was weak. He couldn’t stand on his own, let alone walk. He had to rely on his sister to hold and help him walk before the hunters could finish him off. Liam told Lori to get Brett out while he would take care of the hunters, only to find out it was a trap to kill Brett. Liam hauls back, hoping to get Brett and Lori on time, but it was too late. Brett and Lori were hit by a car, instantly killing Brett.

Side note: It’s unsure if Lori died or just passed out. I think she died. Hopefully we’ll find out in tonight’s episode, because that was a big unclear, and I need answers.

This entire scene was absolutely heartbreaking. I was never a big fan of Brett, but I found myself in tears as I saw him and Lori holding hands before the car hit them, both already knowing his fate. Then, Lori crying for her brother and saying she couldn’t take his pain away. (Who else had flashbacks of Scallison?! 😩) Then, my heart shattered into more pieces when Liam roared after losing Brett. This was the first friend Liam lost and he couldn’t save him. He was so close. I have no doubt Liam is going to feel guilty for Brett’s death.

Even though Brett died, it showed a completely different side of Liam. He was more sure, confident, and willing to do everything to save Brett. He was far from the scared and unconfident werewolf we saw at the beginning. Dylan Sprayberry did a phenomenal job with his acting. He made it absolutely clear how worried and concerned Liam was about Brett’s safety. Then captured the heartbreak and anger Liam experienced when he saw Brett die. Liam had every right to feel all of those emotions. Granted, the two never got along, but Brett always seemed to help Liam when he really needed it. More importantly, Brett never held back the truth from Liam, no matter how harsh it was or how angry it would make Liam. In some twisted way, they were friends. I thought we would see more of that after the lacrosse scene in the previous episode, but sadly we won’t. At least the writers gave us one last Liam and Brett moment.

If this death shattered me, I’m not prepared for the next one(s).

Teen Wolf Again Images Tyler Posey
tylerposey58: Little behind the scenes action of the episode I directed. Holding hands with my favorite bones @tylerschnabel while simultaneously probably giving bad direction to @froy but froy fucking killed it this episode, regardless of my bad direction.

Tyler Posey’s directing debut

It’s always fun to see an actor direct an episode of the show they’re on. Also, besides the show creator and writers, no one knows or understands the show better than the actor(s). Granted, we would see less of them during the episode because directing takes up a lot of time and work, but it makes perfect sense to have them as a director at some point. With that being said, Tyler Posey killed it!

Posey did such a great job overall. My favorite technique he did was having the camera spiral while Lydia was dealing with one of her premonitions. I don’t think any other director might have thought of that, especially when we’ve already seen her in the same state last season when they were trying to figure out who Stiles is. As a fan of the show, seeing the camera spiraling gave us a deeper depth of what she experiences and what it must feel like during one of her premonitions.

Overall, I’m so proud to see how far Posey has come. He started as the star of the show. Then, became a producer for the show, and now, he directed an episode. I’m not sure if directing is something he wants to do more of in the future, but if so, I’m looking forward to seeing his career expand as an director. He certainly has the talent to be behind the camera and sitting in a director’s chair.

There will be TWO new back-to-back episodes of Teen Wolf tonight on MTV at 8/7c.

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