“Teen Wolf” 6×11 Recap: Said the Spider to the Fly

Teen Wolf has finally returned for its final 10 episodes and the first episode had me in an emotional wreck.

Teen Wolf Said the Spider to the Fly Liam Dunbar
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Warning: This post contains spoilers. 

Teen Wolf Said the Spider to the Fly Malia Tate
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Teen Wolf Said the Spider to the Fly Liam Dunbar
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While Malia is ready to leave Beacon Hills behind, Scott and Lydia are getting ready to leave for college and making sure they’re leaving Beacon Hills in good hands with their moms, Liam and his friends. However, Liam is having a hard time with all the changes in his life, which is causing him to lose control of his werewolf shift. With his senior year, Hayden moving, and some of his friends leaving for college, he’s hurting. He doesn’t want things to change and he doesn’t want people to leave him behind.

In the midst of all this, strange things are happening in Beacon Hills. Okay, that’s an understatement considering there’s always something strange going on in that supernatural town, but somehow this is stranger than normal. It started with countless wolves dead in the forest. Then, spiders came crawling out of a dead wolf’s eyes. Lastly, there were rats invading the high school, only ending with all of them dead in the sewer. Liam and Mason bring Malia to inspect the dead rats and she notices they smell like fear. Right now, that means nothing, because we know nothing. However, with the trailers we’ve seen so far, we know fear is going to be a part of the overall arc.

Teen Wolf Said the Spider to the Fly Lydia Martin
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Then, Lydia has one of her banshee premonitions, one that tells her they have opened the door to another world. With that being said, she tells Scott and together they decide it’s best not to leave Beacon Hills, as no one is safe.

Teen Wolf Said the Spider to the Fly Halwyn
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New characters

There are three new characters this season so far and they’re three we’ve all seen in the trailers.

Halwyn (Casey Deidrick) is the newest hellhound in town. He’s strong and totally kicked Jordan’s butt at the high school. He is a man on a mission and he isn’t going to let anyone stop him. Halwyn is looking for someone in particular, but doesn’t quite know exactly who until he finds him or rather it.

If he’s looking for a supernatural creature that might have escaped from the other world, then you’re guess is as good as mine. However, I have a theory if he’s looking for the person who opened the door to the other world, I think it’s Stiles. Lydia mentions Stiles came back from another world, implying they all opened the door to get him out. However, Stiles was the only one that came out, that we know of. Therefore the hellhound wants him and Lydia knows that. (Especially since she can sense death.) That’s why I think Lydia didn’t want to call Stiles to come back home and help them. She knows they’re after him and she will do anything to protect the love of her live, even if that means being across the country.

Then again, I’ve never been good with predictions and theories, – except for Mason being The Beast! – So what do I know?

Tamora Monroe (Sibongile Mlambo) is Beacon Hill High School’s new guidance counselor. When the trailers were released, we saw Tamora as one of the many hunters we’ll see this season. However, when she went after Halwyn, it’s obvious she’s an immature hunter. (Why do I have the sense this is like the deadpool all over again where any one can be a hunter just to kill supernatural creatures?) She doesn’t know how to fight or defend herself, and she barely knows how to hold and use a gun properly. I seriously think shooting the hellhound in the forehead was a lucky shot.

I knew she was a hunter, but the trailer didn’t hint she was the school’s new guidance counselor, which I’m not surprised by. This is Teen Wolf after all. The villains on this show always seem to find a way to be in the high school to be closer to Scott and his pack to cause trouble. There was Ms. Blake, Garrett and Violet, Mr. Douglas, and so on. Tamora being guidance counselor is a huge advantage to herself. She’ll get an inside scoop of what’s going on with the supernatural world by talking to the students, which brings me to the last and final new character, Nolan.

Teen Wolf Said the Spider to the Fly Nolan
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Nolan (Froy Gutierrez) is a senior, but he obviously knows something because he saw something in the library, at least according to what he told Ms. Monroe in her office. We don’t know exactly what he saw, but we know he has an idea of what’s going on. Once again, with the trailers and sneak peeks that were released before the season premiere, we’ve seen him jab a pen in Corey’s hand knowing it wouldn’t do anything to him and he would heal.

Plus, I sensed a shady vibe during the lacrosse scene when a wolf showed up during practice. Nolan didn’t move. It’s hard to say it was because he was either scared or not. I could be wrong, what if this whole “I’m scared and I saw something” is an act, a cover up as he could be that someone or something that escaped from the other world? I don’t know. It’s just an assumption I have. Again, I could be wrong. However, I already don’t like this kid, nor do I trust him. Plus, he’s already showing off and trying to take Liam’s captain spot. No mi gusta!

Teen Wolf Said the Spider to the Fly Stiles Stilinski
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Overall thoughts:

My favorite scene was hands down seeing the pack decide not to call Stiles to come back home while listening to his voicemail. The voiceover while watching him at the FBI was such a “proud momma” moment. He was the only one that left Beacon Hills and went after his dream. He’s happy despite how much he misses everyone back home. It had me tears, but leave it to Stiles to have us laughing just being his adorable self. During his class, he finds out they’re looking for someone who is wanted for mass murder, and that someone is Derek Hale. I’m interested to see where this goes because I highly doubt Derek is killing people.

Overall, it was a good first episode back and for its final ten episodes. There was a real essence to it, where people can relate to the multiple storylines in this episode. Like Liam hating change and losing his friends, parents reassuring their kids they’ll be fine without them while they’re moving on to the next chapter of their lives, and letting someone go because they deserve the happiness they’re experiencing while achieving their dreams. It was overall, such an emotional roller coaster episode for me. I can only imagine how the rest of the season will be like.

Teen Wolf airs Sunday nights on MTV at 8/7c.

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